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The commission expressed “ serious concern ” about dozens of arrested journalists and the closures of media outlets since the failed coup in the country back in July this year, according to the paper. The closures and arrests targeted editorials and people whom Ankara suspected of having links to either PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) or to cleric Fethullah Gulen. The former is an insurgent militia considered a terrorist group by Turkish authorities, while Ankara believes Gulen to be the mastermind of the governmental coup plot that aimed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Some 170 newspapers, magazines, TV stations and news agencies have been closed, leaving 2,500 journalists unemployed, Turkey's association of journalists said, as cited by Reuters. Just last week Turkish authorities arrested the editor-in-chief and issued arrest orders for at least 13 employees and executives of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper. The move sparked concern from Ankara's EU partners, who said that European standards apparently have no importance for Turkey. It says that one-fifth of Turkish judges and prosecutors were dismissed after the failed coup. The report states that during this time prisoners were repeatedly tortured, although it does not confirm this, referring rather to media and human rights groups’ reports on the matter. At least 37,000 people have been arrested and thousands of civil servants suspended in purges that followed the coup. Ankara launched a massive purge of suspected Gulen supporters among the military, police, judges, municipal officials and other branches of the government. In its report, the EU Commission allegedly raised “ very serious questions” about the collective approach the Turkish government showed against the people suspected of being Gulen’s sympathizers. For instance, it pointed to the fact that many of those people’s guilt was merely some or other “ association ” with Gulen, rather than their own unlawful actions. The European Commission’s report is the result of evaluating potential member-states and their progress toward European Union membership and is drawn up once a year. It always lists downsides in the country’s progress, but does not give recommendations on how to proceed with it or whether to grant membership.

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It only kind of works because of Toni Colette's powerhouse performance. But it's lazy. As is the twist. All this obvious talent deserved something better. You wanted people to know how well you've understood the movie or something. It's not liie modern horror movide, when you watch it blind headed and just wait for jumpscares. Why go through this stupidly long and drawn out plan. Paimon didnt torture him in any way he was lowkey trauma fodder. I usually love atmospheric, thought provoking horror, but I just found this movie incredibly boring and hard to sit through. Also, screw everyone else in this feed that’s an ass. She did a very nice job, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I respect yours. The girl did not say a total of 20 words in the whole movie and probably had terrible social anxiety; I highly doubt she would have asked. And it is also clearly set up that she loves chocolate so much that she often forgets to even check if there is nuts in her chocolate bars. For instance, the mother in the film claims she gave Charlie when she was a baby to the grandma, so she would feed her.

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Yuriy From Russia - Congo Madness (Matias Chilano Remix). All the uploads on this channel are for the promotional purposes only. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving. The Soundgarden epitomizes the genre-bending spirit of our mix compilation series, revered radio show on friskyRadio and worldwide events, curated by Nick. Starting soft and warm, the first half builds perfectly for a solid second. Enjoy. Ozgur Ozkan? Ozgur Ozkan - One Last Kiss (Original Mix) Ozgur Ozkan - One Last Kiss (Some Little Things Remix) Robert R. Moshic Feat. Joe Elbaz - Feed my soul Anton MAKe - Porto (Robert R. Hardy Remix) Tim Penner - Exit Me Nick devon - ode original mix Masaya smile (original. Picture made near Campioni d'Italia, with the view on Lugano lake. Emiliano Galvan was born in the 23rd of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Emi Galvan is musician, Dj and producer influenced by artists like Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, Underworld and Faithless among others.

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— CG. South Side Music Hall will be temporarily referred to as “the throne room” for this show. (Not really. The soulful, unapologetically southern rapper does have a new record coming out this Tuesday, though, so expect lots of new stuff. — Chelsea Upton. Now with the support of backing musicians Ryan Becker, Grady Sandlin and Tony Ferraro, the quartet has certainly played its share of shows and done a good bit of touring since initially coming together — to the point that Markham now considers them his official band. So much so, even, that Markham says he considered adopting a new band name to better convey the idea that this band has now morphed into something more than just his solo project. That shift in philosophy rears its head all over the band's upcoming sophomore record, Pretty Bitchin', which will earn its release at this show. This time around, the band tracked most of its new album at the same time, giving the thing a noisier, more live feel. It's a natural progression, really — and one that sees the late-'80s-, REM-mining sound of Ruined My Life moving ever-so-slightly towards an early-'90s-, grunge-leaning alt-rock thing this go around. Hell, the album's tenth track, the trudging “Disconnected and Flying,” could just as easily be an Alice in Chains B-side. Pick up a copy for yourself at tonight's Dallas release show. — CG. Side note: who else is curious why this film is being released a week after Halloween?


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The CGI is not seemless, but nor was it in his earlier films. I think the issue is that it feels cool (nothing wrong with cool), but cool doesn’t equate good. If you want to give someone rocket boots, that’s pretty cool, but don’t do it just so you can. This would be an interesting movie to watch with kids, although I doubt they’d watch a movie with subtitles, so what are you going to do. I suppose you could sit down and watch the dubbed version if you must. At the very least you’d get to see this interesting movie. Dutton, Christine, Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket, Cujo, David Fincher, Drew Barrymore, E. . Homeward Bound, horror, Jack Finney, James Rebhorn, James Woods, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, Lewis Teague, Mary D'Arcy, Mike Starr, New York City, Pet Sematary, Robert Hays, Robert Plant, Stephen King, The Battle of Evermore, The Game, The Incredible Journey, visual effects Buried Cinema. It is written by Stephen King and directed by Lewis Teague, who had directed the film adaptation of King’s Cujo two years earlier. As with King’s writings in general, the stories contained here are hit-and-miss. If you pay attention to the opening credits, you’ll see that Alan Silvestri composed the score. Bernard and almost gets run over by a car named Christine (I am not making this up), the Cat rides a ferry to New York City, where he has a vision of Drew Barrymore calling to him from a department store window seconds before getting cat-napped by a large man. This leads us into the first segment, in which James Woods (apparently before he became a decent actor) goes to a company called Quitters Incorporated to help him quit smoking.

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