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It could open up opportunities for getting more patients on buprenorphine. €ť. Approval for Indivior’s drug was anticipated after an advisory panel voted 18 to 1 to recommend it in October. A decision on a similar medication made by Braeburn Pharmaceuticals is expected early next year. The results of the studies found that patients who were treated with Sublocade had “more weeks without positive urine tests or self-reports of opioid use” than those who administered a placebo. The agency noted the most common side effects of Sublocade included constipation, nausea, and vomiting. If approved, Braeburn’s long-acting product, CAM 2038, would be available as either a weekly or a monthly shot, and would not require these stabilizing doses of daily buprenorphine. The approval of long-acting buprenorphine could diminish one of the biggest competitive advantages held by Vivitrol, which was approved in 2010 to treat opioid use disorder. Some experts believe long-acting buprenorphine could dramatically influence addiction treatment across the country. In recent years judges, wardens, and health officials have warmed up to Vivitrol, citing fears that daily tablets of buprenorphine can be diverted or abused. She said that providers need more training to overcome the current lack of education in treating opioid use disorder. The more options the better, so we can match treatment to patients’ needs. €ť. The treatment is good, but he told me that he he prefers a prescribed injection rather than tape. I hope the new injection if Suboxone will come down price wise.

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That gives her 62 goals on the year and 152 for her career. Woodside made a game of it by closing to within 6-5 in the third quarter, but Palo Alto tightened its defense and went on a 6-0 run to dampen the Wildcats upset hopes. In addition to van Hulsen, Paly got key contributions from Gigi Rojahn, Alina Drebin and Katie Francis with two goals apiece. Freshman Sabrina Hall and cocaptain Olivia Scola each sparked the Paly offense with single goals. Menlo-Atherton, meanwhile, got six goals and 10 steals from freshman Nadia Paquin in the Bears easy win over Lynbrook. She now has 57 goals, 55 steals and 18 assists this season. M-A s Kiera Shepard added three goals with Olivia Jackson and Christine Guenin adding once each, while goalie Francesca Gilles came up with seven saves. This was an instant classic, and it encapsulated our formula for success: disciplined defense, brilliant goal play, clutch offense, and poise, said Gunn coach Mark Hernandez. Close tough games against good teams are nothing new to this group, so it was no surprise that the team didn t panic when we trailed at half (2-1). We can t always predict what s going to happen, but the players trust each other, and have faith that we ll figure it out. In the last four championship games, this was by far the toughest test, and we played our best when it mattered most. Gunn improved to 20-6 and earned the No. 2 seed for the CCS Division I playoffs. This is a huge win for our program, said Hernandez. We graduated five of seven starters from last year s league champs and CCS finalist, including the incredible and inimitable Caroline Anderson.

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The Love War was a scifi exercise with aliens camouflaged among Earthlings for Angie Dickinson and Lloyd Bridges to detect. Run, Simon, Run stars Burt Reynolds as a Native American attempting to solve his brother’s murder. Love Hate Love pits Ryan O’Neal and Lesley Ann Warren against her psychotic old flame. The Face of Fear provides a manhunt throughout San Francisco for the hit man who a distraught cancer victim (Elizabeth Ashley) hired anonymously to kill her. McCowan launched William Conrad on his series Cannon as a private eye, hired to find his ex-girlfriend’s hubby in New Mexico. If Tomorrow Comes concerns the secret marriage of a white girl and a Japanese American boy on December 7, 1941, and the problems that ensue after his internment during World War II. Patty Duke and Frank Michael Liu co-starred with Anne Baxter, James Whitmore, Mako, and Beulah Quo. Martin Landau starred in Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol, playing a returned Vietnam War prisoner of war who can’t find a trace of the happy hometown in his escapist memories he used to endure the POW camp. Murder on Flight 502 is explained by the title with the transatlantic flight supplied with an Airport-style M complement of familiar faces: Robert Stack, Hugh O’Brian, Walter Pidgeon, Sonny Bono, Ralph Bellamy, Polly Bergen, Brooke Adams, Farah Fawcett, Fernando Lamas, et al. ANDREW McCULLOUGH Omnibus: King Lear (1953, co-directed with Peter Brook) Orson Welles starred in this early instance of the CBS cultural arts program being used for its entire 90 minutes by one presentation. Peter Brook’s stage version of Shakespeare’s play was blocked for the cameras by McCullough. BRUCE McDONALD b. May 28, 1959, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Movies: Platinum (1997), American Whiskey Bar (1998), The Dark Room (2007), Killer Wave (2007, mini) American Whiskey Bar was originally a novel by Michael Turner about a screenplay he was commissioned to write for a live TV play. Director McDonald was a character in the novel, which was about a mythic great film entitled American Whiskey Bar, which practically no one had ever seen, according to the novel. In fact, it’s unclear whether the film alluded to in the novel was ever shot at all.

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Beginners reading this text will understand quickly what has evolved and be able to take their own position on these issues with intelligence and discernment. The advanced practitioner will find these discussions stimulating and challenging, and will recognize the new light they shed on what we know and believe. I expect this edition will become dog-eared and underlined by many readers in the years to come as mine did in the past. For those who have awaited a definitive, comprehensive text, written by the consistent and even voices of only two authors, the wait is over. John Hartland would burst with pride that his tradition of excellence in patient care has been so well preserved and advanced. Ernest Hilgard, who wrote an earlier foreword, would compliment the authors on their grasp and respect for the science undergirding our work. Each would agree that the art of therapy is the fusion of scientific and clinical knowledge. I congratulate the authors on an extraordinary achievement. Peter B. Bloom, M. . Past President, International Society of Hypnosis; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Swarthmore, PA, USA June 2001 Preface It is 35 years since the first edition of John Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis. In that time, the book has proved immensely popular as an exposition of the principles and methods of clinical hypnosis in medical and dental practice, and as an adjunct to psychological therapy. Thirteen years have elapsed since the appearance of the third and most recent edition, authored by the late Dr David Waxman. Hence, if only for the sake of consistency, the fourth edition is now due.

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Despite the short playing time, the disc is conceptually complete, built up and finalized. First - male - the image of a black magician, embodied in the chrismatic and mysterious personality of Aliester Crowley. However the band leader's passion for folklore, mysticism and other esoteric thing lead them to leaving their rock'n'roll past and starting making more experimental recordings. Epic compositions with hermetic lyrics in Russian are passionately performed in company with real orchestra of various instruments: guitars, violin, flutes, piano, synths, percussion, etc. On their new album they combine traditional songs with abstract electonic tracks. Three lyrical compositions with a characteristic SiBe sound, sharp vocals and thoughtful arrangements, three electronic ambient tracks, plus a lullaby in the end. Beautifully designed glossy 4-panel digipak using drawings by Angela Barrett. Beautiful lo-fi flow of shaggy drawling dronings accompanied by a swarm of hi-frequency modulations with Sister Loolomie's trademark subtly vibrating guitar sounds. Kryptogen Rundfunk has prepared the sonic canvas from radiowaves reworked with a computer, and Sister Loolomie has painted it with toned guitar fingering, sample of cosmic vibraions and melodic synth lines. This resulted into one deliberate ambient noise track lasting for half an hour, in which persistent resonances harmonize with glitchy digital effects, non-aggressive noises - with long spatial drones, repetitive loops and samples - with airy melodies. Recognizable sound of the project received a new vibe: granulated guitar crackling is amplified with harmonic melodic influxes evolving in noise apotheosis. Powerful debut of the Canadian noise project. 'Division One' is harsher and more bombastic than Harlow MacFarlane's now defunct project FUNERARY CALL. A true onslaught of Black Ambient, Power Noise and Death Industrial. Only in the North.

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Sat Sharma kickstarts and inaugurates various developmental works at Shakti Nagar and Krishna Nagar Continuing the developmental agenda of present coalition government, State President BJP and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated some newly constructed lanes and drains at Shakti Nagar (Ward 29) and Krishna Nagar (Ward 12) area and also started works for some new lanes in the areas covered under the works of JMC (Jammu Municipal Corporation). He made these remarks while addressing the conference of Power Ministers at Badodra, Gujarat today. Disclosing that Jammu and Kashmir has constituted State Energy Commission Fund for carrying out its energy conservation activities, Dr Singh lauded the support being extended by the Union Power Minister to the State for implementation of various programmes and schemes related to electricity. He said: “the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir is directly dependent on the electricity, based on power generation, transmission and distribution. Our objective is to revise all ageold royalty agreements, particularly free-power component and transfer of hydro power projects on mutually agreeable items’’. However, he said, huge resources, technical expertise, congenial environment and faster clearance from various regulatory agencies like Central Electricity Authority, Central Water Commission, Geological Survey of India, Indus Water Commission and Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate change are required. “These clearances are required to be made time bound through single window clearance at the Central Government level,’’ he said. Nirmal Singh called upon the Union Power Ministry to create National Hydro Power Fund for preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for tapping hydro potential in a mission mode in Jammu and Kashmir. “All possible steps are being taken by the Power Ministry in the State to create an appropriate governance mechanism for periodic review and monitoring of power projects,’’ the Power Minister said. He assured the conference of Power Ministers that Jammu and Kashmir Government will spare no effort to convert the dream of 24x7 Power For All by 2019, seen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Power Minister Piyush Goyal, into a reality. Source:- Daily Excelsior Fencing to be strengthened in two phases Govt to seal 2300 kms IB with Pak, moots Border Security Grid In a major step aimed at completely sealing 2300 kilometers long International Boundary with Pakistan running across four States of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Ministry of Home Affairs has reportedly given nod to a series of scientific measures-both as short and long term, to strengthen border fencing and plug the gaps. It has also decided to set up the Border Security Grid, which would be in addition to Anti-Infiltration and Anti-Militancy Grids that exist in Jammu and Kashmir. Decisions to this effect were taken in a meeting of four border States, which share International Boundary with Pakistan, held at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan today under the chairmanship of Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Chief Secretary BR Sharma and Director General of Police (DGP) K Rajendra Kumar represented Jammu and Kashmir in the meeting in the absence of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, who holds charge of the Home Department. Sources told the Excelsior that Rajnath Singh chaired two meetings-first with Chief Ministers or their representatives and Home Ministers of four border States and senior officers followed by an exclusive meeting with top brass of BSF, which mans the International Border with Pakistan and senior representatives of the State Governments in which the border security, steps to prevent infiltration, border management and any threat from Pakistan side were discussed in detail.

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This is perhaps because as far as jazz goes, Kind of Blue is both understated and not really all that representative. It is a strangely subdued, low key album in a persistently slow or mid tempo. The solos are deceptively simple throughout, no acrobatics whatsoever. With the solos based on modes rather than scales, it's an impressionist rather than expressionist album, one that creates a persistent mood rather than showing off in terms of virtuosity. It makes sense that Davis picked Bill Evans, one of the most impressionist pianists in jazz, for this date, and that it features Jimmy Cobb, one of the straightest drummers he ever had in his ensemble. Together they recorded one of the most consistent albums in jazz, consistently good, but also not very varied. It takes the album a while and a few listens to catch on; it will probably never excite, but it creates an atmosphere of warmth, of familiarity, of expert low-key craftsmanship. It would be very wrong to judge Miles Davis' work on the strength of this album because as far as his musical evolution goes, this is his most unrepresentative album, sounding like none of his earlier or later works, and yet it's good because it totally captures a certain mood consistently over 42 minutes, without a moment of slack, which is remarkable for an album as slow and thoughtful as this. The 1997 remaster (Columbia CK 64935) provides a very crisp, clear sound. This version also corrects a problem with the master tape, restoring the first three tracks to the correct speed and pitch. This drifts along amiably until somebody decides it's time to kick the rhythm into a higher gear, at which point the track promptly fades away. It was cut around the time of On the Corner and bears some of the hallmarks of that record - unidentifiable and distorted sounds floating around the mix (another Teo touch), the aforementioned bass line - but without the monumental drive that carries that work through. First segment of the song starts with a brief solo by Steve Grossman followed by an energetic Miles solo before Macero begins cutting together and collaging several John McLaughlin solos (available in unedited form on the Jack Johnson box set, if memory serves) with heavy effects drawing attention to the whole process rather than the seamless edits of other albums of the era. Listen and decide for yourself because it's worth hearing for Johnny Mac's raw tone alone. Then the instruments all drop off of the dense groove they'd been working to make way for an overdubbed Miles-meets-Miles duet, which after a couple minutes allows the group to work its way back to the groove they'd just derailed.