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Find Rob's, Our Strange Skies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Rob's personal Twitter Join the Our Strange Skies Facebook group, In Grey We Trust Love and Saucers by filmmaker Brad Abrahams Patient Seventeen Behold a Pale Horse Roger Leir Lonnie Zamora Incident Dave Gibson's Living With Sasquatch: A Primer Catch Dave and Pam Gibson on their iTF Episode 16: Eaters of the Trees Astonishing Legends You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube. Find out more about what's behind some of the most famous and infamous stories, circulating in our world. His book, ' The Darkness Rises: Real Life Accounts of the Supernatural ' is a collection of stories from James and six other contributors. Find The Darkness Rises on Amazon Or. et a signed copy like I did. Check out James' Sci-Fi work: ' Custom Chaos ' The Darkness Rises on Facebook: Main FB Page Interactive Group A huge thanks to those who called in for Jc Johnson's tribute. He was a truly wonderful person, who will be greatly missed. Find out more about truly terrifying and mystical locations, all around the world. Featured image by Arbebuk via his DeviantArt page. We will be doing this round table discussion at the end of every month. So, consider joining iNSIDER and be part of the conversation. Brennan Storr of The Ghost Story Guys Clint Granberry of OK Talk Jenn and Vance of The Caravan of Lore Chris Holm of Conspire a Theory Links: The Existence of Strange Things Dogman Encounters Radio Stoke FM Tom Devlin's Monster Museum You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube. He has encountered disappearing apparitions, seances and Ouija sessions gone awry, dopplegangers, phantom footsteps and animals, and even a spirit who didn't like being questioned about it's motives. His daughter Cheyenne, also joins in to tell of her own creepy and sometimes, very scary experiences. Peel Art Gallery (former courthouse and jail) Double Bar Ranch Psychomanteum Digital Dowsing Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum Robert the Doll You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube. This is a multi-topic chat on all things strange, had with my iNSIDERS on New Years Eve. Only a portion of the epic, 4. hour chat the iNSIDERS had on the eve of the turn to 2018. This is a research venture which will cover history, archaeology, science, culture, philosophy and mythology.

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Bored with Cersei, but loving Margaery and her scheming (I hope she is scheming). Overall, more low key episode but more emotionally satisfying. When I saw it hanging above the mantle, I knew Sam would (and should) take it. Heartsbane was a show piece that I doubt Lord Randyll could have wielded. Actually, I still don’t know why this episode was called “blood of my blood”. Sure, we had the family reunion with Bran and Benjen, which for me was the highlight of this episode. Especially since the expression “blood of my blood” is something you would rather connect to the Dothraki and Danys storyline, which, however, did get almost no screen time except this rather pointless speech at the end that did not really introduce any new or exciting aspect to Danys story. Plus, the speech did not have any connection to the meaning of the words “blood of my blood”. Do we have to assume that Benjen is some kind of “instrument” of the children or the 3-eyed raven. Or is it good old Benjen, who just came back from death. Like, when Jon and Benjen meet its like “Hey Jon, its me, your uncle Benjen. She didn’t get the oyster cart and dress until later. That has got to be a foreshadow for some epic housecleaning at Last Hearth. I still think Smalljon is a genuine turncoat, but that doesn’t mean the rest of his family isn’t still loyal to the Starks. Sometimes things are best left a mystery, which does not necessarily mean a plot hole. I’m guessing the accepted Ned Stark version of this scene is not what really happened. Perhaps another Tower of Joy moment where we find out Ned is not so perfect and History has been distorted. And no deaths, except the few in the vision, as pointed above (the Wights don’t count). The only ones I remember wielding greatswords were the fabulous Clegane brothers (the pit fighter in Meereen doesn’t count).

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Q Men of the Year Awards? is the executive producer for the third year. Bruce Gowers (? he American Music Awards? is directing the special. The festival will run through November 12. The AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi, which runs November 1 through the 12th, kicked-off its Opening Night with a star-studded black-tie big Premiere at the Graumann? Chinese Mann Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Macy, Freddy Rodriguez, Christian Slater, Jacob Vargas, and Emilio Esteves (who is also the writer and director of the film), among others. AFI FEST spans 10 days each November, featuring international films from emerging filmmakers, the latest work from great film masters and nightly red carpet gala premieres. With its timing at the beginning of the awards season and its setting in the film capital of the world, the Festival's programs and partnerships all serve to position AFI FEST as one of the most influential film festivals in North America. The AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi is taking place at the ArcLight Cinemas, the Grauman? Chinese Mann Theatre, and the Cinerama Dome (corner Sunset Blvd. On the night the oil installation was bombed, Patrick was suspected of having given access to the outlawed African national Congress. Although, he loves his wife Precious (played by actress Bonnie Henna) and two daughters dearly, he had to seal his whereabouts after he left his soccer team where he was a soccer coach. Because of this, he was detained at an anti-terrorist interrogation center and was grilled by Security Branch Coronel Nic Vos (Tim Robbins) at the time the bomb exploded. It so happen that, that night he had to visit his son from a former fling. He does not want his wife to know about visiting his former family. But when his wife was arrested and tortured, Patrick crossed the line of becoming a rebel.

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There are tons of bonus features on the the characters and the film. The superb bonus features include a fun shake-your-cotton-tail dance along and a peek into how the film was made. Trailer. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON Legacy) the screenplay was written by Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer, based on the GQ article “No Exit” by Sean Flynn. It’s a story that needs to be told and a world that should be seen on a big screen. . Stephanie is joined by Emily’s husband Sean (Henry Golding) in this stylish thriller filled with twists and betrayals, secrets and revelations, love and loyalty, murder and revenge. But when a home break-in turns deadly, a family must turn to blackmail, revenge, and betrayal in order to survive. Suddenly alone, save for her family, confidante and priest, the First Lady faced a remarkable series of challenges as a wife, a mother and a reluctant part of the political machine: consoling her young children, planning her husband’s funeral, preparing for the next President to rapidly move into the White House and most remarkably, fighting to maintain control over how history would forever define her husband’s legacy. Chilean director Pablo Larrain draws an Oscar worthy performance from Natalie Portman. She begins a passionate affair with the painter (Dane DeHaan), a struggling young artist. With the nation bowed down by war, the British ministry turns to propaganda films to boost morale at home. Realizing their films could use “a woman’s touch,” the ministry hires Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) as a scriptwriter in charge of writing the female dialogue. Catrin’s natural flair quickly gets her noticed by cynical, witty lead scriptwriter Buckley (Sam Claflin). Catrin and Buckley set out to make an epic feature film based on the Dunkirk rescue starring the gloriously vain, former matinee idol Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy).

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Originally a Duncney Oneshot sorry I'm not too good on summaries but I hope you still read though. Psychiatric intern Dr. Harleen Quinzel volunteered for a therapy session with the Joker and got in deeper than she bargained for. A Suicide Squad fan fiction, set pre-movie, and semi AU to the movie, and comics. Megamind would have to care about her for her flirting to matter, wouldn't he. She has everything she could ever want in a husband, family, career and friends. But when a white faced man she can't unsee haunts her dreams. and then manifests itself in her life, she battles her descent into madness. Sometimes your own mind is the worst horror you could ever imagine. I'm toying with this idea still. eviews are encouraged and always welcome. She'd never dreamed of giving up her promising career for a man. She has admired him for some time, but now she is meeting him in the flesh. Join me on this journey as the good doctor ascends into Harley Quinn by her smart, sexy Mistah J. The best way he knows how is to make her kiss his ring. Harley Quin. Previously, Harleen Quinzel, a doctor at the Asylum, is just as, if not more, crazy than the Joker, previous patient. She confronts one of her closest friends who also happens to hate her man. Loneliness comes in many forms.

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Lal Singh was the chief guest on the occasion and Worthy Deputy Commissioner Kathua Romesh Kumar, C. . Roshan Jaggi and Chairman Pollution Board Kesar were the Guests of Honour. The event began with bouquet presentation to all the dignitaries. President Private Schools Association, Kathua Gandharab Singh Katal delivered the welcome address and expressed his gratitude to all the dignitaries present there. More than 15 students from various schools of Kathua Dsitrict participated in the event. Students spoke about various aspects of Governance and highlighted the achievements made by former PM Atal Behari Vajpaye as a great leader of the nation. They also spoke about the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is carrying forward the initiatives taken by the former Prime Minister and giving best ever governance to the nation. They also highlighted the problems being faced by the private schools at present. Deputy Commissioner Kathua said that the theme of the present dispensation is the citizen first and country is taking new heights in terms of development and growth. Chief Guest Ch. Lal Singh appreciated the initiative of Private Schools Association for organising such an event. He called upon the students to fix a target in life and work accordingly. While speaking he became nostalgic and shared his personal experiences with the students present. He focused on support from all sectors of the society to lead to good governance. He assured the PSA of all sort of help and called upon them to work unitely and build the student socially relevant and culturally healthy to make the country great and strong. Proceedings of the event were carried out by Mahi Pal Sharma and Miss. Geetanjli Sharma. Prominent among those who were present included Ravi Shankar Raina, Biwakar Singh, Satpal Badyal, Raghubir Singh, Sardar Khan, Ravinder Singh, Malhar Singh, Yog Raj Sharma, Jasbir Singh and Ramesh Gupta.

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1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 32 New study shows how cells can be led down non-cancer path As cells with a propensity for cancer break down food for energy, they reach a fork in the road: they can either continue energy production as healthy cells, or shift to the energy production profile of cancer cells. In a new study, researchers map out the molecular events that direct cells' energy metabolism down the cancerous path. Their findings could lead to ways to interrupt the process. 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 19 Moment of impact: A journey into the Chicxulub Crater When the Chicxulub asteroid slammed into Earth about 66 million years ago, it obliterated 80 percent of Earth's species, blasted out a crater 200 kilometers across, and signaled an abrupt end to the Cretaceous Period. Testing drugs to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's dementia and using them in the clinic will mean identifying and informing adults who have a higher risk of Alzheimer's but are still cognitively normal. A new study has shed light on how seniors cope with such information. 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 15 Exploring disease predisposition to deliver personalized medicine Exploring the links between diseases and tissue-specific gene activity, geneticists have been able to build a model that constitutes a first step towards the identification of specific sequences in the non-coding genome signalling their pathogenicity in the context of a specific disease. Mr. Weinstein has a different recollection of the events. ’ That was Harvey Weinstein’s spokesperson, Sallie Hofmeister, offering a statement to The Atlantic in response to Marling’s essay that shares her experience—an invitation to shower, an offer of a massage, in a form now eerily familiar—of a 2014 encounter with Weinstein. Jessica Wing was a healthy Stanford University student when she was paid to donate eggs on three separate occasions—funds which she allocated toward her student debt. Less than ten years later, she died of colon cancer. While it's normal for adult teeth to show up at very different times, should we expect the same good oral health conditions for all children at all times? 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 7 Study links mutations in notch gene to role in B cell cancers In B cell tumors, mutated overactive versions of the Notch protein directly drive the expression of the Myc gene and many other genes that participate in B cell signaling pathways, researchers have found. Myc is a critical gene in governing cell proliferation and survival. 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 10 Antimicrobial gel could improve root canal results The results of root canal treatments could improve because of an antimicrobial gel recently discovered and developed. According to Pew Research center, in 2013, about six out of 10 Americans searched for health information online in the past year. The directorial feature debut of Dean Devlin, who produced Stargate, Godzilla, and the Independence Day movies, Geostorm is a film that really wants to be Independence Day by showing destruction on a global scale with iconic heroes saving the day. Since there's no 'established in' plaque stuck in a cliff somewhere, geologists deduced the age of the Earth thanks to a handful of radioactive elements.