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Some folk have suggested an extra episode to build up to points that they perceive as “rushed” might have benefited this season and I tend to agree. I avoided the leaks as much as possible but there were people who were saying this season was “dumb” before it was even aired. It hasn’t been THAT terrible, and least in this old dame’s view though of course other people are free to disagree. If there are any deleted scenes in the Bluray this year it will be interesting to see if any such scenes would have contributed to a build-up. Possibly because I was a show watcher before I was a book reader I haven’t been wholly thrown by some of the streamlining and changes though there have been some cut book characters I would have like to see on screen and sub-plots I liked in the books. I wonder if when the adaptation was first planned the showrunners thought ADoS and ADoS would be shorter books and that was why they shortened the number of episodes per season towards the end of the TV show’s run. The shortened version was over 6 hours long but still left out much (I’m not familiar with all the twists and turns of the original Mahabharata; I don’t know any Indian languages, I’m sorry). The battle scene in the Mahabharata made me think of Dany and Drogon in “The Spoils of War”. It seems that any story with an epic sweep is going to be a simplified version of the source material. (An an aside I recently found a YouTube channel called “Lost in Adaptation where the presenter has covered the first three episodes of season 1 of GOT in comparison with GOT the book). The people who visit this site mostly (unfortunately you can’t get rid of trolls from the internet) disagree politely but there can be some outright nastiness in other sites. Meanwhile, Cersei and Jaime’s scenes have mostly been extremely boring making it obvious there are not enough characters left in KL. First, it was the first Stark reunion which needed extra emotional emphasis to refocus the story on the sliwly reuniting Starks, atheme that now looks like it will carry us into three seasons (assuming Jon does not return ti WF in the finale). Second, Sansa remains at risk with novwhere else to go, making the reunion important for her. Third, Jon is rudderless and connecting with Sansa is the first step for giving himself purpose in the arc where we are now. Think of where Jon would be if he had missed Sansa.

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Euron doesn't openly say that he wants to kill Theon and Asha, as he did in the TV series: everyone thinks Theon is dead at the time, and he thinks of a more politically correct tactic to sideline her. Euron cleverly marries Asha in absentia to the elderly Erik Ironmaker, one of the other lords at the Kingsmoot, so if she returns to the isles she can be taken prisoner and removed as a threat. She soon receives a taunting letter from Ramsay Bolton revealing that Theon is actually still alive and being tortured in his dungeon; she feels sorry for her brother, but does not intend to rescue him. On learning of this, Tristifer Botley (who wishes to marry Asha) explains to her the history of Torgon the Latecomer: that a Kingsmoot can be declared invalid by the priests if one of the prior king's lawful sons was not present to put forward his candidacy. The story gives Asha an idea: Theon probably wouldn't win an election even if they manage to rescue him, but Asha realizes that his mere survival would give a pretext for the Drowned Men to invalidate Euron's election and call for a new Kingsmoot. Nearly all Asha's remaining forces are slaughtered, and she herself is taken prisoner. The march of Stannis's host to Winterfell is narrated from her POV. Theon's torture at Ramsay's hands has been so severe that he is unrecognizable to her at first, looking like a starved toothless old man and with his hair having turned white from the stress. Ser Justin claims the fact that Asha is currently married is not a problem: her marriage was done with a proxy, and was never consummated, and therefore can be annulled; besides, Erik Ironmaker has one foot in the grave. Euron actually sends Victarion with the Iron Fleet to Meereen to bring Daenerys as Euron's new bride, but Victarion secretly plans to betray his hated brother and marry Daenerys himself, then use the Iron Fleet and her dragons to retake the isles. The TV version condensed this so that Yara and Theon flee with the Iron Fleet to seek Daenerys's help, but openly plan to return to overthrow Euron. There might also be a second Kingsmoot in the novels, to which Asha hopes to bring Theon to endorse her candidacy - if so, the TV show condensed this into a single event. Yara and Ellaria begin to sexually flirt with each other. The first queer female character to be introduced in the TV series was Ellaria Sand, whose first scenes in Season 4 involved her picking out a female prostitute to have sex with (along with her male lover Oberyn, who was also bisexual); several episodes later Ellaria was shown on-screen receiving oral sex from the female prostitute Marei. She has had numerous relationships, long and short, over the course of her adult life. This is considered very atypical behavior for a highborn woman, much less an Ironborn woman, but Balon raised her as essentially a surrogate son, so she doesn't strive towards lady-like behavior.