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am is the prettiest and most wonderful girl Ive ever seen. amn! I really cried when shone confess his feelings and when Nam cried that much. t so heart breaking but truly amazing when they found each other again with the same feeling since their highschool life. Im just confuse about the last part, are they'll also the person in last part ( im mean in the studio part ). I Love this movie. hen i first watch it. cried so much in the last part. hope there would be part 2. I really, really, really love this movie, oh my gosh. I'm begging to the director of this Movie (Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn and Wasin Pokpong). I wanna say hi to P'Nam and P'Chone:) I love you guys. Mwah. I love the movie, very nice and I can relate myself to the character. OVE IT. Nam. is very beautiful i think i have a crush on him and i was totally shock when she got a long hair so beautiful movie i really really really really like it i hope theres a season 2.

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Jacqueline Hemmings 8 mesi fa What Aerys did to Rickard and Brandon Stark was undeniably evil. But he was a mentally ill man and people just obeyed his orders. They knew he was mentally ill and yet they obeyed him anyway, that's how screwed up the system is. And it's going to take more than destroying an uncomfortable iron chair to change that system. Bran might have been justifiably angry about Lyanna's supposed kidnap, but he knew Aerys was mad from witnessing what he was like at the Harrenhall Tourney. She might decide that after the war is over she might want to go travelling with the surviving Dothraki and Unsullied. It's quite ironic really that the only woman in the series who is supposedly barren is the only woman fans think can give Jon an heir. There are thousands of women in Westeros and they are all capable of having children. And as for Dany getting pregnant during boat sex, could the timing possibly be worse, thank God for Moon Tea. Jacqueline Hemmings 8 mesi fa If Bronze Yon Royce reminds Dany about what her father did to the North, perhaps she can remind him that her great grandfather, Aegon V possibly saved thousands of Northern lives during a particularly harsh winter, by sending loads of grain and such to the north, thereby reminding him that not all Targaryens are monsters. She burned sam's brother and father after all. any is a mad bitch! A monster. Dubs Up 9 mesi fa This is stupid and makes no sense. Xena Be 9 mesi fa Brienne and Tormund Peter Brown 9 mesi fa Wait a minute, if Jon was risen from the dead by Milisandra, perhaps he is sterile and Denarys is in fact not pregnant. TheGeneral 9 mesi fa your mic sucks Kay's Book Korner 9 mesi fa Rewatching ever know tired the witch in the TV show never mentions Dany cannot have kids. Wonder why the show Dany says that if the witch never says it Antsandy 2 mesi fa Because in the books the witch says it and for some reason they left that line out.

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But come on, how does everyone avoids death like plague now. How can I root for Jon when I now that this motherfucker will not be killed anyway. Specially in a show where being a royalty doesn’t mean shit when it comes to dying. And Dany’s rescue mission, even if they sent Usain Bolt to deliver a raven to Dany, there is no way she would make it on time from half of the continent to the exact location to rescue the “dream team”. Settings the show sets in medieval world where magic and mystery roam. Yet if you compare 1st season to the 7th you can see how even the costume design is, in season 1 costumes were rugged, dirty and you could see that they do indeed live in medieval era. But on the 7th is more like Stark Trek, the Unsullied who are suppose to be brutal warriors don’t have a scratch on their armors and did I mention how awful their armor design is. It looks like a rubber, months of military expedition should have given them at least an ounce of dirt on their clothing but no. Ideals first few seasons made it clear that the fight between houses are not about beliefs but rather self interest ( just as in real life ). But no, at the battle of Casterly Rock Tyrion mentions how Unsullied fight for freedom while Lannister fight out of fear. Total BS. How about the fact that Lannister men are defending their home from invaders. It doesn’t matter what Cersei do they are fighting for their home town. They can’t have family nor any means of living aside from fighting, of course they would follow someone who promises them at least some action. Both Jon Snow and Daenerys are product of their lineage, nothing democratic or just about that, Dany burns people who oppose her while Jon beheads them. If those two were born to peasants, they would have set barn on fire half of the time. Feminism, Please don’t tell me that Cersei ending up on the iron throne and Dany being the Targaryen Conqueror and all are not meant to be some feminist bullshit.

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Dezember in seiner Wahlheimat Gernsbach im Schwarzwald gestorben. Chinese Rouletteis a movie genre Thriller produced by Albatros Filmproduktion was released in Germany onwith director Rainer Werner Fass. Casino bern chinesisches neujahr - Island resort and casino snack bar - Roulette online senza lo zero. A wealthy couple, with a daughter Angela, a young teen who walks with crutches, tells each other they are off for the weekend on business ( he to Oslo, she to Milan). China chat rooms for Chinese girls boys adults teens free room without registration chat. All games are listed in this genres and similar subgenres that are related to the category of Chinesisches roulette games. Chinesisches roulette - chinese roulette Rating information The version of this work detailed above is rated by the BBFC under the Video Recordings Act 1984 for use on any Packaged Media format ( including DVD, Blu- ray and VHS). Find trailers, reviews, and all info for Chinese Roulette by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. A wealthy couple, with a, watch CHINESE ROULETTE online, daughter Angela, a young teen who walks with crutches, tells, CHINESE ROULETTE watch free, each other they are off for the weekend on business ( he to Oslo, she to Milan). Watch Chinese RouletteFree Online - A wealthy couple, with a daughter Angela, a young teen who walks with crutches, tells each other they are off for the weekend on business ( he to Oslo, she to Milan). Chinese Roulette. Although Fassbinder' s career lasted less than fifteen years, he was extremely productive. Find out more recommended movies with our spot- on movies app. Formula roulette costa crociere ottobre Chinese Roulette Fassbinder blackjack assistant no deposit slots bonus codes free- slots. Free casino slot Code Bonus Casino Belge En Ligne games app Grand casino slots Hotel rooms near crown casino melbourne Soaring eagle casino location Blackjack knives simba Code Bonus Casino Belge En Ligne Time roulette yugioh Casino aachen cash game Free games download Code Bonus Casino Belge En Ligne high roller casino Flash roulette. Chinese Roulette torrents - Both the parents of a young teen who walks with crutches, goes on each their secret meeting with lovers, both surprising each other at the family' s county home. Submit data corrections for Chinese Roulette - Rainer Werner Fassbinder on AllMovie.