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One of my favourites in that genre though is Cliffhanger. I thought the celebrated scene in it was just a gimmick. It's a great 90's flick that probably should've been better considering the talent behind it, but it's still really enjoyable, written by Shane Black and directed by Tony Scott. I remember a whole bunch of silly decisions and unnecessary pain and suffering for the benefit of plot advancement. Recommend to everyone, not sure why it's critically panned so much. Introduced me to the great Kim Coates, loved his sleazy character. Nothing really stood out to be as especially unbelievable. The young girl acted well, but she has a foul mouth. The character Milo was so creepy, he loved himself. That actor who plays the senator always seems to play a douche. I liked it a bit better than Star Trek Into Darkness but the villain wasn't that great. They also didn't reveal the villain's motives or his real identity until the movie was almost over which I felt was too late. Jaylah was an interesting character but I felt like they could've done more with her.

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After waiting 6 seasons for Dany to get to Westeros, now everything needs to be done with in a season ready for the final war. I do wonder how GRR will manage it all in the books. That's where Cersei's story is going to play into things i think, the people are going to rebel against her and there will be coup d'etat and democracy will come to Kings Landing. Even if they rebel against her (which I could see if things got dire enough with people starving, etc), I think they'd be looking for someone else to take over as monarch. The whole Sparrow thing was a popular movement by the lower social classes to hold the ruling classes accountable and set up a new power structure. It went through religion because in a world without newspapers or similar, social interaction (such as the kind you find in a church) is the key way through which new ideas spread. The whole thing has more than a little overlap with the crisis of Germany in the 15th and 16th century: Massive peasant revolts, combined with massive theological changes (Martin Luther for example) that threatened the established power structures. Both there and here you got massive persecutions as well as lords trying to integrate the new philosophies to make sure they worked for them. Cersei destroyed them and so far there has been no repercussions. Perhaps that will change later as it's early days yet. Of course that's not to say social change can never happen, but I don't think it's just going to magically happen that Jon will be the ruler because of the popular vote of the people. I don't feel the story has been set up to take us this way. What we mostly have is the lords and ladies and other key power figures (priests, bankers) and roles for a fight against other beings (nightswatch, brotherhood without banners, 3 eyed raven, etc).


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But I guess we should only be interested in this one particular gathering depicted in “Book of the Stranger”. The “combat service support” (non-warriors) depicted on the show could be counted separately. Had the show portrayed the Astapori refugee camp in any realistic way, I doubt many viewers would still support Daenerys’s bid for the Iron Throne. The screen is not the same as the page and should never be treated as such. And I think walking that fine line is truly brilliant. I tend to think Dianna Rigg and Lena Headey may have her beat, but I absolutely adored her in “Me Before You. . I tried to wrap my Daenerys stuff very early in this thread. But certain members’ comments are always very critical towards the show and those comments literally make me uncomfortable. I don’t why it is like that but it’s very different feeling for me, not at all pleasant one. And then those same people get insulted when I mention I feel they’re too negative towards the show. If they enjoy criticising the show, why do they feel insulted when I say they’re putting too much focus on criticism. Intelligent people can see her written in dramatically different ways.

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