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Most (54%) faced a “moderate” shortage, while 22% said theirs was “severe. Nineteen percent said they have a “mild” shortage and 5% said their company was “desperate. The lack of drivers is leading to an increase in advertising dollars spent on billboards, fliers and social media, as well as implementing incentives such as signing and referral bonuses. Companies are also striving to improve corporate culture and creating a retention program, the survey found. Data from respondents showed the average starting pay for drivers rose 66 cents from last year. In order to become a school bus driver in Pennsylvania, for example, one must complete a minimum of 20 hours of school bus-specific instruction—14 hours in the classroom and six hours in-bus. The driver almost must pass a road test and pass criminal and child abuse history checks, among other paperwork and exams, USA Today reported. It’s disappointing, but this is the reality, ” Carlson said. Senior Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo, head of the Philippine National Police Counter-Intelligence Task Force (CITF), said the lawmen surrendered to the Navotas police chief, Senior Supt.


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We can be visionary. The Media Is Blowing Its Coverage of Warren’s Native American Claim The Iowa caucuses are still more than a year away. The first Democratic primary debate won’t occur until this June. But that’s not what’s looming over her presidential campaign. That year, Republican investigators found stories in the Harvard Crimson touting diversity among Harvard Law School faculty that referred to Warren as a Native American. Her ethnicity was also listed as “Native American” at the University of Pennsylvania, where Warren taught before joining Harvard. Trump has ridiculed her for years by referring to her as “Pocahontas. Conservatives have obsessed over Warren’s Native American claim because it allows them to attack two foes at once. They’re using it not only to discredit Warren herself—an accomplished intellectual with an impressive academic and political career—but also the very legitimacy of affirmative action. The idea is that Warren only got ahead in the professional world by fraudulently taking advantage of a liberal policy.


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Town of Shannon, Mississippi, et al, filed in the U. . District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, 1:13-cv-00187-JMV. He said medications helped control his symptomsand he felt ready to commit to a lead role. NBC has alreadyordered 22 episodes of the new show. That marked a 24 percent increase in casualties compared to the same period last year. So we came up with the idea of running a financial company that lets people use their handbags to borrow money. It has held the No. 1 spotfor apps on Facebook for nine months and is Apple's top-grossing U. .


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When George Durham returned from an LDS mission to London, the couple married in 1966 and began a lifelong balancing act between her law career, his medical career and the needs of the five children they adored. Through the years they took turns working part time and equally split the responsibilities of caring for their home and family. When things at home were hectic, Durham found comfort at work, where her goals were clear and her efforts appreciated. But even that source of strength didn't go unchallenged. And Durham, who at first had considered herself merely a transplant to the state where her husband was raised, quickly grew to love Utah as her home. A trailblazer From the beginning, Durham's path to the bench was daunting. During law school at Duke University in North Carolina, where her husband was also studying medicine, Durham was told she had no business pursuing a career as a married woman and a mother. Others accused her of taking a spot in the program that could have gone instead to a man trying to support a family. Durham's career continued its upward trajectory when the family moved to Utah after Durham had graduated law school and her husband began his residency in pediatrics. She praises her mentor and law partner, Norman Johnson, and Gov.