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Smaller children sat on the grass in front of the Professor beating time with rhythm instruments and maracas made from plastic vinegar bottles filled with rice or beans. And it captivated children from as far South as Tierra del Fuego to as far North as the Yukon Territory. Absalom captured some of the magic in a book and album of his children’s songs and poetry called Professor Absalom’s Pomes For Gnomes. At both he had proven to be accomplished. is poetry has been published widely and his essays have been broadcast on the radio and published in the Quiet Quarter; an Anthology of New Irish Writing. He has lectured on poetry at AMU University, Poznan, Poland. In September 2012 his book “Even the Grass Has a Hangover” was shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Prize. His paintings, linocuts and dry points have been exhibited widely in Britain, the Republic of Ireland and China and several of his acrylics have been purchased by the Irish Office of Public Works. He has been an Artist in Residence and exhibited at the 2007 Florence Biennale. He works in a variety of styles and subjects, most of which I find vaguely disturbing. Given my own background I am particularly drawn to his haunting landscapes and his unsettling architectural studies of streets and villages. He describes his inspiration as coming from Beyont. Beyont is that place where nothing is done which cannot be done one-handed while thinking of something else. It is the place for writing and painting and on a good day the place where in secret and shady places poetry might unexpectedly be found as are found wild and edible mushrooms in the woods. Some say it is a good place to convalesce and perhaps that is why I spend a good deal of time there, like a patient in a deck chair listening to the ocean and watching the swirly label revolve. Street magicians have a long and distinguished history, with records going back as far as 3,000 years in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Reginald Scot described their work in detail in the 1500s and Pepys records a performance in the 1660s. Hogarth even produced drawings recording street performances. He had set up his pitch outside the hotel I was staying at and doubtless made a living fleecing tourists like me.

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They meet at Wallace’s best friend’s party by a fridge (possibly the coolest place to meet someone at a party. Perhaps I was a bit of a negative nancy when I saw it. BUT, that said, I actually really enjoyed the film by the time the fat lady sang (ie the end credits came around, there’s no actual fat lady singing to be found in this film. Daniel Radcliffe’s making some very varied choices with his roles this year, making him one to look out for, certainly. The dialogue itself is sparky, energetic and funny enough when it needs to be to set it apart from other rom-coms, and is one of the defining factors in why What If is better than the average romcom. By the time the ending scene comes around, you feel like it should have happened a long time ago. There are some little bits of animation that feel a bit superfluous, and there’s also very little reason why it’s actually called What If too, now that I think about it. But that little grumble aside, What If is, while formulaic, a very good romcom that sets itself apart from the bunch by its dialogue, characters and cast. The Grue-crew, big fans of Eighties monster movie gorefests, love themselves some practical effects horror film and cannot get enough Lance Henriksen. Anticipation is high as they review Harbinger Down. Thomas discusses the Kevin Bacon film Cop Car in the What Have You Been Watching segment while Joseph Perry returns with two reviews from the BiFan Internation Film Festival: Cub and Goodnight, Mommy. And, information how you can win a bluray of The Walking Dead the Complete Fifth Season. The film wears its influences out in the open from Alien to The Thing to The Blob and more. The film pits a corrupt lawman, Kevin Bacon, against a pair of rebellious kids who take off with Bacon’s police car. Thomas recommends the film, not only as a primer for the director and his next high-profile project, but as a competent and exciting film all on its own. And, everything is better with a little Bacon in it, right. He also shares his opinion of the frightening thriller from Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, Goodnight Mommy. The blu-ray release of the hit AMC series hits the streets on August 25, 2015. The deadline to enter is Midnight (EST) Sunday, August 30, 2015.


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That surprised me because we tend to look at some of the jobs in some of these organizations as not being highly skilled. These people are very highly skilled and they come in the door with a minimum of two years of post-secondary education and they are trained to do the jobs they need to do. The officials at the company are prepared to make the investment in these people and their futures. Going forward, we should be giving business people a say in what they are doing. We are investing in the extension of the hiring tax credit and of the accumulating capital costs allowance for investments in new equipment and machinery. This will give the people who are in the business and industrial side of the equation the opportunity to invest dollars at home and to provide those highly-skilled jobs that we are talking about. There is a lot of opportunity on the horizon for the people of St. John and the province of New Brunswick and by taking advantage of this program and of what is in this budget, we would be very well equipped to go forward. How could one possibly talk about all of the items contained in a 300-page bill in just 10 minutes. As I said very clearly at the beginning, I was going to focus on some aspects that are very important to my region, to my riding, and I did that very specifically. I talked about how important this budget is, what it would give us, how it would give us the tools to go forward, and how it would better prepare the people of Saint John and the people of southern New Brunswick for the opportunities that lie ahead. I look forward to the opportunity to engage people on that level and to talk more about it. These are exciting times in Saint John, New Brunswick, and we look forward to continuing to discuss these things. I recall seeing commercials last year during hockey tournaments. The equivalent amount of money spent on one 30-second commercial would have employed something like 25 youths in summer employment. There is a lot of frustration over on the opposition benches. We are excited to tell Canadians about them, and Canadians are excited to hear about those opportunities. We make no apologies for communicating with our constituents. It is important they understand the work that their government is doing.


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He hardly had screen time or any development so far, just kill him off when he's such a great character, I think not. I'd love for him to come back as a walker lol. 2. Dany is mad as a hatter. And how the f are they going to fit everything into the little bit of episodes left? Ugh. I just took that last scene as Jaime having a quiet after the storm. That was the time he can. tew over what just transpired. She is putting him on the wayside, and add that on top of what Olenna told her. nd she let Jon go? He's back in Winterfell. Sansa may have to give the order, and I don't know how trustworthy or motivated she is re: the night king and his gang. All I want to know is, will Sir Davos get the chance to have some brown sugar in his coffee. I hope this isnt a foreshadow over whether of not shes a mole. Her speech as to why she supports Dany was very convincing. A character like him would be given the honor of having his end shown. He will most likely be held hostage to see if Cersei will bend for him. I think she wont due to her being a power hungry trash bag.