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Sepuluh tahun lamanya saya kerja, mengabdi, dari masih cupu karena baru2 kerja, sampe rada “pinteran” dikit dari sebelumnya, dari belum dapet jodoh sampe akhirnya punya anak. Selama itu memang. Sedikit sedih tentunya, karena saya mesti meninggalkan lingkungan kerja yang sangat nyaman. Tapi demi masa depan yang lebih cerah, akhirnya keputusan untuk resign saya ambil. Dan, Puji Tuhan saya bisa diterima di tempat kerja yang baru. Semua saya percaya karena turut campur tangan Tuhan pastinya. Itupun tergerak karena satu teman saya dapat panggilan interview, dan saya tergerak untuk mulai apply kerjaan baru lagi. Awal saya dipanggil untuk interview, saya luar biasa senangnya. Tapi bodohnya, ketika ada pengantar untuk MCU, koq saya jadi melengos. Saya sempat beerpikir bodoh, “loh, ini bisa sampai tahap MCU. Bodoh banget kan, padahal ini kesempatan yang sudah dibuka untuk saya. Saat itu aya berpikir, ternyata saya masih bisa loh berkompetensi di dunia kerja. Besok paginya, saya menerima kabar yang gak kalah luar biasa sehubungan dengan departemen tempat saya sekarang.

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Minnesota Timberwolves: Time, TV, radio info rssfeeds. reep. om Detroit Pistons vs. And South Carolina Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley is no different. Her team won the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball National Championship in April. If invited, she said at the time, her team would accept because, “It’s what national champions do. But as of late September, Coach Staley told the Associated Press (AP) that they had not yet received an invitation from Donald Trump’s current administration. The three-time Olympic gold medalist, Hall of Famer, and former WNBA All-Star has previously visited the White House herself. Staley is well-aware of the tradition and still sees it as an honor. But she was admittedly concerned about the message that the non-action was sending. Women’s college championship basketball teams have been invited to the White House every year since 1983. But with a new season on the horizon, she said that there were more important matters at hand. Their 67 — 55 victory over Mississippi State was the first national championship in the school’s history and they are eager for a repeat performance.

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Here is our Game of Thrones teaser in LEGO Hope you enjoy it! Thanks. We get Once Upon a Zombie series of dolls from WowWee Toys. Actualol I review five board games - 7 Wonders Duel and its Pantheon expansion, Raise Your Goblets, Tiefe Taschen, Karibou Camp and Checkpoint Charlie. If you want. Game of Thrones S6E10 Explained Alt Shift X What does Cersei's wildfire BBQ mean for her character. We Meet the Hatchlings from the Angry Birds movie as we unbox this huge package of toys. My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Blind Bags Wave 12 Opening, Part 1. Many of the ponies in this set are reissued from the. Team Jon! This week: LPS, Minions, Marvel, and Disney Villains. Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race Jon Watson Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race Sunday December 4 After completing the Warrior Dash and the 8 mile Super Spartan Race, I considered doing Tough Mudder. In one corner, you see a 7 ft.

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On July 11th, while in Alberta, Canada on vacation, we visited the Frank Slide area. Bill, My family saw the Cincinnati Reds beat the Colorado Rockies on July 14, 2006, at Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark. I have attached a photo of my son, Elijah Sharp, and my nephew, Caleb Kingrey, standing next to Mr. Red. Attached is a photograph of the Lady Scottie golfers who finished first in the Muhlenberg North Lady Star Invitational golf tournament in Central City, Kentucky on Monday, July 31. Kristen Wilkinson, Madison Myers, Laura Beth Harris and Kylie Foushee. Kristen Wilkinson placed 3rd in individuals shooting a 36, one over par for 9 holes and Laura Beth Harris tied for 7th with a 38. This was the first golf tournament of the Lady Scottie's season. P. . The tournament was delayed 3 hours due to heat, so the lady Scottie golfers entertained the opponents by doing karaoke. This is Penny Biggers getting into the spirit of things as the new school year is quickly approaching. She's a Scottie at heart and she's getting ready for football season.