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She will slowly become known as the Mad Queen and killed off in the last season, by either Tyrion or Jon hopefully. Whilst i was being mostly facetious, I wasn't even talking about the upcoming episode, but my hopes for the final season. I am aware of the supposed leaks of what will happen in the last episode of S7. About what power and arrogance you are talking after episode 6. Btw from 4th book and season 5 it is clear that Mad queen is Cersei. The Dothraki want her to be strong and wild. She is. She wants her throne back so she has to fight for it. How far do they think she gets by acting all friendly and stuff. And you can't do that by being friendly and calm and just chilling in your castle. He is a holy God that can't say stupid shit and is always right. Seems to me that Dany knows how to put the needs of others ahead of her own wants, she stayed in Maureen for as long as she did because she wanted to make sure the people she freed stayed free again putting the needs of others ahead of her own wants she doesn't sound like an evil person to me. As far as saying the Lannister army didn't deserve it, why not say the high garden army didn't deserve what the Lannister army did to them and remember whay Tyrion did to Stannis fleet using wildfire and thousands died then but funny nobody is saying how Stannis fleet didn't deserve it.

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Blake's 7 - The Full Cast Audios: Fortuitas is now available for pre-order on CD or Download. This November has been a busy one for Blake's 7 fans - check out our releases Blake's 7 - Criminal Intent, Blake's 7 - Scimitar and Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 for trailers, previews, Subscriptions, or to order. And here's a article from the Big Finish Vortex Magazine. STANDARD BY 2 Cavan Scott teleports onto the Liberator, and tells Kenny Smith about the new season of Blake’s 7 adventures. After the critical success of the first season of Blake’s 7 plays, it hasn’t take long for a second series of adventures onboard the Liberator to arrive. The first run of episodes slotted neatly into series B, during the search for Star One, and there’s a search involved in the new series, which begins this month. Succeeding David Richardson as producer on the series is Cavan Scott, who says: “We’ve pushed it into series C. There’s a theory among fans that the third season takes place over a really long period of time, possibly a few years, as it starts with the Federation in tatters, and by the end it’s been rebuilt and is strong again. We’ve also continued our ongoing story of Del Grant joining the team, which we’ve been planning for a while. It’s all moving forward. “This time, we’ve got Steven Pacey joining us. I started watching Blake’s 7 during series C, so Tarrant and Dayna, and the crew that survived the Galactic War were Blake’s 7 for me. It’s a bit of a thrill, and it’s just worked out that I’ve taken over producing these plays when the first team I watched are the ones I’m working with.

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Dynamo, or Steven Frame as he is known to his mum, has transported himself into the cool spot (though his increasing trend of hanging out with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Dizzy Rascal may blow that. According to his publicity he first got into street magic during a family holiday to New Orleans when he was a kid. Back in Bradford he practised and practised until he became a name on the Yorkshire club circuit, mixing his card tricks with a little breakdancing. In 2000 he won the Bradford Magic Circle championships and then,two years later, the Northern Magic Circle Award. By the time he could force a coin through the bottom of a beer bottle, twist the label around and then reveal that the glass had also been twisted he was number four at the International Magic Convention. Now he can, literally, walk on water and repeatedly gets his own television specials. According to them there was an unwritten code that there were no camera tricks and no deceptive editing. It was a rule rigorously adhered to by such stalwarts as David Nixon, Paul Daniels, Tommy Cooper and Sooty. But then people like David Copperfield began to push that rule to the limits, insisting on carefully controlled camera angles. (His illusions are not what they seem and neither, allegedly, are the audiences. But it was Blaine who really crossed the line. His first tv special lasted an hour, but required over 100 hours of filming. It made repeated use of editing tricks and special effects.