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Armstrong. Moving to Playhouse 90, Mulligan directed David Swift’s adaptation of Robert Graves’s novel, They Hanged My Saintly Billy, under the title The Mystery of Thirteen, starring Jack Lemmon, Margaret O’Brien, and Herbert Marshall. Not the Glory was another Swift script, this time from a Pierre Boulle story starring James Mason, Ann Todd, and Dennis King. For the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of Eugene O’Neill’s Ah Wilderness! Mulligan surrounded Lee Kinsolving with Helen Hayes, Burgess Meredith, Betty Field, and Lloyd Nolan. Mulligan’s final show for Playhouse 90 was Horton Foote’s adaptation of William Faulkner’s Tomorrow, from the collection of Gavin Stevens stories called Knight’s Gambit. The piece first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The TV presentation was later adapted by Foote into a play, then a 1972 film directed by Joseph Anthony, both later renditions starring Robert Duvall as Jackson Fentry. Richard Boone played Fentry in Mulligan’s show, with Kim Stanley, Charles Bickford, Chill Wills, Beulah Bondi, and Andrew Prine. The boy is then forcibly taken from him by her kinfolk and revealed, in the end, to have been the killer, Buck Thorpe. Mulligan handled this piece with tender loving care, refracting Faulknerian themes and time and place details in the Foote script through an expressively taciturn performance by Boone.

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And when a director like Kevin Tenney ( Night of the Demons ) names an entire film after the demonic parlor game, a bevy of blood, guts and boobs are almost sure (but not necessarily guaranteed) to beat the audience into submission. Undeniably the master of big hair, terrible ’80s fashion and genre tropes, Tenney’s debut may be the director’s best work (sorry Pinocchio’s Revenge ); a full-on moment of “Me Decade” nostalgia steeped in aesthetics any VHS fanboy will flip out for. Much like Night of the Demons (which Scream Factory also released this week), Witchboard revolves around a party attended by a bevy of unlikable bastards. But what starts as a dick-measuring contest between two Alpha Beta dude-bros quickly morphs into a full-on splatterfest once the titular spirit summoner is drunkenly disrespected. Only instead of containing the action to one shadow-shrouded mansion, Tenney sets his first film in a number of sunny California locales. As the characters are stalked by the ghost of a long-deceased little boy (named simply “David”), the director makes sure to kill quite a few characters off in the daylight, adding an air of menace to even the most seemingly innocuous moments. Taking on a slightly more slow-burn feel than his other movies, Tenney still can’t help but employ many recognizable stylistic tics (including the usual roaming steadicam to represent a spiritual entity, heavy synths, and numerous smoke machines to create “atmosphere”). Witchboard isn’t reinventing the wheel by any means, but the film certainly takes its time to develop its characters better than most entries into the subgenre of supernatural ’80s horror. The central relationships, including an antagonistic triangle between friends Linda (Tawny Kitaen), Jim (Todd Allen) and Brandon (Stephen Nichols), may feel somewhat contrived, it’s still admirable that Tenney (who also wrote the film) attempts to paint them as three-dimensional human beings instead of stock archetypes. And the colorful, New Wave medium Zarabeth (pink-haired, star-cheeked, Kathleen Wilhoite) adds a pop of distinct color to the sometimes painfully self-aware picture (Jim even insensitively refers to Linda as “Linda Blair” once she’s being menaced by the disturbed demon). Soon, the blend of knock-offs (most notably Rosemary’s Baby and Poltergeist ) ends with an in-your-face attitude all its own?

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Hosted by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury. Host Peter Warren is an award-winning investigative journalist. They talk about a new survey of local newspaper editors they carried out for the magazine and what editors' biggest fears for the future are. Plus how local news is reported in China; what is a news desert; and why democracy loses out when the powerful are no longer held to account. Afrah Shafiq explores archival images of women reading, transforming them into a computer game; Shubigi Rao and Mukta Ahluwalia in the imagined world of a colonial officer and book smugglers; Chandan Gomes’ personal artist books; and Heri Dono’s mythic references, from flying angels to Trojan ships. Hosted by Rihards Endriksons, the organizer of the festival, the show includes music by many of its guests, including Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson, William Basinski, Mat Maneri, Busdriver, Grouper, Linda Leimane, Regis as well as several artists of the EU-supported SHAPE platform - N1L, Caterina Barbieri and TESA. This week: Inspiring stories as Abs interviews Samantha and Raymond from People First (Self Advocacy) about their project, Supporting Each Other Equals Power. Producers and music heads, Ralph HJ and Charlie Mills play the music you may have missed. This week: Industrial music, ranging from techno to break beat. This week, Juliet talks to Fatema Ahmed and Owen Hatherley about the life, work and legacy of George Orwell. They will discuss how we develop and navigate the eco system of public spaces.