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Atau mungkin, semua orang sudah menjadi geek, dan kemudian umat manusia bakal dijajah sama robot-robot pintar. Aw what the heck, loading nya udah kelar, now let’s star to play the nominees: 1. Duel Otak Tantang temanmu dengan cepet-cepetan jawab pertanyaan trivia. Dan juga destructive, as yang dipertaruhkan dalam permainan ini adalah persahabatan kita lol 2. Mortal Kombat X Kalo kalian enggak tau gim Mortal Kombat, you didn’t deserve to read this awards show. Serius. Mortal Kombat adalah pelopor kekerasan dalam gim tarung. Serius lagi. Cuma dalam Mortal Kombat kita bisa membelah lawan jadi kayak pisang atau membekukan musuh lalu menarik lepas tulang punggungnya. Tahun 2015 game ini nongol kembali buat next-generation konsol, jadi bisa dibayangkan betapa sadisnya aksi-aksi Scorpion dkk. 3. Until Dawn Pernah nonton film horor dna kepikiran gimana kalo kita yang jadi tokohnya. Dengan beragam pilihan, kita akan menyetir karakter yang kita mainkan. Dan setiap opsi yang dipilih, akan berdampak besar terhadap karakter lain dan keseluruhan isi cerita. Possibility ending gim ini akan sangat banyak dan variatif! 4. Fallout 4 Sekuel video game yang paling dinanti-nanti seantero 2015. For once, kita bisa milih mau jadi cowok atau cewek, trus penampilannya gimana. Pokoknya role-playing yang dunia nya luas ini akan betah bikin kita duduk berjam-jam berkat banyaknya content, aksi petualangan, karakter, dan tak ketinggalan soundtrack yang asik punya.


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The question then becomes how, and why he would be aware. He just arrived at WF, as he says at the beginning of the scene. And yet apparently some time between his arrival and his meeting with Roose, Ramsay felt the need to say “Just so you know, my father’s wife is pregnant, and she could give birth at any second, and if it’s a boy I’ll be killing them all”. Why and when would he say this to a man he barely knows who has just arrived. Shame that in that scene she’s advocating peace, when at the Kingsmoot she’ll be advocating making their mark on the world and reaving. Yet another example of the writers not knowing some of the characters. People manage to get in and out of places with no difficulty whatsoever, and we have no clue how they did it. And was he just going to roam the castle looking for Balon, hoping he wouldn’t be seen. How did he know Balon would be alone on a bridge, with no guards, amidst a storm. Firstly, Edd returns with the Wildlings, which raises a question about the previous episode. We see him leave after Thorne gives his speech and everyone has woken up. Davos knows nothing about this being possible, hates magic, distrusts Melisandre, and has no reason to want Jon to be alive. If Davos were acting like his usual self, he’d probably find the idea of someone coming back to life through Mel’s magic to be pretty damn repulsive and wicked. Yet for some reason, he really wants Jon to be resurrected. And why is it so important to him that Jon be brought back. The reason this is odd is because it’s actually the same night. In 6. 1, Alliser tells Davos to surrender by nightfall. In this episode, he says “It’s time Ser Davos”, meaning that nightfall has arrived.


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Historical projection leads us to judge historical actors as though they knew in advance what the best of us deem to be civilized and just, presuming that they could have lived up to our values — become us — generations before we happened on the scene. But in doing so, we give ourselves too much credit for even our present, incomplete exhibition of civility and justice. Ergo, melancholy. Because historical consciousness is so limited, and so quickly displaced, the capacity to rationalize is enormous. Only when an excuse is needed to deny justice to millions on totally illogical grounds. Theodore Roosevelt, who published books on U. S. history, was an ardent eugenicist, idealizing scientific methods of improving his race through the obligatory reduction in procreative activity by undesirable people — and millions of fair-minded citizens concurred. Literacy tests and exclusion acts during this era enforced strict limits on Asian and African immigration. When Woodrow Wilson enthusiastically screened D. W. Griffith’s film “Birth of a Nation” in the White House, he entertained the notion that the Ku Klux Klan served a positive role in saving white women from the libidinous rage of black men. Speaking of blackness and rage, blackface entertainers were all the rage in Hollywood in the 1930s. Insensitivity. Women were banned from sitting on juries in some Southern states until the 1970s. Denial. In 1990, when Saddam Hussein brought about the first Gulf War, Americans were locked in debate over the question of female soldiers’ suitability for posting to a combat theater. Their weaker, presumably more susceptible bodies made it a bad idea, not to mention the unwholesome thoughts that their presence would put in the minds of male soldiers. Besides wars of conquest, history is largely a repository of embarrassing ideas, tone-deaf majorities, selective memories.


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Sometimes literature and writing seems so far away. I also have little interest in the worlds of publishing or promotion these days. I did recently re-read my own sci-fi sort-of Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things and enjoyed it. I’m glad I wrote that stuff, glad I put it all online, glad I gave it all away. It’s all in its own context now, experiencing its own realities, I suppose. It’s all in the nature of ebb and flow, input and output, it comes and goes. I say, let it come and let it go, and don’t worry about a thing, pretty mama. Chevere. J. . Rowling akan menjadi penulis naskah dan David Yates menjadi sutradaranya. Film ini akan semakin seru karena Nagini akan muncul setelah J. Rowling terus menyimpan rahasianya selama sekuel Harry Potter. Film kedua dari seri Fantastic Beasts ini akan melanjutkan kisah Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) untuk kembali menangkap Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) yang berhasil lolos dari penjara. Apa karakter hewan favorite kalian yang ada di film? Bagi generasi sekarang, kamu bisa merasakannya langsung melalui film Bohemian Rhapsody. Sentuhan liar nada-nada musik yang begitu menyala setiap kali Queen tampil di acara konser akan digambarkan secara detil. Perusahaan produksi: 20th Century Fox, GK Films, Regency Enterprises. Film bergenre horor ini digarap oleh sutradara Awi Suryadi dari adaptasi novel karya Risa Saraswati dengan mengajak Shaarefa Daanish, Citra Kirana, Darius Sinathrya, Alex Abbad berakting di film ini.


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Fellig spelled it Weegee and later billed himself as Weegee the Famous. That came as he watched people respond to emotional situations and developed an eye for pathos and vulnerability. NtVEt-IEEAL BTUCMOS TCHJfl u AN MCA COMPANY -OPEN DAHV F0RIW0. Hoberman, VILLAGE VOICE A7. isotucrm mum on no hxmus i UMrntsi rjxsr AMBLIN. PG) i MUSIC HALL toirdDrcHwIn 9036 WllsMtl BIhk'i MENAGE 274-6669 Mon. Frl. 6:15-8:15-10:15 Sal-Sun. 2:15-4:15-0:15-6:15-10:15 FINE ARTS Thtntrt Rental Tuesday 1556 winMra and Wednesday 652-1330 Coot, Thurl. Plalat's poua tilt-Sim. Show Wascovi C. Thomas HowaH 1450 West Cr-AiaPlniry. DUNOEE(PG-II) 6:35-6:35 WIHamHurt Stereo AN AMERICAN TAR. G) 4:45-6:45-6:45 C. Last year best supporting actor at the 2015 HorrorQuest Film Festival. A Catholic priest is recruited by US Federal Marshals to decipher an ancient book after they capture what they believe is a vampire. But this ancient, powerful bloodsucker has other plans for the priest, and soon a deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins over possession of the book, and the soul of this once holy man. We play them because we're not just supporters, we're admirers. Proximos videos Miracle Windranger Counter All HardCarries.


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The ingratiating, twitchy Faun too (the Pan of the English title) is clearly not her friend. But its influence, from technical innovations to Expressionistic lighting style, spreads far beyond the horror genre. The tightrope between supernatural horror, badass action and genuine spooks has never been walked so confidently, and it forever cemented Campbell as a cult hero. Good. ad. e’s the guy with the chainsaw for a hand. Inspired by Hitchcock, he found the scares lurking within suburbia, making them instantly relatable to the audience. And he’s helped by a combination of the simple horror of Michael Myers and the naive-yet-tough charm of Jamie Lee Curtis’ heroine. You can largely ignore the sequels (we’ve a soft spot for the third) and reboot: stick to the original to see a true master of the creepy, tension-building story at work. That’s the key to John Carpenter’s chilly chiller, set at a remote Antarctic research station. An otherworldly discovery brings blood, guts, body horror and twisty storytelling, all anchored by Kurt Russell’s charisma and Rob Bottin’s exemplary effects work. It’ll make you itch with suspicion and recoil at the more gruesome scenes. Taking the slasher film apart didn’t stop the bloody tide of rip-offs and spoofs that followed, but it gave audiences a fresh eye with which to view them. Added to that, great work from the likes of Campbell, Cox, David Arquette and scary phone voice maestro Roger L. Jackson means that it functions as an effective chiller within its own self-referential trappings. It wasn't simple to wrangle everything together on a relatively tight budget, but the results are all up there on the screen. The sterile environment of the Nostromo might not seem like the most inviting place for terror, but space is dark, cold and horrifying and H. . Giger's icky creation upped the fright levels.


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Dungl-Zauner A. Metz V. Holle J. Chip KULISSENPLASTIK ZUM VERSCHLU. Wohlfuhlen druckt einander in innere ja sogar au? rer Pfiff aus. Please reply back as I'm trying to create my own blog and want to know where you got this from or what the theme is named. Cheers. Either way keep up the excellent high quality writing, it's uncommon to peer a great weblog like this one these days. My website has a lot of completely unique content I've either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Regardless, I'm certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I'll be book-marking it and checking back regularly. So nice to find another person with some genuine thoughts on this subject matter. Seriously. thanks for starting this up. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for in search of extra of your fantastic post. I am having a look ahead in your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hold of it. I definitely loved every part of it and I have you book marked to check out new things in your website. My website has a lot of completely unique content I've either authored myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. These sites are extremely useful and are written by pros who lots of experience in those fields.


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Parquet Courts will play Manning Bar on Wednesday March 4 with support from Straight Arrows and Destiny 3000. I play piano, I love good old-fashioned songwriting and storytelling and have a tendency to be overly honest in my songs (which mostly looks like Joni Mitchell, but very occasionally like Tim Minchin). My band is me, bass (Michael Galeazzi) and drums (Mike Quigley). 2. eeping BusyIn May this year, after an 18-month period of writing, I went into the studio with a producer (Sean Carey) and emerged six weeks later with my second album, Nightlight. Since then Ive done a few performances in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra and Im looking forward to launching the album with my band at Foundry616 on Friday October 31. After that, the next big thing on the agenda is a more comprehensive tour with the band. 3. est Gig EverIve been lucky enough to have had a number of really enjoyable performance experiences so its quite hard to pick my absolute favourite. In March this year I performed with my band at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta, which was possibly my most enjoyable gig in recent times. I grew up in Parramatta so performing at Riverside feels like coming home. Incidentally Id been in Adelaide the month before doing four performances at the Fringe Festival. Three out of four performances had been wonderful, but one of them was perhaps the most difficult g ig of my career. It started badly I tripped in the dark coming onstage and ended worse, with one reviewer saying my lyrics were too passionate, and another saying my lyrics were entirely lacking in passion. Coming back to Sydney and then performing at Riverside to my home crowd (and to good reviews! felt pretty darn good after that experience. 4. urrent PlaylistIm discovering Sarah McLachlan at the moment people keep making comparisons so I felt it was time I got to know her music better. Also on the playlist is Sheryl Crows latest, Darius Rucker, Kate Miller-Heidke, Sara Bareilles and Kasey Chambers.