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Lo straconsiglio a tutti, intrattiene, spaventa e disgusta il giusto, l'esempio perfetto di come fare gran cinema con poco budget. Tra i francesi consiglio anche Haute tension, A l'interieur, Calvaire; tra gli inglesi Eden Lake, Berberian Sound Studio, A Field in Enegland; tra gli americani The Mist, Trick or Treat, Le colline hanno gli occhi. Quelli che mi sono piaciuti piu tra quelli elencati: rec, drag me to hell, 28 giorni dopo, martyrs, kill list, the conjuring, tusk, the witch. Sopravvalutati, seppure validi: the descent, frontiers, wolf creek, babadook, crimson peak, sinister. Pessimi trai pessimi: van helsing, esp, ouija, the gallows, dylan dog, troppo stupidi per essere veri. Frusciante molto attivo in questo periodo con consigli imperdibili frusciante in oriente e monografia, spero continui cosi che vai forte e spacchi. E' girato in Giappone,diretto sempre da Shizimu,con ben poco di americano (Sarah e poco altro),prodotto da Raimi. Ardo dalla voglia di vederlo, pensavo fosse gia uscito. Pero l'atmosfera che trasmette tutto il film imho e molto bella. Inoltre e stato scelto personalmente da sacha baron cohen. Occhio che ti linciano:afraid::asd: Comunque visto anch'io in inglese. Non so perche ma mi aspettavo piu sfotto agli 'mmerecani, invece sono solo gag e battute piu o meno stupide:asd: E come dice Gelso a volte fanno ridere, altre volte meno, altre volte per niente. Non saprei, comunque noleggiati il dvd oppure fattelo prestare. Per tutto il resto, lo ribadisco, BWP e una cagata pazzesca. Visto in italiano e sinceramente e stata una cagata pazzesca. Magari alcune battute perdono ma le risate te le fai ugualmente. Sono\siamo OT:asd:;) deduco che tu non abbia mai sentito soya in originale. Addirittura nei Simpson lo stesso Matt Groening ha piu volte detto di preferire il doppiaggio italiano a quello originale:cool. What? Therewolves.

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It's the hound for god sakes. So happy. And he looks angry again. This season has been awesome and the last three episodes are going to have all sorts of goodness. Something's definitely up, Arya is not that stupid (and if so what has all the training been for? . She wanted Arya to know that she was the one to kill her. It's way too far fetched but it would be awesome to see. Needed to know a bit about how he was rescued and where he's been. Hopefully he is back long enough to flap some shiz up. You do not have to repeat the same old shtick after EVERY SINGLE FLAPPING EPISODE. Well guess what, some of us actually find her storyline interesting and captivating. Tyrion's storyline has been in constant stalemate all season, Bran's was boring as batshit until Benjen turned up. Maybe if we chucked in some extra boobs and a few lame CGI fights would that make you happy. Worst of all is we're now 1. seasons in and it's still rubbish. Nothing happened except for her getting beaten up and being asked 'who are you' over and over again. It's a shame Arya didn't kill off the waife this episode so we wouldn't have to deal with the faceless cult again. But no, it'll drag out for another episode or more. Benjen Stark was a nobody in season 1, and I don't know why people are so excited about him all of a sudden.

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Later, during a reading lesson with Shireen, Davos is suddenly struck with inspiration and asks her to compose a letter to the Iron Bank of Braavos for him. When the Free Folk, including the Thenns, raid a small northern village, they spare the life of one young boy, Olly (Brenock O’Connor), and send him to Castle Black to tell the Night’s Watch what they’ve done. However, when Grenn and Dolorous Edd return and break the news of the mutiny at Craster’s Keep, Jon argues that they must send a party to take out their traitorous brothers before Mance Rayder can reach them and learn the truth of the Night’s Watch’s dwindling numbers. She selects Daario Naharis (now played by Michiel Huisman) and he easily takes out his opponent. Daenerys speaks to the slaves watching from behind Meereen’s walls and promises to free them before catapulting the broken slave collars that she collected in Astapor and Yunkai into the city as a message to the masters. Grey Worm’s team successfully arms the slaves and inciting an uprising, and Dany takes over. Despite Ser Barristan’s advice to answer the injustice of the masters with mercy, she then orders the Unsullied to crucify 163 of the remaining masters as retribution for the 163 slave children who were crucified on the road to Meereen. She also strongly implies that she was involved in Joffrey’s murder when she tells Margaery that she would never have actually let her marry someone like him. Later, with her grandmother on the road back to Highgarden, Margaery pays Tommen a visit to begin getting acquainted with him. When Jaime does go to see his little brother, Tyrion convinces him that he had nothing to do with Joffrey’s murder and says that he doesn’t believe Sansa was involved either. Tyrion also tells Jaime that he’s aware that Cersei will stop at nothing to have him convicted and killed. Jaime then goes to see Cersei, who makes it clear that she doesn’t approve of his recent change of heart. With his promise to Catelyn Stark still weighing on him, Jaime charges Brienne with finding Sansa and keeping her safe from anyone who would hand her over to Cersei. He gifts her with a new suit of armor and the Valyrian steel sword that was given to him by Tywin, which Brienne befittingly dubs “Oathkeeper. As a favor to Tyrion, Jaime also enlists Podrick to go with Brienne as her new squire in order to keep him out of harm’s way. He then explains that while the Lannisters have helped him move up in the world, Joffrey’s death was something that his “new friends” — a. . . the Tyrells — wanted very much. Janos Slynt suggests to Ser Alliser that he should allow Jon to go after the mutineers at Craster’s Keep in hopes that Jon will get himself killed.

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Do a bit of housekeeping when you have a little free time on your hands. Remove the cancerous liars from your channel, they are the last type of imbeciles you need. Sanders57 7 aylar once You flat earthers and globe earthers are equally crazy, the house is burning and you people discuss complete and utter bullshit, what does it matter if the planet is round or flat, the people stay equally crazy ffs, what a freaking waste of time. We don't like spam, or flat earth believing morons. I see The World You should watch Conspiracy Catz new video. Gary Little 7 aylar once Kevin, I have wondered that myself, and have finally come to the conclusion that their solutions is to replace gravity with the Quark fart. Obvioulsy, the Down particles says which way to go, and can be verified in that quarks alway fart up. Once the Up particle farts, pushing everything Down, it contains a vacuum. Since Nature abhors a vacuum, the Up is immediately filled with another fart. Therefore, if gravity does not work for you, simply replace gravity with Q(f) in all applicable equations. Hmm, I think I better be quiet. AS. I see The World 7 aylar once Blue Ouija I got a Meade etx 80. ? ? But it’s a telescope. Please try again later. T 3. out of 5 stars People watch horror movies because they like horror movies. I don't know why all of these people gave bad reviews based on acting and script.

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Prior to slugging it out in the trenches of film distribution Lindsey did a brief stint in feature film development and production, and a long stint on the Fringe Theatre Festival circuit, producing and performing sketch comedy with an all-female troupe. Jacob Knight is a Texas-based film critic, member of the Austin Film Critics Association, and General Manager of Vulcan Video, one of the world’s last great rental archives. His soul is primarily fueled by breakfast tacos and rewatches of MIAMI VICE. If you’ve seen (and naturally loved) THE ASTROLOGER, you’re automatically his best friend. She is a Programming Associate and Documentary Conference Programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she scouts international documentaries as well as fiction films from Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Dorota also works at Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, where she produces The Hot Docs Forum, a pitching event aimed at garnering financing and co-productions for international documentaries. She holds an M. in Political Science and Gender Studies from McGill University and was previously at The National Film Board of Canada and the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers. Katie Rife is news editor of The A. . Club and a regular contributor to its film section, where she specializes in genre film. She is a programmer at Chicago's Cinepocalypse festival, a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association, and a former contributor to Daily Grindhouse. She's not sure if ghosts are real, but is afraid to play with Ouija boards just the same. Priscilla's Hollywood career began as a producer’s assistant, where she performed valuable tasks like feeding goldfish to pet piranhas. Despite her macabre beginnings, she quickly learned the basics of distribution and became an international sales agent, a position that she has held for the past 10 years. For almost half that time, she has worked for Archstone Distribution and its genre label, Tombstone, as the President of Worldwide Sales. She has sold cult horror favorites like The Human Centipede franchise and Sundance and Fantasia FF’s Excision. She has also handled films with writers, directors and producers from the Halloween and The Final Destination franchises, and talent such as Jim Carrey, Chris Pratt, Jason Momoa, Mila Kunis, and Channing Tatum. Priscilla obtained her B. .