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. , the product works as intended), (2) an outcome that is unpredictable but plausible (i. . the product is broken), and (3) an outcome that is unpredictable and implausible (i. . , the product somehow behaves unrealistically in relation to the narrative situation). An example of each type of outcome can be seen in Fig. 3. After completing the inspection of a product, the player pulls the lever either up or down, deciding whether the product should be, respectively, discarded or Predictability and Plausibility (a) Pred-Plaus (b) Unpred-Plaus 127 (c) Unpred-Implaus Fig. 3. An example of the di? rent outcomes of interacting with a drill (pulling the drill trigger). The predictable-plausible outcome (a) is simply the drill bit rotating. The unpredictable-plausible outcome (b) is the battery being ejected, falling out of view. Finally, the unpredictable implausible outcome (c) is the drill ring a round of bullets as if it was a machine gun. approved. This procedure is repeated a set number of times for nine “workingdays”, each day featuring a new product. The ?

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Also, Edison is trash and he didn’t “perfect” the lightbulb, we are still making improvements on it today. Literally all he did was sell shit and argue DC is better than AC Ken Oconnell 7 meses atras In just over 2 minutes, 10 thumbs up, back to the show. GalaxyDragon Animaitions 7 meses atras Its realy creepy when your name is Daniel. Previous comments seem to reflect my comment as well. Hats off to knowledgeable viewers with their Keen sense of history, NOT HIS-Story. ravo! outerrealm 8 meses atras So Timothy, you're a hack with a certain amount of talent, and a fucking idiot asshole for,the ending outerrealm 8 meses atras You go to all the time and trouble to make a good movie and then you give it a total shit ending. I regret watching it, I'd rather watch cat videos Justin Nephilim 8 meses atras Interesting concept but REALLY badly acted out. The acting was shallow, wooden and totally unconvincing. Would like to see the concept explored more convincingly. There is lots of bad acting out there to compare it to. I hate how a lot of these films don’t really have endings. White Zombie 9 meses atras Indiana Jones meets the Poltergeist in the Spirit Machine. Kevo Lane 9 meses atras Ha good start; in the beginning when the machine came on they thought she was doing something Freya Shirazy 10 meses atras pretty clean basement for ugly old cabin in the wood Patrick Beavers 10 meses atras Best. Acting. Ever. abqwizard 10 meses atras Zozo’s revenge. And the girl sucks Anjie Marie 10 meses atras I didn't like this short much and I thought the girls character was totally unlikable.

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As a good practice, it is probably best to wind your manual watch in the Tip 5: Pay attention to specific instructions by your manufacturer about how much water. Explore the Watch Buyers Guide from Watches of Switzerland featuring luxury brands In-house movements (sometimes called manufacture or proprietary. ZENO-WATCH BASEL symbolizes an excellent choice in marketable Swiss watches. Small but traditional watch factory and our stylish watch collection. Watch Movements: the difference between mechanical and quartz watches. There are only two types of mechanical watches-automatic and manual wind watch. Vintage 18K Solid Jules Jurgensen Mechanical Watch Manufacturer: Jules Jurgensen Condition: Excellent Model: Round Manual Wind Size: 38mm x 35mm. Manufacturing techniques were pushed to their limits in making small watches. The movement is geared up significantly from the winding spring (spring barrel) where one turn of the To learn watch repair read the manual, US ARMY TM (PDF). Check and report if a vehicle has up-to-date vehicle tax or is 'off road' (SORN). Check registration, MOT, tax, vehicle identification number and other details to help make sure a used car isn't stolen. Use DVLA 's online vehicle enquiry service to check that the details you've been given match their records. Check that the. Includes road tax and mot status, performance data, registration details and technical can check the data held by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and A free car check includes over 20 fields of information about a vehicle. FREE Car Check results, Check MOT history, mileage history, owners, DVLA data, FREE vehicle description, VOSA recalls. Get full car and vehicle history reports from InstantCarCheck so you can buy your next used car with confidence. Extra Free Services included in your check The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) have on record details such as. Use Vehicle Check at Auto Trader to check on a car history before you make a or currently listed as stolen, we'll give you another Vehicle Check for FREE.

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Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 12: Don't Taze Me Bro April 13 th, 2013 Two fierce opponents best Ton and Allen at the auction, leaving the duo in the lurch with a “trash unit” and little chance of breaking even for the day. And Ton gets tazed. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 13: The Fall Guys April 13 th, 2013 The pressures of running a shop are taking a toll on Ton and Allen and not even the discovery of a stunt-man's fall bag can ease the tension. When things get heated, Ton abandons the partnership and leaves town. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 14: Separation Anxiety January 18 th, 2014 Allen struggles to keep the pawn shop afloat while training Elle; After a fierce bidding war with Caroline, pieces from a century old motorcycle may not be enough. Ton January 25 th, 2014 Ton and Allen find themselves bidding against each other at an auction; the fate of the pawnshop and their friendship is in question. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 16: You Got Served February 1 st, 2014 The guys leave an auction empty handed and try to find new merchandise at a yard sale; questionable antique tennis rackets and an ancient special effects box may not earn them anything. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 17: Without a Chute February 8 th, 2014 The shop's landlord wants to talk to the guys; Allen puts an experimental powered parachute to the test. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 18: Ton Voyage February 15 th, 2014 A ruthless store owner tries to stop Ton and Allen from scoring new items in Santa Barbara so they fight back; the guys uncover a rare antique air gun and a vintage wooden boat built for speed. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 19: You Foos You Lose February 22 nd, 2014 When their truck breaks down, Ton and Allen lay it all on the line to raise money to fix her. They score a Foosball table, Tommy Gun drums and to Ton's delight, a treasure trove of Twinkies, but will it be enough. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 20: Allen's Big Crush March 1 st, 2014 Battling it out with a former-employee; a set of monster truck tires and a mystery box are the last chance. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 21: Nothing But Net March 15 th, 2014 Ton and Allen are challenged by two old rivals; the guys dig up an off-road motorcycle and a pair of net guns; the staff clashes with mystery shoppers. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 22: Hall of Fame Game March 22 nd, 2014 Ton and Big Sis revamp the shop to bring in customers; a Ouija board and a set of antique basketballs; Allen goes toe-to-toe with an NBA Hall of Famer. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 23: Cashville, Tennessee March 29 th, 2014 Ton and Allen rumble with a band of high-bidding bikers; the guys discover a 37 millimeter anti-tank gun and a cowboy's rodeo saddle. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 24: Big Sis Ducks Out March 29 th, 2014 Big Sis drops brings bad news as the guys clash with Carolyn over a carnival unit in Long Beach; a Native American tomahawk, a dunk tank and a rare gun that can fire three shots at once. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 25: Gone in 20 Seconds April 5 th, 2014 Uncovering a Geiger counter and NASCAR impact wrenches; shocking news from the accountant. Auction Hunters Season 4 Episode 26: To Pawn or Not To Pawn April 5 th, 2014 A face-off with Carolyn in Covina; a special effects unit; deciding the fate of the shop.

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In this case, we can posit a multiple-wh question that induces multiple-paired readings: (27) a. The clause-mate condition on multiple remnants 263 5. Concluding remarks In this paper I have shown that ellipsis phenomena involving multiple remnants are subject to a locality condition which establishes that the two remnants must be finite-clause bound. Although the empirical observation is not new, I believe the current paper is the first to make an explicit suggestion that this condition be treated in a unified manner across phenomena. I have proposed instead to derive the CMC from semantic considerations. In particular, the two remnants must form a topic-focus structure able to answer a relevant multiple-paired question. Because questions in which the two wh-operators are separated by a finite clause boundary (see fn. ) cannot yield such readings (Dayal 2002) gapping is expected to be unavailable. References Abe, Jun. 2015. An in-situ approach to sluicing. Oxford: OUP. Hankamer, Jorge. 1973. ? nacceptable ambiguity. Linguistic Inquiry 4:17-68. Hartmann, Kathrina.

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Or if Harrison Ford is on the show I'm going to have a mock bravado with him that completely collapses the minute he gives me one of those cold stares. And it's, you know, it's a sort of comedy dynamic that's old and tried and true, but in a talk show format it's a little different. GROSS: Did you behave around girls as a teenager the way you do around the real like attractive actresses on your show, where you'd growl at them and be like the comic guy. O'BRIEN: Sadly, yes because. (LAUGHTER) O'BRIEN: And I'm being serious about that because if you're, you know, if you grew up the way I did, you know, and you're fairly repressed Irish Catholic, you're too scared to try anything, do you know what I mean. You're not going to try anything, so it comes from an element of truth, which is you're attracted to them, you're fascinated by women, you want to make them laugh, you want to get a reaction from them, you want them to like you. So there's all the bag of tricks but then God forbid any of them ever, you know, made a move towards you or showed interest, then you'd run for the hills. So that's, you know, kind of where the whole persona came from. You know, I think you always had that idea with Bob Hope, that if he ever got Dorothy Lamour he wouldn't know what the hell to do with her. GROSS: Mm-hmm. How much did the Irish Catholic background figure into your identity. I mean how repressed where you? (LAUGHTER) GROSS: Or, you know, how. No, I, you know, I joke a lot about the, you know, there's an element of truth to everything I say and then I exaggerate. GROSS: Right. O'BRIEN: Because, yeah, a little repressed but, you know, I didn't take it too far, you know, I had a good time, if you know what I mean. (LAUGHTER) GROSS: OK. (LAUGHTER) O'BRIEN: I can't stop doing that.