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Contrary to what most people think, Littlefinger doesn’t have what it takes to be a good ruler. He’s a manipulator. Being a good manipulator doesn’t mean he can be a good ruler or even a decent one. I am utterly confused at this whole Littlefinger being a great mentor to Sansa, showing her how to rule. I would say that if Sansa had learned anything from her time in King’s Landing, I’d say she’d be a great adviser or hand of the King. And before you throw tomatoes at me, Sansa, in the books, does know how to read political situations. Seeing the scripts for 701 being put on the table, is that already for the actors read through. So can we assume this is for the behind-the-scene folks, like writers, directors, camera team etc. It certainly seems likely that one of the major upcoming stories will be discord between Sansa and Jon. Besides the fact she was married to Ramsey Bolton AFTERWARDS and that marriage was consummated. Her true selfish spirit hasn’t changed much since her childhood. I don’t see her really giving Jon the respect he deserves. I’m not a Sansa fan at all but I respect her character enough to not hate it.

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The scene with Arya exposing herself before Meryn Fucking Trant was a lot more intense, as was the way she brings the faces back to slip into their post over the costume Halloween garbage Sansa dug out of Arya's satchel in ep 6 of S7. I love that. Describes Melisandre's schtick to a T. Actually I just really want to see that sweet ass again. Much better discussion than I've found anywhere on reddit or AV Club. I've concluded that the fandom for GoT is generally awful, however. DL has provided a good healthy mix of criticism, fun, and appreciation. Everything tends to get lost in the mass of posts on Reddit, the official ASoIaF forum is too insidery, and the AV Club is just snark at this point. I try to leave my bitchiness at the door when posting in this thread so as not to discourage current and potential posters, which doesn't happen with any other thread. And even though I haven't posted here in a while, I enjoy reading the discussion. For the most part, the fandom is just devoted to discussing the happenings in Westeros, that's all they do. My one big complaint about the fandom is all the jerks who love to post spoilers, that's been going on since the beginning, when those who had read the books gleefully spoiled things for those who hadn't, and now it's gotten worse with all the leaks. We've seen Shakespeare performed endlessly, and even modern versions of his plays.

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om. The Afghans rode on an unbeaten 107 from Ikram Ali to post a competitive 248 for seven after being asked to bat. In response, Pakistan was bundled for just 63 in 22. overs with off-spinner Mujeeb Zadran returning with brilliant figures of five for 13. Mujeeb had taken six for 23 in the league match between the two sides, which too Afghanistan had won, by seven wickets. Mujeeb, who finished the tournament with 20 wickets from five matches, removed openers Mohammad Arif (4) and Omair Yousuf (0) early in the chase to hand Afghanistan control over proceedings. The early wickets triggered panic in the Pakistan camp, and Afghanistan bowlers took full advantage of the situation. Besides, leg-spinner Qais Ahmad picked up three wickets for 18 from his six overs. Pakistani batsman’s struggle can be gauged from the fact that as many as nine of them failed to reach double-figures. Earlier, sent in to bat, Afghanistan got off to a good start with Rahmanullah Gurbaz (40) and Ibrahim Zadran (36) putting on a 61-run off 108 balls for the opening wicket. Once Gurbaz fell, caught by Muhammad Arif off Muhammad Musa, Pakistan sensed an opening. But Ikram foiled its plans with his brilliant knock to singlehandedly carry Afghanistan past 200. Pavlichenko wins World Cup men's luge opener charlotteobserver.

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Az ring that makes sense bc that girl that arya killed was acting weird when they played that game MikeeYo. I think it's too early to judge Arya since it could be a set up to kill Baelish. If I end up wrong then yeah, it's really poor writing. Handsome Ben ? ? Yeah it's not so much that I'm scared she's gonna kill Sansa. But it's just that all the shit between her and Sansa seems so pointless and petty compared to everything else that was happening in the episode. Az ring ? ? Daimon Mcilwain Arya is playing the game with Sansa in the last scene. Surprisingly, the entire episode wasn’t set in the North of Westeros, as many had expected. Rather, it begins in Slavers Bay, where Meereen is under attack by the slave masters, and Tyrion’s deal with them is under intense scrutiny from the freshly returned Daenerys Targaryen. He defends it fairly well, but Dany just wants to burn all her enemies down.

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