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Traditionally, students of this discipline study the history, production processes and the aesthetics of film as well as the theories that analyze the ways in which film, culture and audience interact to negotiate and construct meaning. The electives offer an opportunity for a wider breadth of experience or a more tightly focused study. We got some sweet new records like the new OBITS LP, the new COLD CAVE LP, the new MOON DUO LP, LOVE INKS 7“, EARTH GIRL HELEN BROWN 10“, the new 5. . . . 7“, a great JOOKLO QUARTET lp, new releases from PAN records (frieder butzman etc), new 8mm stuff, CHELSEA GIRL LP, new Mountain Goats LP, new 100% silk records and tons more. And since we wanna keep it busy we have the WITS END 7“ (ex catena collapse), the PYGMY LUSH old friends LP and the BATILLUS LP at the pressing plant. Yoshiko Ronnie Fujiyama, Omo The Screaming Chellio Panther, Sachiko The Geisha Girl and Mabo the 88, (that's the 5. . . 's if you're into the whole brevity thing) present two of their finest sides to date ''Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)'' a song so infectious you'll be singing it over and over until everyone around you goes mad and ''Charumera Sobaya (The Soba Song)'' an equally great jam about noodles. In Japan these are considered quirky ''novelty'' songs, but leave it to these girls to flip the script and in the process breathe a whole new life into the songs. If you’ve had a beady eye on this scene you’ll no doubt be familiar with MSV’s occultish oeuvre. Their work always has a strong visual corollary, usually appearing on multimedia DVDs or CDs up until now, and slots in neatly with Pendu Sound’s tainted roster of Atelecine and Chelsea Wolfe, among others. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing, and their exaggeratedly lo-fi methods gives the record a shadowy soul of its own, but you do end up kinda craving some more 808 fills and proper hooks. It looks great though, and for the collectors this is choice little oddity. Here’s Helen’s story, as Sonny tells it: “Helen Brown was born in Vancouver, Canada, but raised in an Athens, Georgia-based religious cult, and was blinded in one eye from a childhood baseball injury. As an adult, she dropped out of Evergreen and traveled the country for a while as a nomadic psychedelic folksinger, before forming her first band One Eyed Tramps.

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Once brought back to life and consumed by vengeance, she becomes Lady Stoneheart and joins the brotherhood to roam the Riverlands, hanging anyone connected to the Lannisters and the Freys. Eager readers had their hopes raised when Bran saw Catelyn's death in one of his visions, but they were dashed in the latest episode, The Brotherhood have an awkward conversation with The Hound as he urinates in the river and the Lady Stoneheart plot seems to be washed away in the process. But former maester Qyburn subsequently brought her good news, albeit a complete mystery to the viewer. Cersei has previously made threats to burn cities to the ground to protect her family and a vision from Bran Stark earlier in the season suggests Wildfire might make a comeback. In the trailer for next week's instalment, Cersei Lannister looks very pleased with herself as members of the Faith Militant take a beating. Episode nine, Battle of Bastards, is likely to feature the climactic battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Producers David Benioff and DB Weiss have hinted that season six will include the biggest fight of the entire show to date and this is expected to be it. The self-declared Lord of Winterfell has raped and hunted women for sport, cut off Theon Greyjoy's body parts, stabbed his own father and fed his half-brother and step-mother to his hounds. Theon will also be seeking revenge, although for the moment he appears to be helping his sister try to retake the Iron Islands. Littlefinger has a lot to atone for after handing Sansa over to the Boltons, making him another contender to slay Ramsay. After years of build-up, will the White Walkers finally charge The Wall? Plus, there are still seasons seven and eight to go, although rumour has it that these will have just seven episodes, rather than the usual ten. But the much-missed character has made his return and appears in good health, although he also keeps to himself. Queen Margaery is seen devoutly reading from the holy texts, but is her heart in it. The High Sparrow seems a little unsure of her conversion and wonders why the queen is avoiding her wifely duties with Tommen to produce an heir for the new holy monarchy. He also reminds Margaery that her grandmother, Lady Olenna, the Queen of Thorns, is a sinner who must be converted. But when Margaery gives her gran a meaningful stare, and places something in her hand, we have to wonder what she's really up to. Eventually, she is persuaded to help, but she is not going out of her way and offers them just 62 men. They have the Wildings on side and have convinced the reluctant Lady Mormont to give them some men.

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Natasha Richardson and Timothy Hutton inhabited the roles of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald in the engrossing TNT production, Zelda, which won the actress a CableACE nomination for best actress. O’Connor’s attention to the “troubles” is his native land has informed his career, including for Force of Duty, in which Donal McCann plays a Royal Ulster Constabulary detective whose inability to act in a moment of crisis leads to tragic regret. CHARLES O’CURRAN b. April 5, 1913, Atlantic City, New Jersey; d. June 26, 1984, Granada Hills, California Max Liebman Presents: Satins and Spurs (1954, codirected with Max Liebman) O’Curran was a choreographer on more than two dozen mostly low-budget musicals, including five Elvis Presley vehicles. O’Curran’s last film was the “King’s” Fun in Acapulco (1963). The choreographer’s only directorial credit was shared with Max Liebman on one of the venerable producer’s first primetime musical “spectaculars” for NBC. Betty Hutton starred as a rodeo performer in Madison Square Garden who falls for a photographer covering the show. The cast included Kevin McCarthy, Neva Patterson, and Guy Raymond. Robin, Daniel Sackheim), Eureka (2006) O’Fallon directed episodes of thirtysomething, Northern Exposure, Profiler, and Las Vegas. The director’s features include Suicide Kings (1997) and A Rumor of Angels (2000). Dead Silence starred teen model Lisanne Falk with two offspring from famous Hollywood families, Carrie Mitchum and Renee Estevez, as a trio of college friends whose car hits a desert transient. Their agreed-upon cover-up of the event unravels with a creeping sense of guilt. Kingpin was a Latino gangster epic with the eclectic cast of Yancey Arias, Brian Benben, Sheryl Lee, Maria Conchita Alonso, Elpidia Carrillo, Wings Hauser, Sean Young, et al. Rebecca Gibney starred as Jane Halifax in the crime thrillers. The Violent Earth featured Karina Lombard and Bill Hunter. The State Within was nominated for Golden Globes for best miniseries and Jason Isaacs’s performance. TERRENCE O’HARA Movie: The Perfect Bride (1991) O’Hara directed episodes of The X-Files, JAG, Third Watch, The Pretender, Dark Angel, and Smallville.

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So, if they think this is their best work, awesome. I think filming starts soon so hopefully is doesn’t have implications for Brienne. So if anyone is going to “replace” Kit’s cover, then it’ll be someone who usually doesn’t get a cover. They were even saying this right before season 3 aired. I guess they felt Viper vs Mountain, Purple Wedding, Battle of Castle of Black, and the major deaths that occurred in the last episode was some of the best material yet. I loved season 4 like all the rest, but it wasn’t as even for me as the earlier seasons. She’s in Australia right now to start shooting Top of Lake (Season 2 is set in Sydney). Yes, some parts (hello Dorne) weren’t great but for my money, Season 2 has been the weakest. But yeah, I used the word “many” because I know it’s not everyone. I showrunner will never say something like you quoted. Certainly not the best, but it’s also not the worst”. Of course not. When they’re asked, they’ll say “This is the best season of all seasons! . In season 3 they were asked if it was the best and what else were they going to say. What they’ve said about season 6 seems to trump what they said about both season 3 and 4. Monday evenings I used to watch GOT (and it will be the same), but I’m going to take the day off (thanks for the idea, fellow fans! to be able to meet my beloved or hated characters as soon as possible. Last season I got my personal spoilers by reading on WOTW on Monday mornings to find out what I’ll watch in the evening.

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Plus being at the event and hearing him boom out with a silly one liner during the film and the audience laughing always put a smile on my face. Some of my favorite times with Creep was when we would check out ladies together at conventions, yes I would check out women with Dr. Creep who would say lines like “Ohhhhh Would You Look At Her” among other creepy and silly things. Creep loved the ladies and I must say the ladies loved him as well as he had a charm to him that drew them in like humming birds to a flower. One thing that I have always regretted is not filming new episodes of Shock Theater with Dr. Creep in 2009 as we had many ideas planned and this would have given his fans as well as Creep himself new and scripted out adventures to air on DATV and beyond. I love ya Barry and this update is for you and to honor what you did for not just me but the millions of others your kindness touched. So it’s at the point in the update were we will take a look at the episodes of Dr. Creep I own and given sadly at this point no known full original aired broadcasts of Shock Theatre or Saturday Night Dead have been unearthed we will take a look at all the episodes of New Shock Theater. The Host Write ups are done by me and the movie write ups are done by IMDB. So lets take a trip down memory lane and take a hosted trip with The Creepster. And yes he makes those Grave Robbers pay for waking him from his 14-year sleep. When he reads the note attached it’s from a lady he went on a romantic trip to the Bermuda Triangle with and this opens more questions to what is in that box. Along the way he talks to a drunk Ed McMahon, we see some great movie trailers and get another “Home Made Shock” film called “JUNGLEBORG: Man of Mystery” directed by Joe Mackanzie, we visit Reverand Zealot’s Cult Corner has the master of cult looking at the film “Cannibal Ferox”, and more important we do find out what’s in the box. We follow her through the skid-row night and encounters with an abusive husband; a wino; a pimp and the rich man he panders for; a flashback to her traumatic childhood; violence; pursuit through dark streets; dementia. Filmed in film-noir style throughout; only the narrator speaks. But the MPA shows up and threatens to take The New Shock Theater off the air. All the while a magic voice is given wrong voiceovers about the events. Also Reverand Zealot treats us to another “Cult Corner” this time it’s the shot on video horror film called “Original Sin” and we get trailers form other public access shows and horror and cult flicks.