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Few countries however were ready to distribute the film and after bankruptcies and lawsuits took their toll, the film was pretty much guaranteed to never see the light of day. Six years after filming began, Jinnah is finally receiving a straight to DVD release in the UK mostly thanks to Lee's sheer belief in the film. Computer viruses, like cockroaches, seem to be a universal problem since Jinnah's files have all been erased. With little time to spare, the lawyer and Jinnah take a trip through the important chapters of his life. Given that Jinnah has never been an easy character to assess historically - as the film points out, many have blamed him (as Attenborough's Gandhi did) for the millions that died in the post-partition violence - the presence of the lawyer, questioning the dead Jinnah for the choices he made, helps the film acquire an analytical edge. At times it rules in favour of Jinnah, at other times it underlines the character's inconsistencies. He brings a levity to Jinnah's quest for an independent state as he confronts opposition from Mountbatten as well as from members of his own Muslim community, along with a rigid moralism that sees him refuse a wage when he takes charge of Pakistan. The supporting cast turn in some very good performances especially James Fox, who remains sadly underused in modern-day cinema, as Mountbatten. Though by no means a perfect film, it is quite easy to see why Lee feels passionately about Jinnah. Beyond his own outstanding performance, Jinnah is quite powerful and provides an interesting portrait of a man now little remembered in the West. Let's just hope it will find the audience it richly deserves. However, I have been told that this was in part intentional to make the movie look more contemporary and to that extent it has succeeded as the film does not look as recent as the filming dates indicate. Some scenes also suffered from poor lighting and were difficult to enhance without creating edge enhancement. However, the DVD is according to Lee and the crew a huge step forward from the cinematic reels that were available. It is difficult to mark the image too harshly given the excellent work they have done (much of it by hand) with some very poor source materials. It doesn't look perfect by any stretch of the imagination but given the difficulties they have had to surmount to make it available, they have done very well indeed. The dialogue tends to remain in the central speaker. The sound is clean and clear throughout with no noticeable problems.

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Another negative about the movie is the runtime, it clocks in around 60 minutes or so. These things do not necessarily negate the film, but they do not help it either. The dvd comes in a clear keepcase, the cover sleeve is doublesided with some nice artwork on the front and back. Please try again later. Andrew E. Rose 4. out of 5 stars Black Devil Doll is sleazy, nasty, and wrong on many levels. The filmmakers have no false pretenses with this film. You cannot watch Black Devil Doll without laughing and feeling a bit like you need a shower. The low-budget puppet effects are well shot and at no point do I remember the puppet being compromised. The music and score is exactly what it should be for this kind of film. Seriously, if you are easily offended stay away from this film. But, if you like blacksploitation, sexploitation, a good campy horror story, and a film that was well executed technically, then check out Black Devil Doll. It's fantastic and puts the bootlegging of independent cinema into perspective. Greg Goodsell 4. out of 5 stars Remake of the immortal classic. Jones) tends to her spotless home with vinyl-slipcase- encrusted furniture in an unnamed Illinois suburb. Stopping in a curiosity shop one day, she buys a dreadlocked ventriloquist dummy in spite of the shopkeeper's warning - cue Casiotone key held down with one finger, eeeeeeeeee - that the doll always returns by its own volition after a couple of days.