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And by the way, if she hadn’t gone to Winterfell, we wouldn’t have that jumping from the castle scene, which really fit well with sansas arc at that time. Also, The whole sheanigans in The Vale seemed pushed in in the books. That whole scene, where Littlefinger gives this loooong speach on just why Harry The Heir is the heir felt very deu-ex-machina. Martin tends to use that a lot in the last two books (maybe he planned it all along, but they dont feel like it), and the show wisely avoids them for the most part. I mean, it’d be somewhat dubious as a conclusion to the learning-to-be-an-assassin arc if she assassinates the wrong person. It must have the same protection as the tree cave did. I could see the Night King doing whatever that crazy ice-earthquake Magic he pulled off at the cave but only on a much grander scale at the wall. Maybe someone takes him on the other side against his will. As several have pointed out, what would that really do. But maybe the magic of the wall only works as long as the men of the watch defend it. As soon as it is abandoned, whatever magic was put into it no longer applies and so the white walkers can just destroy it. Every episode has been excellent so far this year. The pics are meant to spike our interest by intriguing us. Otherwise there is absolutely no point in releasing them. I came away from the Kingsmoot scene feeling like Euron and Dany deserve each other. It was intriguing to me, because we haven’t seen the Children in a while and yet it did not give anything major away about the plot.

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The division promotes and achieves compliance with labor standards to protect and enhance the welfare of Maines workforce. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request. Seasonally Adjusted Statewide Estimates Household Survey Estimates: The preliminary seasonally adjusted unemployment rate estimate of 3. percent for February is little changed from 3. percent in each of the last six months and from 3. percent one year ago. The number of unemployed increased 1,900 over the year to 24,100. Maine's unemployment rate has been below 4. percent for 38 consecutive months, the longest period on record. The U. . preliminary unemployment rate of 3. percent for February was down slightly from 4. percent for January and 4. percent one year ago. The New England unemployment rate estimate for February was 3.

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George obviously feels no compunction to finish ASOFAI for the aforementioned reasons in my previous post. However, if he chooses not to finish the story, he will forever be known as someone who didn't care about providing closure to his readers. Enjoying life rather than labour on finishing what is a hard story to complete. However the journey will undoubtedly be different for readers. Respect for the people who made you wealthy and famous and look forward to closure for the emotional investment they have put into reading the books. GRRM is not one who sets up scenarios and revenge arcs without payoff, his whole series is entwined with it. Without closure on these scenarios and characters, he does a disservice to his work and to his fans. Readers will be all up in arms, but at least he has given proper emotional closure to the characters he has created for his readers and viewers alike. The first time we see Daenerys, getting ready to meet Kahl Drogo, her maid is pouring a bath. Daenerys gets in, despite the maid saying 'no, it's too hot'. Was Kevin in the Sept when Cersei blew it up with wild fire. He was getting in her way and didn't respect her at the Small Council. Considering Olenna killed Joffrey to begin with Everyone wanted Joffrey dead, no one wanted to live through another mad king's reign so Olenna and a bunch of others got together to ensure Joffrey died and was succeeded by the much more malleable and affable Tommen. Olenna was planing to influence Tommen through Margery to be a kinder king. Of course Cersei didn't like this influence and had other plans. Oh it's a massive dragonfire explosion, and everyone that's anybody except the King was there, let's just get on with business as usual.

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Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press statement released by the party. Brig Gupta further said that Major Gogoi has been rewarded for his continued good performance during his tenure in counter insurgency operations in Kashmir. However, since the award has been given after the alleged incident, it is but natural that performance of the officer under those adverse conditions has also been duly recognized. The entire nation is proud of him and congratulates him on being awarded. rig Gupta said that Major Gogoi displayed initiative, logical thinking, team spirit and tremendous presence of mind in handling that adverse situation as a result of which he managed to save more than a score of precious lives. Coming down heavily upon those who have criticized this award, Brig Gupta said that these individuals have as a single point agenda of arousing anti-army sentiments. According to them the action of Major Gogoi is against the Constitution of India. Brig Gupta questioned them if the act of stone pelting or heckling the jawans while they are performing their duty is permitted by the constitution. Why do they remain mum and do not criticize the acts of stone pelting and throwing of petrol bombs on the security forces. Such people are double faced and are scared of raising their voice against the terrorists and their sympathizers. Umar Fayaz, a local Kashmir young army officer, who was brutally murdered by the terrorists while on leave in his village, rued Brig Gupta A function was organized by the federation of the Ware House Nehru Market at the Chamber office A function was organized by the federation of the Ware House Nehru Market at the chamber Office Jammu to welcome the honourable MLA Sh. The MLA was accompanied by PDD officials Supd. Eng. udhir Gupta. Deepak Gupta,Munish Gupta,Dharampal Gupta,Ashok Gupta,Rahul Gupta and also senior members of the federation Rattan Lal Gupta,Naresh Pradhan,Ashwani Sharma,Balkrishan,Mangal Murti and Kirti. MLC Vikram Randhawa while speaking on the ocassion said that the federation can always look up to him for any service that they may require in the future.

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I tried to avoid movies that had had a Hollywood remake for this feature, in the hopes of giving the readers something they may not have any knowledge of. The Book of Life opened in third place with 17 million (much lower than I had hoped for). The film captures the remarkable efforts of Dr. Glenn Geelhoed, Ajak Abraham, and Francis Gai, three surgeons in an area of South Sudan dealing with violent tribal conflict, each from very different backgrounds, who are using medicine to bring their patients closer to peace. Featured by Pittsburgh Magazine as as the best way to sample films from various cultures, the Reel Q festival continues to be a staple of the Pittsburgh cultural and cinematic experience. Located at the Harris Theater in Pittsburgh’s beloved Cultural District, the festival runs all this week with closing night being Saturday, Oct. 18. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Reel Q organizer and Pittsburgh Lesbian and. Illustration was a tough gig, and artists had to crank out page after page of quality work to make a living. Even for Norem, who was well established by this point, there was no time for sentimentality. It appeared briefly in North America as the PMC-80. It was succeeded in 1981 by the Link 480Z, although the 380Z continued to be produced until 1985. The aloof pose of the young lady on the right reminds me of the young lady in this photo. Not everyone found the new technology thrilling, or even interesting. The description identifies the scene as the “National Space Invaders Championship” of 1981, but that event, probably the most famous video game tournament in history, took place in late 1980, and it was exclusive to the U. .