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Worse news for anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of Julia Benson’s truly amazing body, everyone in the movie remains clothed. On the plus side, the cast members all look as if they actually were having fun. It sounds crazy, but affords filmmakers an opportunity unavailable to their counterparts here. If Korean cops were allowed to investigate crimes involving murders, a smart and nasty thriller like “ Confession of Murder ” never could have been made. Fifteen years after 10 women were killed in series of attacks that shocked the nation, the perpetrator has decided to profit from his infamous acts by writing a book. Among those sickened by this affront, is Detective Choi (Jae-yeong Jeong), who lost his wife to the killer and had his face slashed by him as he was about to make an arrest. Naturally, Lee’s confession results in a media circus, even over the loud protestations of the victims’ relatives. As if to deflect the spotlight from Lee, another person confesses to the crimes. The media insist that Choi confront the two men in a public hearing, but, to what end, we won’t know until near the movie’s climax. We should be able to predict the twist he adds near the end, but are distracted by other things happening on-screen. It’s the kind of photograph that demands a browser’s attention, even if nothing else is known about the movie it begs us to consider. If only the movie, itself, lived up to the promise of Middleton’s gaze. Adapted from a novel by the French author Sebastien Japrisot (“A Very Long Engagement”), “Trap for Cinderella” opens with an explosion that sets the stage for everything else to come. We watch as Middleton’s party-girl heiress, Mickey, is slowly nursed back to health, her memory of what came before the fire still a work in progress. It isn’t long before Softley shifts into flashback mode, first taking viewers back to a traumatic event in Mickey’s childhood and, then, 10 years later, to the reunion with a near-lookalike friend, Do (Alexandra Roach). The reunion escalates very quickly into a relationship that could be bi-, straight or gay, depending on the drugs being consumed on any given night.

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THE MARATHAS: The most powerful of the Maratha chiefs was Shivaji. Shivaji visited Aurangzebs court in Agra in 1666 where he was made a prisoner but escaped. The Maratha State was governed by the King, advised and assisted by a; council of eight ministers the Ashtapradhan. One was called the Chauth, one fourth of the total revenue paid to the Mughal Government or the Deccan Kingdoms which was taken in return for promising not to plunder and raid their territory. The other one was Sardeshmukhi, which was an additional, one tenth. Shivajis successors were weak and the government gradually moved into the hands of Peshawas and later on by the Mughal king Aurangzeb called Alamgir. Downfall of Mughal Rule: Aurangzeb captured and executed Sambhaji, son of Shivaji. Internally, Aurangzeb had to deal with the rebellion of the Jats in the Mathura region. In order to curtail their power, Aurangzeb ordered the execution of Tegh Bahadur. So, the tenth and the last guru, Guru Govind Sing founded the military brotherhood or the Khasla meaning the pure. Apart from this, Aurangzeb destroyed many temples and reimposed Jazia. Aurangzebs death set off the rapid decline of the Mughal empire. THE SIKHS: The Sikh community was founded as a religious section by Guru Nanak. Guru Govind Singh, the tenth and the last guru of the Sikhs transformed the religious sect into a military brotherhood. Maharaj Ranjit Singh was the greatest Indian ruler of his time and founder of the Sikh rule in the Punjab. He was ordered by Emperor Aurangzeb to embrace Islam, he refused and was executed.

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But it taught us to be responsible and be able to take care of ourselves. So my parents would do things for us only if they wanted to. Not all that smooth sailing It's bad enough that you have to deal with them at home, but can you imagine having to work with your siblings. We're different personalities, and there would be times when we need to rehearse, and one person is being moody. We wore traditional outfits, and obviously had to wear tights underneath. You'd be surprised when you get to the show, knowing very well that you packed your tights, and next thing they're not there. We also get over issues in a matter of a few minutes. But it really is difficult, because we find ourselves having to rehearse over WhatsApp at times. We send each other videos of new routines, because as much as are performing old songs, we like to revamp our delivery and therefore, create new dance routines. Ntombi shies away from the question, leaving us to keep our eyes and ears peeled. Utah Valley University will soon join this secular stained glass movement, which often draws on storytelling techniques associated with religious displays. On Friday, officials will unveil an 80-panel stained glass project along the front of the UVU campus library. “Roots of Knowledge,” which required almost eight years of research, fundraising and labor from UVU leaders and artists at Holdman Studios, aims to capture the various sources of human knowledge, including science, literature and the world's religions. If stained glass often tells a story, these windows contain a multi-volume epic. “I loved the idea of taking this ancient art form and channeling it into something that’s appropriate for a modern, secular institution,” said UVU President Matthew Holland. Community-specific windows would be paired with others that depicted familiar Bible stories.

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58D. Mutant superhero group: X-MEN. 59D. Hard-to-describe feeling: VIBE. SLAM-BANG is what NASCAR racing has been this year. TOTAL BASES refers to the number of bases a player has gained by his hits alone. Getting on base any other way isn't counted and any advances once on base aren't counted either. A single counts as one base, a double is two, a triple is three, and a home run is four. I kept waiting for Cruciverb last night but it didn't happen. I know I can count on my fellow blogsters to fill in the thin parts of my commentary. Agree with the rest of you; wanted more Julia, less Julie. 27A: Tack on: ADD 30A: Standards of excellence: IDEALS 32A: CEO's degree: MBA. Facetious: TONGUE IN CHEEK And a single NAVEL ( 31D. Umbilicus). Argyle here. Another serviceable Monday puzzle from Mr.