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Gone Home proved that alternative style games, atypical from the standards expected in the AAA world, could thrive in the modern day ecosystem for video games. Some of these games would also double as informative to non-LGBT audiences, exploring issues of homophobia, sexual attraction, and more. It is through indie games, mostly in visual novels and adventure games, we see prominent queer characters in major supporting or starring roles devoid of heavy stereotyping, with the AAA market playing catch up to the shifting demographics. The mid-2010s would see a major rise in queer characters and their representation across multiple genres. The biggest example would arguably be Ellie from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. While the game featured a gay character in the form of the survivor Bill, the surprise of Ellie being a lesbian in the game’s critically acclaimed DLC, Left Behind, caught many players by surprise in early 2014. While there was backlash over their kiss, much like Gone Home it opened the floodgates for the AAA industry to push further with visible queer representation. Companies such as BioWare, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and DontNod have subsequently filled that role across a variety of genres, with Ellie making a prominent return in The Last of Us 2, coming full circle as being one of the few definitively queer protagonists in the modern era. Thanks to the indie resurgence through crowdfunding and the further splitting of games into various small niches, queer characters have found a comfortable presence in the gaming industry, invoking the original counterculture spirit that video games once had as an overall hobby. The struggle of AAA representation continues still, mostly due to constant backlash against some corners of the industry. In some cases, the charges of tokenism and stereotyping are still prominent, while companies such as Nintendo have come under fire for a lack of representation in some games. Regardless of opinion, queer characters have become an integral part to the growing popularity of the medium. As our understanding and acceptance of queer characters broadens, so too will the type of representation we will see in video games. Yet, each of the examples above still represents a form of inclusion, done well or poorly, that has allowed for the growing demographics of the modern age. Looking back at these characters only helps the industry in the long run, informing us of how far we have come, and how far we can go from here.

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They watch youtube videos of other people playing video games. So yeah I can believe he isn't familiar with a band that hasn't released an album in almost 50 years. I’m sure I’d recognize one as a famous song, but just not as a “Beatles” song. I was born in 91, and can tell you the name of N’Sync or the Back Street Boys, but I know a low amount about the Beatles. I know they had a famous picture in England, but only because it featured in The Parent Trap. Then again I would definitely say music is not my life, and doesn’t define any part of it, whereas I cannot remember a time when I did not love movies and TV. Wouldn't that be an epic ending to the series and to about any series of all time. Like David Benioff said, there's never been an epic fantasy good vs. An undead magical man ruling over a population of zombies. If they did that I would cancel my HBO and refuse to watch any series where any of the production team is involved. That would be a big F. to their loyal fans in my opinion. It's intriguing and would be about the bravest ending the writers could do. Evil wins. It's not what RR.

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Benefit from it you in order to be accomplish with content writing. Make sure you know exactly what the next steps are for your content transformation. The biggest drawback to grow Lean 15 is set you back. Brand new worth noting is that Grow Lean 15 takes human human growth hormones from pork. If you're trying to find an overnight cure, restricted to it. This could provide a non secular issue is apparently. One more issue is that the web site offers no before and after shots and is actually always still unclear exactly how this health supplement actually stories. Those of us that trouble following through, might find it challenging that it takes 90 days for effectiveness. Striving to control snacking can be hard while watching tv because you're concentrating on TV and not just how much or the pain you are eating. It's too simple overindulge in snacks while you're watch TV. To help you lose weight and make certain off, individuals watch less TV. Have you ever noticed how the videos people share one of the most are videos that force you to be laugh. What can you do today make a viral video (meaning people keep passing it on the subject of. Have fun but is vital to keep your fun is in keeping with you, your art too as your brand. ) related to your function.

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GRRM said we'd see him again. We HAVEN'T seen him since AGoT (the beginnings of ragnarok). Also, although I don't disagree with ALL that your saying, I think you're trying really really hard to connect George's story to a story already told. hy would George just be re-writing another story. I enjoy this blog though, like most fans, I'm just looking for interesting stuff to read until WoW hits the shelf Reply Delete Replies Reply Alex April 6, 2014 at 6:12 AM Hmm interesting ideas Dorian. In S4E1 Joffrey is teasing him about what great deeds will a 40 year old one-handed knight have left to accomplish. Seeing what the producers choose to put in the show says a lot about what GRRM thinks is important. Reply Delete Replies Criss April 17, 2014 at 11:21 AM This is something I had been considering as I watch the show. Knowing that Martin has shared the ASOIAF endgame with the show producers, you can watch the show and try to glean from it which plot aspects are sacred, which are not, and how divergent story elements might point to a singular story arc progression (like Jamie, or possibly Sandor Clegane). I mean, Martin has lead us to sympathise and care for most of the Bad guys characters throughout the books, altough they have clearly made awful things (a 12year old girl full of hatred kills people, Jon takes away woman's baby from her and makes her to take care of another child while pretending it's hers, Tyrion kills his father etc. but in our minds we've always found the way of justyfying their deeds. I think it's all about perspective and we're following the story arc from the Bad guys POV making them the Good guys from where we stand;) Reply Delete Replies Reply Unknown April 28, 2014 at 11:55 AM Does this whole theory get thrown out the window after last night's Game of Thrones episode (Oathkeeper). Semi-Spoiler: the White Walkers are apparently sentient and have their own city with a king. One of the keys to this theory is that the White Walkers are semi-mindless like dragons, and can be manipulated by beings of higher intelligence. If this isn't the case, and they have their own ambitions and plans, this would seem to throw the ball back in the court of them being the ultimate big bad.

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“She voted for Hillary,” he said. “She doesn’t like her, but she hates Trump. In the last two weeks there has been a focus, and properly so, on the last minute drive down the field Mr. Trump and his campaign are waging. Ms. Clinton’s campaign has not yet had to line up for a goal line stand, but Mr. Trump is arguably drawing too close to the end zone for Democratic comfort. In the last week especially there has been much discussion on which candidate has the better campaign staff, the most volunteers, the most money, the most signs. Back and forth chatter has gone on and on over where the candidates are going, where their top supporters are going, to fire up enthusiasm, to drive turnout. Of course, there has also been talk about who is the most anxious at this time (from this standpoint, it looks like both are about equally nervous). Also, there has been talk about what effect absentee and early voting will have. But no one has talked about that group called the Never Trumpers. Stu Sandler, of Grand River Strategies, posted on his Facebook page a plea to all the Never Trumpers to go away for a week and let those trying to get Republicans elected alone to do their work. There is no doubt most Republicans will vote for Mr. Trump.

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eddie. Tried multiple times and continued getting the error message 404 Not Found nginx. I didn't proceed beyond this first instruction as I wasn't sure if the other instructions were dependent on the Kaspersky results? Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. I was unable to determine how to disable my malwarebytes free edition or my spywareblaster. Was able to perform the other requested downloads but haven't run anything yet until I see what you suggest on these 2 issues? Completion time: 2012-09-20 20:55:27 ComboFix-quarantined-files. xt 2012-09-21 00:55. Pre-Run: 144,362,393,600 bytes free Post-Run: 146,516,459,520 bytes free. It downloaded and installed properly from the Adobe site after I disabled my AVG antivirus. O6 - HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions present. O7 - HKU\. EFAULT\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel present. O7 - HKU\S-1-5-18\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel present.

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One day, a wanderer entered the kingdom. aking a hint from Italo Calvino's story 'A King Listens', Myriorama unfolds the world of one whose environment is all ears and all eyes; one for whom every whisper and rumour is heard distinctly, for whom every movement is watched and logged. Today, equipment designed for a paranoid king has become the plaything of the people, part of our everyday gadgetry and woven in the fabric of the city. The protagonist at the centre of Myriorama tracks his subjects, agents and avatars as they move through the city. The one in the place of the king watches, commands and interprets a mediated world, a domain of data, a screen of projected subjectivities in which inside and outside are entwined. For those on board the ISEA ferry please bring your own laptop. Bring all that pentup listAngst, emailObsessiveness and spamRage. These investigations attempted to measure radioactivity and electric discharge of hysterics; to study telepathy and levitation; and to hold Seances. The original Ouija Board was also known as the Talking Board or the Message Board where one would search for answers from the spirit world. The modern equivalent of this 'searching for answers' could be imagined as Google or any search engine for that matter. What happens when answers depend on a network of movement? Read more. Cell phones are central to the interactions created in public spaces, amplifying issues related to our shifting perception of self. eople were given numbers of others and through the mediation of the cell phone, talked to strangers that they would normally not have more than superficial conversations with. The performance was accompanied by site and time specific installation, recording the flavor of a particular geographic and social location.


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ISBN 978-0099469087. The Telegraph. 2 May 2004. Retrieved 27 April 2014. Oxford Royale Academy. 20 March 2012. Retrieved 26 October 2013. Victoria, B. . Touchwood Editions. p. 41. ISBN 9781894898799. The Independent. 4 March 2018.

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is medicine as business, with doctors sitting at a computer checking boxes. It also offers discounts for families and long-term membership plans, and anyone in the local culinary union qualifies for free coverage. Mary Lynn Palenik knows the importance of her role both within IT and in her company as a whole, and understands that one of her most important functions is sharing her knowledge and experience. Mary Lynn Palenik When she joined Caesars in 2015, her review of the organization identified gaps operationally and functionally, and in her team’s cohesiveness. Through her organizational redesign, she streamlined things across her department and encouraged teamwork. Palenik worked hard this past year on developing a cohesive and high-performing team. Other accomplishments have included the introduction of a new framework, functional redesign, and the implementation of a governance model to establish a foundation for operational excellence. “These initiatives are inexorably linked to the positive results that have been realized in a period of just over 12 months,” she said. “Since my joining the company in 2015, project success has increased at a multiple of over three times. These favorable results were achieved through discipline, project rigor, controls and accountability. Collectively, these are my greatest accomplishments of 2016. In 2017, continuing with the theme of change, Palenik will lead the Caesars Technology Services Office of Strategy and Planning and direct additional transformation and modernization efforts. “We will invest in new and innovative technologies and platforms,” she said, “establish relationships with leading technology partners and drive the discipline of accountability across the IT spectrum. I will continue to identify opportunities to embrace continuous process improvement and synergies that support cost efficiencies and operating effectiveness, and will look to provide business partners with seamless and exciting new business technologies. The advice Palenik has for her peers is the same advice that she would give to any professional.

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On the day of her and Loras Tyrell 's trial, Cersei sends Ser Gregor to Tommen's chambers, to prevent him from going to the Great Sept of Baelor to protect him from its destruction. Tommen tries to get past but Gregor easily holds him back. Tommen later commits suicide after hearing of Margaery Tyrell 's death in the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor. Ser Gregor is summoned by Queen Cersei to the Red Keep dungeons after the explosion, being introduced to Cersei's newest prisoner, Septa Unella. He is later present in the dungeons with Qyburn when Cersei confronts her prisoners Ellaria and Tyene over the murder of her daughter Myrcella Baratheon. Even before they set out to the Dragonpit, where the meeting is stated to be held, she makes preparations with Qyburn, Jaime and Clegane. She orders Ser Gregor to first kill Daenerys, then Tyrion, then Jon, and the rest of them in any order if the meeting goes wrong. Together with Clegane, Cersei then sets out to meet their guests. When their procession arrives in the Dragonpit, Sandor Clegane—who is with the group of Daenerys—is shocked to see the state of his hated brother. Sandor hatefully states that Gregor is now uglier than Sandor and that this is not how it will end for Gregor. Sandor continues, claiming that Gregor knows that Sandor will be coming for him, before returning to his group. Accordingly, Gregor steps back behind Cersei, only to emerge once more when Daenerys arrives on the dragon Drogon. Clegane threateningly makes a step forward to further stress her point. During the parley, Daenerys's group releases a wight to prove the threat the undead pose. Clegane is ready to shield Cersei from the wight, but Sandor yanks it back with a chain.