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Throw this on to chill your blood and tense your mind. Let it make your horrific pursuits all the more unnerving. All Music and Visual Media are the sole property of Thomas Prislac. Copyright 2013. ? OnePunchBran. Can you imagine if you where in a space station the rest of the crew has gone to bed and your just finishing some work and you’ll do the same then the radio you know you turned off starts doing this 46:58 Jason Kruger 8. Reading Coraline to this H? g H? h Ngo. This music takes me to the dephs of the City, and its infinite laybrinth of massive hallways, corridors, stairwells, and skywaks, all within the probably most epic megastructure ever conceived for SCI-FI. Anyone else use this music for their Nemesis board game sessions. Reminds me of the GFS Valhalla from Metroid Prime 3 JackQueSlack23 3 ? “Good morning” Slack said as she woke up at 6:30. It was light, lighter than she expected. “Huh. she muttered.

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Tours leave from the Indiana Hotel Lobby (next to the Embassy). Hear how Headwater’s Park used to be a popular gathering place as locals watched criminals be hanged. Visit the Embassy Theater and hear how the once longtime stage manager still can be heard backstage, years after his death. These are only a few of the mysterious and darker true stories that you will hear on these haunted tours. Sitges is one of the most recognized film festivals held in Europe. It is considered the world’s foremost festival specializing in genre films. (i. . fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. (Some of the films may not be suitable for all ages. . Local choreographers have gathered some of the most terrifying urban legends as creative source material for this years’ Halloween show. As a part of the Downtown Improvement District’s Fright Night the Conservatory will once again spin the tale of Brad and Janet on a rainy night sheltered by the bizarre Dr. Frank N. Furter. This cult classic movie will be shown outside on the Terrace, weather permitting; please dress accordingly. Please do not bring outside food or beverage as there will be refreshments available for purchase.


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A large group of antifascist activists then marched en masse downtown along Fourth Avenue, their progress halted at the intersection with Morrison, where police in riot gear ordered them to disperse, and then began rounding up and arresting protesters who were caught within their cordon. The dark shadow looming over the day was the shocking knife murders of two men on May 26, after they had attempted to intervene in the verbal harassment of two young nonwhite women, one wearing a hijab, aboard a commuter MAX train in northeast Portland. Both of the men had their throats cut in a sudden knife attack, and a third man suffered similar injuries but survived. The killer, 35-year-old Jeremy Christian, was arrested by police shortly after the attacks. His background revealed a political gadabout (he had earlier supported the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders) who, in the previous year, had become enamored of white-nationalist ideology and seized upon it obsessively on social media. He voiced admiration for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, a far-right icon, and adopted the longtime white-supremacist agenda of converting the Pacific Northwest into a whites-only homeland. He also was obsessed with the claim that left-wing oppression was stifling free speech, the raison d’etre of recent right-wing “pro-Trump” events in Seattle and Berkeley, CA, that were met with violent shows of force from left-wing antifascists. It soon emerged that Christian had attended a previous Patriots Prayer-sponsored “Free Speech” rally, blurting racial epithets and carrying a baseball bat that was confiscated by police. After giving Nazi salutes and shouting “Hail Vinland! , he eventually was ejected from the event by organizers. Leave this country if you hate our freedoms. You call it terrorism. Many local citizens, the mayor most notably, feared that given the simmering anger over the killings, another right-wing provocation in the form of an alt-right “free speech” rally might unleash more civic violence. Certainly, the crowd that gathered to protest their presence had no hesitation in laying the killings at the alt-right’s feet. “You Have Blood On Your Hands,” read one banner. The labor activists chanted: “Fascist murderers! An African-American woman gives the alt-righters a piece of her mind The interactions between the two sides were angry and inflamed.

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Kuitenkin, parin paivan jalkeen selvisi, etta hanen tyoviisuminsa umpeutuu taman kuun lopulla (ensi viikon jalkeen), joten esitteen taitto pitaisi tehda etana. Ahjon nayttelyaikoja on viela vapaana - hakuaikaa on viela ensi viikko. En ole enaa niin huolissani, etteiko nayttelyajat tayttyisi talle vuodelle - kenties pari suurimman Sysi-salin varausta aivan loppuvuodesta jaa roikkumaan niin, ettei niita (ehdi saada esitteeseenkaan ja) varata viela helmikuun alkuun mennessa, mutta ehka myohemmin, kevaan, kesan ja syksyn mittaan. Kahdesta pienimmasta salista joku aika saattaa jaada varaamatta myos. Asia on selvempi ensi viikon jalkeen. 13. . 016 Tanaan illalla Harhan tilinpaatoksen papereiden valmistelua tilintarkastajallemme klo 20-23. Tama olisi ollut oikeastaan rahastonhoitajan homma. Jatkanko itse rahastonhoitajana (nyt kun olen asiat sisaistanyt), ellen puheenjohtajan tai varapj. na? Saa nahda, sen mukaan mennaan (Harhassa), kuinka innokkaita loytyy vuosikokouksessa. Eilen apurahojen tekoa Ahjolla n. klo 11. 0-16. Ahjon kesanayttelyyn kaupungille ja Kulttuurirahastoon, Harhan Taidetta 24h -tapahtumaan, seka tyotila-avustuksen liitteita. Kevyesti eniten aikaa meni Ahjon hakemusten tekemiseen.

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