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Caraboo's biggest detractor may well be the journalist Mr. John Gutch, played with a jaded air by Stephen Rea. In Gutch, one may detect a carefully hidden bump of wistfulness, but that's not near enough to keep him from doggedly pursuing the truth. If only Merchant Ivory pictures were more like PRINCESS CARABOO, I'd be a lot more high class and snooty by now, brother. PRINCESS CARABOO unfolds as a charming 19th century fable and a satire of the English social classes. Thanks to the actors, and mostly to Cates' winning performance, the skimpy premise doesn't wear itself out. The story is based on actual events, with, of course, a bit of the embellished here and there. It actually saddens me a bit to learn that the romance between Caraboo and Mr. Gutch, unconvincing though it is, is a thing of fiction, because these two are appealing characters. Cates and Rea barely share scenes together. As Mr. Gutch states, people believe two things: what they read in the paper and what they want to believe. Princess Caraboo may or may not be an actual princess - we don't find out until near the very end in one affecting moment - but gullibility is demonstrated front and center when the Prince Regent hosts a ball in Princess Caraboo's honor and the princess leads the besotted highborn into a silly conga line dance. Cates has the challenging gig of ingratiating herself to the audience even as she's restricted to eccentric gestures and to dialogue consisting of jibber jabber. And, of course, it helps that Phoebe Cates looks like Phoebe Cates, a sexy waif. She not Greek. She not French.

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Kim Cattrall explained why they weren't HER friends in very grown up detail and fashion. They showed clips from DH, and of course, Coco tried to get dish out of her as to what it was like working with Teri Hatcher. Warren mostly refused to discuss it, but her eye-rolling told volumes. The irony, or course, is that Warren's working reputation isn't so far off from Hatcher's. I always thought Warren was way too young to have been cast as Hatcher's mother. To have been a fly on the wall on that set with the two of them. On a side note, I saw Lesley in something recently and she still looks beautiful. But from a ratings standpoint I’m surprised ABC didn’t milk a few more seasons out of it. It could have gone 12 or 13 seasons like Dallas or Knots Landing. In fact the show may have benefited from rotating some of the leads out and bringing in a couple of new leading ladies to the lane. She would be released from her contract and it would definitely bring some creative spark back. Sadly, Cherry nixed it, chose to kill Sheridan's character in a random episode with no build up or reveal and it just died on its ass after that. Way to go, Marc. Ugh. That was around where the show jumped off the rails for me. She herself said she thought her career was over when she got DH. The problem was she got nominated for GG and won.

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Sort of. While the Galaxy Watch offers plenty in terms of functions, it lacks a finesse in communication. It records your sleep every night, and some mornings it sends you a notification with your new “sleep record,” which I first interpreted as, well, a milestone. Why would a night of four and a half hours of sleep be a record. In this case, it just means a new data entry, not a record-setting night’s sleep, as much as I wish I was setting new sleep records. The Samsung Health app, which is where all of your health and activity data is stored, doesn’t do much to explain the sleep tracking either. The Discover tab in the Health app shows health articles from reputable news outlets, but as far as I can tell these aren’t personalized. I appreciated that the Galaxy Watch sent a digital pat on the back nearly every time I stood up and walked away from my desk. But it also once sent a congratulatory activity notification while I was sitting and typing. This is Samsung’s nudge for you to get moving when you’ve been lazy or glued to your computer screen for an extended period. It suggests not a short walk, not a stretch, but a torso twist. But I’d also like the option of changing that notification to something else, and that’s not an option. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a good smartwatch as far as smartwatches go. But in an era where “flagship” equates to “showcase for new, innovative technology,” the Galaxy Watch’s flagship status comes across as self-appointed. Samsung Buy Now Affiliate Links When you buy something using the retail links in our product reviews, we earn a small affiliate commission. The watch will now also play a message that informs the responder that Apple Watch has detected a fall and shares your location coordinates when possible. Submit Thanks for your feedback.