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Are the Duggars modern Freys, or is it the other way around. Are the Manderlys really just wielding fancy pitchforks. Cat is filled with regret, while Lysa is filling her face with blackberry kebabs. Tyrion works his charm so hard even Cat is falling for it. We meet Masha Masha Masha, Marillion, stealth Bronn, and some of those damn Freys for the very first time. We come to the startling conclusion that ASoIaF is basically a very, very, very dark John Hughes movie with Littlefinger in the evil Ducky role. Join us as we ask ourselves why DO we read this series. We discuss why people hate Catelyn (she’s willing to go full Cersei on the direwolves) and why people love her (she is so badass), how GRRM packs this chapt. Tune in as Cat and Ned make the hottest room in Winterfell even hotter. He may let it all hang out, but Ned’s not a planner, you guys. Lysa likes the Littlefinger, but does he speak her secret language? And it tu. In Winterfell's godswood, Cat sees the Old Gods everywhere, while her husband sees a chance to get his Nedbert on. Is Cersei pulling a telenovela-inspired fast one on the unwitting Larry. Clowns are coming! What do the latest seasons of Game of Thrones reveal (or not reveal) about Winds of Winter. Anyone want to donate to our Kickstarter campaign to send Kathy Bat.

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Both will be tested, however, by his “friendship” with a brutish ex-boxer (Edoardo Pesce) who bullies the locals and steals from every business owner in the area. Take a wild guess, keeping in mind that the writer-director is Italy’s Matteo Garrone, who made the hellish gangster thriller Gomorrah. Dogman is primal in its simplicity, maybe to a fault; at a certain point, the question becomes not where it’s going but how far it will. What makes the film worth seeing is its lead performance: Fonte, who won the Best Actor prize at Cannes last summer, is gripping as a good man clinging hard and maybe hopelessly to his sense of virtue. Pacino comparisons have been made, and they’re not out of line. Girls Of The Sun Select theaters April 12 “Women, life, liberty! That’s the rallying cry of the eponymous Girls Of The Sun, a hardened platoon of soldiers—all women, all former sex prisoners of ISIS—fighting to wrestle their homeland back from extremists. Eva Husson’s drama, which premiered in competition at least year’s Cannes, follows an eye-patched war journalist (fellow director Emmanuelle Bercot) who embeds herself in the unit. Golshifteh Farahani, from Paterson and About Elly, plays the squad’s headstrong leader. Husson modeled her dirty dozen-or-so on real all-female fighting forces in Kurdistan, which gives her movie an extra charge of righteous power. It needs it, because in many respects, Girls Of A Sun is a bombastic mixture of prestige- and war-movie cliches. If nothing else, though, the action scenes are robustly staged. Long Day’s Journey Into Night Select theaters April 12 Advertisement The young poet-turned-filmmaker Bi Gan made an impressive debut with Kaili Blues, his enigmatic, reality-bending low-budget film about a reformed gangster’s journey through the misty, mountainous Chinese countryside. Now he seems to be doubling down on the ambitions and noir influences of his first feature (and taking a leap in terms of apparent production value and technical sophistication) with Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a 3D movie that tops the earlier film’s creative and dramatic centerpiece—a maddeningly choreographed 41-minute shot—with an even more elaborate long take that takes up more than half of this film’s running time. Though not as warmly received as Kaili Blues, Long Day’s Journey Into Night impressed plenty of critics at last year’s Cannes, cementing Bi (who’s still in his 20s) as a filmmaker to watch. Breakthrough Theaters everywhere April 17 A teenage boy (Marcel Ruiz) falls through the ice on Lake St. Louis, stays under for 15 minutes before getting rescued with no detectable pulse, and somehow makes a full recovery in the latest in a series of medical miracles made into movies and fully credited to God.

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October 10, 1920, New York City; d. October 8, 2000, Hemet, California Movie: The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies (1981) Leeds was a film editor on B Westerns from at least 1948, and edited all five features directed by Jack Webb, including Pete Kelly’s Blues (1952) and The Last Time I Saw Archie (1962). Leeds also directed episodic TV including 77 Sunset Strip, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Adam 12. In Leeds’s one TV movie, Jed Clampett and the brood, sans Granny—replaced by Imogene Coca as another cranky relative—returned for an attempt to solve the energy crisis. However, the “bubblin’ crude” this time offered little comedic energy. TOM LEETCH Movies: The Whiz Kid and the Mystery of Riverton (1974, two parts, Disney), Return of the Big Cat (1974, two parts, Disney), The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper (1976, two parts, Disney) Leetch’s career was in the Disney camp, as a writer, assistant director, second unit director, unit production manager, and producer. He worked on movies directed by Jerry Paris, Norman Tokar, Robert Stevenson, Andrew V. McLaglen, Bernard McEveety, Robert Butler, and Tim Burton (Frankenweenie, 1984). The Whiz Kid movies were Disney standard views of small-town America, featuring Eric Shea, Kim Richards, and Clay O’Brien. Return of the Big Cat was about a ranch family in Northern California discovering that the cougar that supposedly frightened the daughter into a mute is back on the prowl. Jeremy Slate starred with Pat Crowley, David Wayne, Jeff East, and Kim Richards. Leigh’s work on Play for Today anticipated his films about British working-class people, emphasizing character and slice-of-life reality over plot points. Liz Smith starred in Hard Labour as Mrs. Thornley, whose seemingly quiet life includes keeping house for her family, cleaning other people’s homes, and a dutiful conjugal liaison with her husband every Saturday night. This minor classic of British TV concluded with Mrs. Thornley’s visit to a Catholic confessional. Bernard Hill, Alison Steadman, and Ben Kingsley co-starred.

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“We thought she would outgrow all this but her esprit, her wild side, only got more worrisome at adolescence. . Nikki knew this was taking a lot of time, but she didn’t try to stem their oral history. It seemed important for them to tell her Nicole’s story-especially considering their loss. But their narrative also gave Nikki what she wanted-not just the obvious rewarding of her attempt to dig for background to help her homicide investigation, but the opportunity to go to the places she had never gone before to learn about her mother and her world. The ceremony of sharing this moment with the family of her mom’s best friend gave her a feeling of completeness about herself she hadn’t expected; a sense of personal connection to things she had long avoided. If Lon King didn’t reinstate her after this, that shrink could bite it. So full of purpose, so duty-bound to her work, rarely giving herself permission to simply have fun. She paused. “I can see this makes you a little uncomfortable, but don’t be. We are talking about your mother, after all, not you. . Something big. Maybe Nikki’s mother didn’t quit the piano, but she seemed to quit the dream. She had career opportunities back in the States and she didn’t bother to go back to see them through. I just wonder, what took such a serious young woman off course? .


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