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Hopefully you are still discussing the weirnet stuff. I was more hoping to logically put forward why some people are frustrated. And as I’ve said I don’t think they’re sexist, and pointed out unfairness to women in the past myself (the only reason why I mentioned positive examples at first is fandom insists on saying everything was always the worst for women, when I tried to say otherwise people tried to make out that I thought it was all happiness and rainbows. I’m not sure who much you are being serious of what I’d think of them. I think the only one that has some basis of seriousness in it is the Arya thing. I don’t think it’s empowering at all, it’s very tragic and sad, and she clearly has psychological issues. If I don’t mention the male characters I enjoy in a post about (mostly) women’s history am I deemed a man-hater. Then there was the attempted rape of Sansa at King’s Landing. I’ve always felt that R’hllor was more sinister than presented. EVIL!

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Cotton said he endorsed the Port Authority’s plan to reduce the influence of the two governors by hiring a chief executive to replace the appointed executive director — a move that would eliminate his position. In the interim, he said, he intends to work “hand in glove” with Mr. O’ Toole. He said they had already begun visiting Port Authority facilities, including the three major airports the agency controls. Last week, they also toured the bus terminal and operations of the PATH train, which connects northern New Jersey and Manhattan. “This region deserves to have world-class infrastructure, ” Mr. Cotton said. “We’ re a long way from that goal. . Bronson, a former BYU defensive line star, missed his NFL rookie season after suffering a season-ending ankle injury a year ago.

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She's going home now, but she's still human unlike Bran. She made Bran the Seer possible, but not even Bran will remember or care for her or Jojen. She failed to save Bran, but worse, she lost a friend at a massive personal cost. Jon Snow became the king in the North, Bran is an omniscient tree man, Arya is a badass warrior, and Sansa just suffered a lot of sexual violence. Sansa is the one who's making sure the day to day admin stuff in the north gets done, so that they're well prepared for when winter comes, or as prepared as it can be. Sure it might not be as glamourous as being an omniscient near-god or a face-changing assassin but it is an extremely important task nevertheless. And it's something really only Sansa can direct now, since Jon is busy with building alliances and other military matters. I really don't see envy in Sansa, I see shock at what her baby siblings have become, and maybe some disguised trepidation about leading her family and nation into a two-front war, but not envy. Sansa has become a practical person, aintnobodygottimeforthat. if re: being jealous of her family.

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