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Oh no, not Neddard Stark, who can do nothing but the “honorable” act of killing a helpless, frightened young man by swinging a great big sword at him. (Compensating much, Ned? . Sansa blatantly lies to King (! Robert (! about the incident (in which Arya rightly disarmed Joffrey) and (as mentioned elsewhere in this thread) Ned later rationalizes Sansa’s disloyalty to both her Stark sister and any semblance of royal justice. Has anyone other than the Sorrowful Prince of Denmark ever fretted so much and accomplished so little. Again, a Stark “leader” can do nothing except swing his big hard sword at the problem, when there are better alternatives being literally shouted at him the entire time. Walter Frey, the brilliant criminal mastermind of Westeros, who couldn’t slither his way across wet paving-stones without two sons helping him, outmaneuvers the surviving Stark “leadership” with pathetic ease. Show! ansa needs it explained to her, word by word, complete with Littlefinger using the remains of her necklace as the prop. All she know is Ramsey, his games and his tricks. o her she is helping jon telling him to be wary, not to fall for them. Bran was stuck, angry he didn’t get his way, and way too bored. e did what teenagers do. If she is such an expert, she needs to show it, somewhere. She did not know how to manipulate Jon, at all, just like she did not know how to manipulate Ramsay. As others have said before, there definitely is a disconnect between what we were told and what was shown on screen. Besides people in medieval Planetos mature much faster than rl teens, so it’s not exactly a fair comparison. As for Bran, yeah I understand his frustration, but still, taking a stroll into white walker land.