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It’s filled with flaws and weakness from both genders. Yet these female characters are not one-dimensional flawless cartoon characters. GRRM himself writes the women better than the showrunners do, and the women of GoT are not as well served as the men, especially compared to the books. Sansa is shown as stronger, smarter and less mean to Jon Snow than in the books. Cersei makes so many dumb mistakes as soon as her father is dead that she becomes almost a joke. She is less cunning and less successful in the book version. Caitlyn was more cruel and selfish in the books than the show. They have spared us from her walking corpse who goes around killing indiscriminately. From the textbooks we can already predict her attempt to rule a country foreign to her is not going to work. She is presented as more successful and bad-arsed in the TV show than the Dany of the books. I miss the nuances and rich dialogue from the books. I hope GRRM does write the remaining two books for those of us who like his grey-colored no holds barr world.

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I want people to get the same enjoyment out of the story that I have, and part of that is discovering it themselves. But this is the internet, and people are only going to be unspoiled for so long. Whether they've been reading internet threads or not. But the mods have left it so they must think that enough hints have been dropped in the show for people to start talking about. They were pretty heavy handed with it in the last episode with Stannis, Sansa and Barristan Selmy all touching on the topic. But they likely wouldn't know the parentage of any child. If he describes someone as tall, every time he mentions them it'll include the fact that they're tall. He's yet to appear in the books, however there is one theory doing the rounds that he is actually the High Sparrow, and that he will eventually legitimise Jon Snow from that position. Who knows. Benjen wasn't there, he was left behind to be the Stark at Winterfell (in the books they keep emphasising that there always needs to be a Stark at Winterfell). Jon Connington might have known that she was pregnant, he wasn't at the Tower but was Raegars bestie so it's possible he knew. The only other way for the information to come out through Bran seeing what happened through the Tree Network.

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The acting here --especially from newcomer Paulie Redding as the newly 18 year-old pharmacist-intern (my dad was doing the same shit at her age)--with her marvelous range of expressions we can instantly tale who's possessed her at any given time, and the Skelton Knaggs -nosed Maria Olsen, playing either her mother or herself or her ancient ancestor or all of them, there's no difference, it's all in the family even with rebel sort of 'good witch' guardian Nancy Wolfe. Dig the way the director bides for time by slowing the end credit scroll to ten minutes. As for NADJA it's buried in a 4-for-1 vampire set somewhere, but worth gettin' even if it does look like shit (non-anamorphic). I know I would have tolerated its idiocy if I was like eight or nine and this came on TV in the dead of night - that zone where most TV stations have already signed off but some are showing late late movies or early early kids' movies imported from Sweden with terrible American dubbing. It's the kind of thing that might come on during the old USA network 'Night Flight' or on a plane. Something the less mature children can show their younger siblings after trick-or-treating - to both laugh at and laugh with, and even get the gist of what good Brechtian so-amateur-it's-genius is all about (like I used to do on the dance floor to get the crowd bopping - just start flailing around to the music as wildly and terribly as you can - all the shy people relax --no matter how lame they are, they can't be any worse than you. It never failed. As Prospero says in Corman's Masque of the Red Death, the best swordsman in Europe wouldn't fear the second best, he would fear the worst. If put over with enough gusto, terrible pacing, clunky editing, amateur acting and muddled writing can be overcome through pure muttonheaded moxy. Something is amuck, I mean amiss. Yet I found it - floating in the 'similar titles on Prime' and for a hot sec I felt once again like a single digit-aged Ed Wood fan finding a surreal K. The incomprable Bruno ve Sota lurks amidst the divans, and look fast for.

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It wasn’t enough for him to stick a false conviction on Tyrion: He wanted to teach Tyrion a lesson about falling for whores. Honestly, he didn’t need Shae’s testimony to convict Tyrion: it was just a cruel, public humiliation. Without Shae, recall, Tyrion probably would have gone along with Jaime and Tywin’s plan and taken the black. And in fact even if all the events had transpired as they did up to Jaime’s rescue, consider: What would have happened if Tyrion had snuck into Tywin’s bedroom and found him alone. I never met Charles Dance, but I will now look for him in other things just based on this performance. Sheer brilliance. And, of course, my hat is off to George R. R. Martin as well. He created the character who is just as electric in the books and paved the way for this outstanding role. I do want to praise the performance of the actor who played the shepherd, though—the one who lost the daughter. His lines were all in Meereenese Valyrian, but the emotion was raw.

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And second, there is the village itself, almost entirely endogamous, which is opposed to all the other villages round about in its cockfight circuit (which, as explained, is the market region), but which also forms alliances with certain of these neighbors against certain others in various supravillage political and social contexts. The exact situation is thus, as everywhere in Bali, quite distinctive; but the general pattern of a tiered hierarchy of status rivalries between highly corporate but various based groupings (and, thus, between the members of them) is entirely general. Consider, then, as support of the general thesis that the cockfight, and especially the deep cockfight, is fundamentally a dramatization of status concerns, the following facts, which to avoid extended ethnographic description I shall simply pronounce to be facts-though the concrete evidence, examples, statements, and numbers that could be brought to bear in support of them, is both extensive and unmistakable: 1. A man virtually never bets against a cock owned by a member of his own kingroup. Usually he will feel obliged to bet for it, the more so the closer the kin tie and the deeper the fight. If he is certain in his mind that it will not win, he may just not bet at all, particularly if it is only a second cousin's bird or if the fight is a shallow one. But as a rule he will feel he must support it and, in deep games, nearly always does. If your kingroup is not involved you will support an allied kingroup against an unallied one in the same way, and so on through the very involved networks of alliances which, as I say, make up this, as any other, Balinese village. 3. So, too, for the village as a whole. If an outsider cock is fighting any cock from your village, you will tend to support the local one. His followers are, of course, obliged to support him, and when the more grand-scale legal cockfights are held (on holidays, and so on) the people of the village take what they regard to be the best cocks in the village, regardless of ownership, and go off to support them, although they will almost certainly have to give odds on them and to make large bets to show that they are not a cheapskate village.


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They acted that superbly and it was so nice to see that Dany realised he had been there for her all along and she couldn’t imagine the rest of her life without him in it. The way I read it, is that she is a little out of her depth and is trying to appear as strong and commanding as she feels inside. She got it wrong in a couple of instances, but it’s fascinating to watch her character developing and changing. And if Free Will is such an important thing to protect then let it be. He is the kind of person that likes to give a show a performance and be in the center of atention. A crazy, ruthless Ironborn, but a Ironborn nevertheless. I guess I pictured Euron to look more like Michele Huisman, maybe because of fan art. I imagine there must be quite a hatred for LF in her after what he put her through with Ramsay. So I think that is why she decided to keep the info on the availability of the Vale army to herself. She so knows how to push Arya’s buttons and she clearly sees that A. It was very emotional for me too, wathching and imagining what she must feel as she watched her family’s humiliation. Suddenly she was transported back to the past, and the past still has a great effect on her).

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Janet found this one on the web, and we watched a daily installment with tea in my first September of retirement. In the second season, our heroine switches from nicely nerdy Lucy (Shiri Appleby) to lovely and lonely Chloe (Candice Accola). Now, if we can only get writer Sallie Patrick to slip some time travel into the other show she works on, Revenge. Guide Watch An Eloi Honorable Mention Alcatraz created by Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lillen, Bryan Wynbrandt First episode: 16 Jan 2012 This show has a Ph. . with a comic book shop, a kindly old uncle, Vince Lombardi as a 1963 jail warden, a crochety FBI agent who really has a kind heart, residents of 1963 Alcatraz showing up today, and a girl with a gun. All the prisoners were transferred off the island, only tha t ’ s not what happened—not at all. Czechvala First publication: 365 Tomorrows, 23 Jan 2012 Dr. David Jansen travels back to the late 1960s, falls in love with a beautiful redhead, and promises to return. An Eloi Honorable Mention Toyota Camry Superbowl Commercial First aired: Superbowl XLVI, 5 Feb 2012 This is the reinvented baby. Watch “The Man Who Murdered Mozart” by Robert Walton and Barry N. Try asking Mozart.