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To je naprosto nepokryty vydirani, jeste navic verejnym kanalem. Jine linky, pls? (RS prosim, kdyz uz mam ten premium, ze). Ty mi rikej neco o spoilfestu:D v mem pripade nejde o spoilfest, ale o trefny odhad trapne predvidatelne zapletky. Uz by nikoho nic nebavilo, kdyby potreboval nove zapletky. Clovek, ktery by videl vsechny filmy a serialy, co byly natoceny (dejme tomu, ze by to zvladl), by znal 99,9 % davajicich smysl zapletek. Navic by zacal videt jednotlive sablony zapletek uz tak pri par tisicich filmu. Ten rodinej vztah nerika vubec nic ani o jedne z tech postav, neni pouzit k nejake dramaticke scene, neni pouzit jako soucast pribehu. Jsem nechtel spoilovat. 17. dil jsem videl vcera, vyborej dil. O to vetsi gratulace patri jeho agentovi a nakladateli. ). To, ze tvoje prispevky v polovine pripadu nedavaji smysl tim nevykompenzujes. Nicmene pomineme-li ten posledni dil, tak to stoji za to. Predposledni je sice zapletkou ohranej az do aleluja, ale Danken Rahl opet vyborne zahranej a suprove podanej. Ano - ano Je to becko. (HBO scenar: udelame ackovej serial o sexu v cool kulisach. Rim uz tu byl.

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Not sure about the “foreshadowing” about Dany’s love life. I don’t think Dany and Jon make good romantic interests for each other. And guess what, there are other folks here that can apply critical thinking, not just you. How dull will it be if she lands on the shores of Westeros and just runs everyone over with her dragons and army. Still, that clue was not only for book readers but the top 1% of them. Well done. For dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power. That would mean that one of the three dragons (or a previously unknown dragon) is turned against Dany. This would be the Planetos version of a nuclear war. Given GWWM’s pacificist leanings, I wonder if he would view this in a positive light. Sometimes when I’m fending off a multi pronged attack from you guys, I lose track of who is who. Even after I made those remarks I still wrote out a well thought out paragraph with my opinions. And to that argument, you were repeating the same argument that others were making to me, that the whole purpose of Euron mentioning the 1000 ships was so Yara and Theon would know to go to Dany. But you weren’t taking into account the speech he made when they weren’t around. That’s why I’m not clear how you guys were so sure that he wouldn’t show up, or that his 1000 ship speech was pointless. I think that a more even playing field makes the political posturing in the story a lot more compelling. I always thought her opponent will be the one who will never appear on TV, but he has no dragons. But we were introduced to them, to the leeches, well before. This show always does that, and they give us the payoff.


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Marshmallow didukung banyaknya aplikasi terbaru dan koneksi super cepat dengan 4G LTE. Tidak perlu khawatir, kapasitas baterai sangat mumpuni dengan kapasitas mah. Selain spesifikasi hardware yang canggih, Mi5s juga memiliki desain yang cantik dengan beberapa pilihan warna seperti white, black dan gold. Mi5s memiliki layar berukuran 5. inchi, resolusi full HD 1080p sehingga mampu menampilkan kualitas gambar yang sangat tajam. Dilengkapi dengan pelindung layar anti gores Corning Gorilla Glass 4 membuat layar ponsel bisa terus terjaga. Yang tidak kalah menarik dari setiap fitur yang ada adalah kamera pada Mi5s hadir dengan dual - camera utama 16MP, dual-led flash dan kamera depan 5MP. Sampai saat ini kedatangan smartphone ini masih ditunggutunggu. Namun harga yang diprediksi untuk Xiaomi Mi5s ini kisaran Rp 6 Juta. 50 SMSBLAST Magazine OKTOBER 2016 SMSBLAST Magazine OKTOBER 27 INTERMEZZO 3 Tempat Terindah di Dunia Maldives Island, MALADEWA Maldives atau yang biasa disebut negara Maladewa di sebelah Selatan Barat Daya India. Keindahan pantai Maldives Island tersebar di pulau-pulau karangnya. Memberikan pemandangan yang begitu indah dan disempurnakan dengan kelembutan pasir putihnya. Waktu yang terbaik untuk liburan ke Maldives ialah pada bulan November dan Desember. Karena pada bulan ini, cuaca di Maldives sangat cerah. Whitehaven BEACh, AustRALia Pantai Whitehaven adalah pantai yang paling indah dan terkenal di benua Australia. Pantai dengan pasir putih yang luar biasa ini terletak di Utara Pulau Whitsunday Queensland, Australia. Saat menyelam dipantai indah ini anda dapat menikmati terumbu karangnya yang indah dan hewan laut yang berwarna warni. Pulau SALAWAti, Indonesia Indonesia juga mempunyai salah satu destinasi wisata yang begitu indah. Salah satu dari tempat yang begitu indah dan memilki sejarah adalah Pulau Salawati, salas satu dari 4 pulau utama di Raja Ampat Papua Barat.


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Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Nobody does it like Sarah Lee. mmm. nybody got her number? Nobody double-dares me and gets away with it. - Frank Burns. Nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted - Fox Mulder. Nobody draws 'til this can hits the ground. --Snake Plissken. Nobody drinks from my gal! - Tom to Joel with blender. Nobody ever beats Wales at Rugby, they just score more points. - Graham Mourie. Nobody ever forgets where he buried the hatchet. -- Kin Hubbard. Nobody ever goes there any more because it's so crowded. Nobody ever goes there, it's too crowded. (I've actually HEARD this! .


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Stuber and Peterson had initially optioned the rights to turn Old Man's War into a movie, but after a few years their option ran out, and they swiftly partnered up with a revived SyFy to start work with Scalzi on a new TV show, which will be named after the second book in the series, Ghost Brigades. In total, the Old Man's War series contains 6 books and 2 short stories, so if this series hits it off, it's going to have plenty of material to work with. Scott has assembled an incredible cast for the 2015 project, including Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Michael Pena, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels (rumored). Damon, who reunites with fellow Interstellar star Chastain, will play the movie's lead role of NASA astronaut Mark Watney. When Watney gets separated from his crew mates during a mission on Mars, the astronaut embarks on a mission of survival that makes Tom Hanks's Castaway look like a trip to Rockaway Beach. Considering these themes, it's not surprising that Yukikaze has already been adapted into a highly popular anime series that has garnered a passionate following. Kobayashi's story sees a secret United Nations battle force constructed in an attempt to push back alien invaders known as the JAM. When the humans succeed in pushing the invaders back through the portal, they opt to take the fight into space, establishing bases on the planet 'Fairy. From these forward command posts, a state-of-the-art ship named Yukikaze leads the fight to eliminate the JAM threat to Earth. So wild and complex is Kobayashi's tale, it is not entirely clear which way writer Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans) will take the adaptation, but Warner Bros. News broke last month that Sony had secured the services of Bourne director Paul Greengrass for the movie which as yet does not have a target release date. Greengrass will once again team up with Captain Phillips producer, Scott Rudin. Despite being written in 1949, Orwell's tale of government powers and invasion of privacy has always managed to feel relevant as a commentary on modern day society, but in light of events that have occurred in recent years, it seems that now more than ever, a big screen adaptation of 1984 will hit uncomfortably close to home for a large percentage of the world's population. After numerous attempts to bring King's book to life, Warner Bros. Boone soon realized that the scope of King's novel was so vast that he opted to split the adaptation into 2 feature length movies. However, this format didn't last long either, and it has now been confirmed that four movies will be dedicated to depicting this story of a post-apocalyptic battle between good and evil. Boone had previously stated he wanted to fill his adaptation with big name stars, and just last month he appeared to make good on his promise by hiring Matthew McConaughey to play The Stand's demonic antagonist, Randall Flagg. Set in the wake of a series of devastating alien invasions, The 5th Wave follows Cassie, a teenage girl who, like most of Earth's remaining population, has lost everything. Sony Pictures secured the rights to Yancey's 2013 novel and have already installed Chloe Grace Moretz as the lead, with J Blakeson directing.


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S. where major makers of encrypted devices and communications systems such as Apple and Google (which makes the Android mobile operating system) are headquartered. However, solutions imposed by Congress will leave openings for law enforcement agencies in other countries. The committee that authored the report was chaired by Indiana University law professor Fred Cate, who is also vice-president for research and senior fellow at the institution’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. It included Microsoft’s vice-president for security policy, a software engineer from Google and Intel’s global privacy officer. The report doesn’t come down on either side of the controversy over government access to encrypted communications. Some say any attempt to weaken encryption, including so-called back-doors — even if they are highly protected and in theory only available for law enforcement and intelligence agencies — will be quickly exploited by criminals, nation states and terrorists. Others say that, with a judicial order, law enforcement and intelligence agencies must be able to access any communications, so hardware and software makers must include ways to give them access. IT notes that large online service operators such as Google, Facebook, and Apple already have processes in place to receive and validate U. S. warrants and other law enforcement requests to manage and deliver unencrypted customer data that they hold in their corporate databases. However, device makers such as Apple do not presently have processes in place to give law enforcement agencies device unlock codes, That would involve managing master signing keys and creating device-specific unlock codes, the report points out. “A workable solution would have to be deployable on billions of devices. The report notes that a suggested solution is that device makers could create a master key solution similar to the one they use to authenticate software updates. However, it admits a so-called exceptional access key could an attacker access to everything on the device. One possible risk mitigation, it adds, is a system where exceptional access can only be given if a person physically has the device. The research, by the ReFINE (Researching Fracking in Europe) consortium, jointly led by Durham and Newcastle universities, estimated the potential for spills from any future UK shale gas industry by examining data related to the UK's milk and fuel transportation industries and from the oil and gas industry in parts of the USA. Tens to hundreds of well sites might be needed in the UK, with hundreds to thousands of wells being drilled over several years to extract shale gas. Scientists looked at the number of incidents - such as road traffic accidents - and spills involving tankers in the UK's fuel and milk industries as a comparator for any future UK shale gas industry.