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She's less trusting overall after KL and the whole thing with Dontos, which is both good and bad (since it's something Baelish exploits). So if he shows up just to be killed off or for a moment where Arya is reminded that she is still a Lady (which I think would be bs anyways given the examples of Nymeria and various ass kicking Targaryans) and then vanishes again, well, that would suck. Roose Bolton personally had Ramsay legitimized as a Bolton, while Jon was raised at Winterfell alongside his Stark siblings. I think there's a difference between the highborn accepting a bastard who has the background, upbringing, and education of a noble (if not the name) after he led forces to reclaim his family's seat in his family's name, and them accepting a bastard who barely anyone knows exists at this point, has never been formerly acknowledged by a member of his house, and who was being brought up as a blacksmith's apprentice. He is sworn to serve his feudal lords, the Lannisters. His lands are part of the Lannister realm, and one of the duties of a feudal lord (in this case, Gregor) is to provide military service to his liege lord. And the Cleganes have the Lannisters to thank for everything they are, which makes the ties closer. Unless he is perceived as having a very good reason, he would be considered a pariah for refusing to do his duty. He is the master of coin, and a lord in his own right, though sworn to Arryns instead of Lannisters or the Crown. It's not to scheme behind the Kings back, with Ned, with Renly, with Cersei. It's not to whisper in the kings ear so a personal enemy of his gets killed, against the best interests of the Crown and even of the Lannisters themselves. If Tywin had realised, his head would have been on a stake. Did Ned need proof to send a Royal force after Clegane. Did Lysa need proof to have Tyrion executed (short of Bronn).

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That does imply that Arya would be capable to identify those decisions as stupid, although she is no more experienced in politics or ruling than her sister. IMO we are beyond Sansa making stupid decisions because of LF’s influence. Hopefully there won’t be any form of tension between them and they can work together as a team. They need to remind the North that he is their rightful king and she can become his Hand. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen considering the last thing Sansa said about LF was: “Only a fool would trust Littlefinger”, well, I guess she’s a fool. Let him meet another main characters that will help in the big fight, he can meet his siblings next season since we know already that he will go back to Winterfell in the season finale. Arya and Jon love each other most of all the Starks so I’m sure that will be the most emotional of all the reunions. In the show, Lord of Winterfell and KiTN are two different titles. Otherwise he would definitely be in on that reunion. It’s not exactly as if he knows where they’re at to know they’d be there soon and wait for them before leaving. She said things that probably don’t fit with this season since she didn’t have the scripts then and was just reacting. But if Sophie had been right, Arya would have certainly sided with Jon against Sansa and Petyr Peter and it wouldn’t have ended well for the creepy shop. In the books she becomes a mouse at Harrenhal in order to survive. In the show she survives rights next to Tywin Lannister.

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King and Queen of Salford - Rita Tushingham and Murray Melvin in A Taste of Honey The play was a huge success when it was first put on in the East End of London at the Theatre Royal, Stratford, where the Workshop were encamped, opening in May 1958. Frances Cuka played the young Jo, taking her first faltering steps into the adult world of love, work, and motherhood, with Avis Bunnage as her feckless mother Helen, with whom she is constantly sparring. Delaney writes these characters with a warmth and humour which makes them real and likeable, for all their faults. They are much more than illustrative bundles of social problems or mere mechanical vessels for the author’s political views or opinions. They are the sort of people amongst whom she grew up, and whom she has observed with sympathy and understanding. The play moved to the West End in 1959 with the same cast, and was then filmed a couple of years later by Tony Richardson for his Woodfall Films company, with Delaney collaborating with him on the script. Melvin returned in the role which he had made his own, and for which he won a best actor award at Cannes. Frances Cuka and Avis Bunnage didn’t make it to the screen (you can see them both in Littlewood’s sole film Sparrows Can’t Sing, however), with Dora Bryan playing Helen and Rita Tushingham making a wonderful Jo, dreamy, moody, joyful and sharp-tongued by turns. The two rooms between which the two acts of the play are split are opened out considerably in the film, which makes richly atmospheric use of its Manchester and Salford locations, with back to back terraces, cobbled streets, smoking factories and mills, and small barge and large ship canals. We also see Jo’s resentful and wholly inept participation in a netball game at school at the start of the film, and her mixture of dreaminess and rebellion in the classroom, all of which serves to lend her a rather solitary individuality different from that which is framed in the play in reaction to the other characters. The film even affords the opportunity for her and Geoff to escape the city for the afternoon in a double-decker bus, running up onto the moorland heights and taking a candlelit tour of the caverns below. A couple of years after the release of the Taste of Honey film, Delaney published a collection of short stories called Sweetly Sings the Donkey. Its wry tales, with their keen depiction of the details of the everyday, contained hints of autobiography and personally observed characters. Their cast of sickly and bullied children, desperate letter writers, fantasisers and dreamers, and detached tourists show a sympathy for and identification with the outsider and those who look on and observe life.

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He was mentioned last season at the assassination and we got him now, in the flashbacks. Sends Brienne to Riverrun where her Great Uncle, the Blackfish, has rallied a small force of Tullys. Sansa, Jon, Davos, Brienne, Meli etc all leave together to find support in the North. Yara and Theon flee having lost the King’s Moot, stealing the best ships. Euron commands his men to build new ones, so he can go and meet Dany. Hype. The Three-eyed-Raven tells him its time for Bran to become him, and that he isnt ready, and takes him into a vision to show him whatever he can he the time left. The three-eyed-ravens tells him to follow the command. By this point, in the real world, Hodor is pulling bran on his sledge down a passage to safety, the children do their best to stop the oncoming onslaught of whites. Back to the vision, Bran sees Willis, following the command he Wargs through Willis, to Hodor, of course, the same person. Bran sees Hodor doing everything he can to “Hold the door” whilst meera escapes. People at Westeros. rg are going to freak as there are a lot of Winds of Winter spoilers in there. Martin is been pretty clear in his statements ( just see wiki) to compare the children oggi the forest to the sidhe also known as the aesi, the mythical elves oggi gaelic world who controlled the good forces of the nature, and their counterpart Are the fomorians also known as the jotun o jotunar, the ice supernatural demigods responsible for the long night and the climate change with the long winter in the ragnarok.

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Family is still important to her, and she can get back to her list later. She's useless. The Iron Islands are made up of a bunch of cans. After seeing him in action, anyone who didn't side with him being their new king, is an idiot. Euron probably going to ride into town flying high cause he just killed two major allies of Dany. What seemed like an absolute squash match now seems fairly even. Euron took out the Dany fleet or a big chunk of it. She and her daughter (remember, the other two were not her daughters) are the two Gifts for cersei. So yeah, not only that it's strong enough to reflect all kind of weaponry, but it's also light enough for battles at seas. Dude got stabbed and slashed a few times tonight, but you gonna see him with nary a scratch in the next episodes. I think his wounds are terminal unless he gets help from Qyburn or grabs an antidote from his prisoners. I was hoping that mad scientist Maester was taking Cersei down to the dungeon to show her some roided up Ser Pounce that he had been feeding steroids since Tommens death or some other huge zombie mountain like badass to fight the dragons. Would be too dangerous to everyone based on any incidental contact. I am sure it would be safely stored and require time to apply which they did not have.

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Her character has not appeared naked in any episode of Game of Thrones until “A Mother’s Mercy. . It is also believed that Qyburn resurrected him without his head, as it was sent to Dorne to appease the Martells. And what will their reactions be to Davos and Melisandre. How will her training proceed with her new condition. And did Ellaria use up her “second chance” with Doran Martell. And what chance to Daario and Jorah have of claiming her from the large Khalasar. And will Drogon get off his lazy teen ass and save his mother again. Will Littlefinger’s gift finally be revealed next season. Maude Garrett and Filup Molina dive into your theories and questions about Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2. They also lay out the map for Westeros and where everyone is. Other new characters who we don’t know much about beyond their names include Fergus (played by Seamus O’Hara ), Willa ( Alice Nokes ) and Sarra ( Danielle Galligan ). We examine how Bowen Marsh can win the day and how is all relates to the Red. We discuss Maester Marwyn or Ebrose, Euron's 1000 ships.

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Posted by: zombie at July 15, 2016 02:19 AM (jBuUi). Force them into submission an reformation via force. Posted by: Hillbillyking at July 15, 2016 02:20 AM (LQE71). I mean, if we're going use '70s singer-songwriter soft rock as our main diplomatic weapon, we might as well use the good stuff! Posted by: Aetius451AD at July 15, 2016 02:20 AM (3ZoRf). Posted by: weft cut-loop at July 15, 2016 02:23 AM (p2X2f). Posted by: firefirefire at July 15, 2016 02:23 AM (of67s). The images of Arabs celebrating on that day should have been a reminder, but those were hidden away too. Until people get a stark and gut level reality check, they will stay asleep because it is not an existential threat. Easier to believe the lies that they are all good people and we must have done something to bring it on ourselves. Posted by: Aetius451AD at July 15, 2016 02:24 AM (3ZoRf). But mo was still just making stuff up out of whole cloth. Not only did mo steal from the Old and New Testaments, but he changed the stories and then called Jews and Christians liars because the originals were different from mo's plagiarized versions. Posted by: ThePrimordialOrderedPair at July 15, 2016 02:26 AM (zc3Db).

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