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No theatrics, just me and him; the ocean and the sky and the incredible landscape as witnesses. So, much like Georgina and Pong, Dennis and I started something beautiful in Batanes. And no words would ever be enough, no photos sufficient, to replicate the magic of the moment and the place. Because, just like what Pong had declared: Ang Batanes ini-experience, hindi ginogoogle. I know that nine films are not enough and probably I will make another collab post with fellow travel bloggers soon (most of them were busy traveling when I asked them). What about you? Which Pinoy movie inspired you to visit a certain Philippine destination or encouraged you to explore the country. However, it is interesting to note that the last one I’ve seen was Claudine and Aga’s movie about Dubai, and what do you know. A timeshare resale on the secondary market can be rented for up to 50% off retail prices when booked online. Browse timeshares for sale and rent by owner today! She was bitten by that radioactive spider mere moments after Peter was. Established genre filmmakers and newcomers alike delivered some terrifying, deeply unsettling pictures that had us biting our nails, covering our eyes, and losing hours of sleep. It tells of a strange sickness that hits a small town, a sickness that may be connected to a mysterious Japanese man that lives in the mountains. There’s atmosphere to burn in this tense-as-hell outing, which manages to infuse a good bit of humour and drama for good measure. Get to it. Not only was it a surprise financial hit, it was actually a fun, creepy and jump-filled little pic that had us aching for our childhood night lights.

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It should be interpreted in the scientific manner, which implies “things will remain constant” or “keep things simple” which is generally true for TV adaptations. A “conservation of story” outlook when compared to the book basically implies cherry-picking for optimum visual results as the tale moves toward the endgame, leaving many interesting tasty diversions on the weirwood branch. But it’s all good anyway, I’m only here to discuss the series. And when ( if ? TWOW come out you will see that YG didn’t do anything important. I will wait for the moment when this become true, and I hope that then you will be here and you will admit that you were wrong. However, if YG’s invasion is not the focal point of WoW’s story and plots, then what will be. If you’re uncomfortable at that point, it’s on you. If so, then I do wonder: what will they do next year. Who else does everyone think will be on the throne next. He is fighting the battle of ice and then he will need to stop the white walkers. Dany has a journey of self discovery ahead of her and i dont believe she will ever sit on the iron throne, she may however be responsible for kings landing being destroyed as we saw in the show version of the House of the Undying. Now according to the show how do you simplify YG story. You have Barristan talk to dany about the blackfyre rebellion considering he also killed the last of the their line. This is where you can get the entire backstory and exposition which GOT has done many times before succesfully. Then you can have another mention of the blackfyres by another character somewhere down the line.

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My suspicions were confirmed when conservative figures like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. It’s a rather dramatic name for coordinated harassment, usually migrating from one social media site to another. Brigading is like targeting a victim and planning a course of attack—from overwhelming their mentions, flooding a hashtag, to SEO bombing. After Sinders wrote about GamerGate harassment online, a SWAT team was called to her mother’s house—a malevolent kind of “prank” that has resulted in at least one death. hireen Mitchell, founder of the project Stop Online Violence Against Women, had a similar experience during GamerGate. A campaign originating on Reddit targeted a South by Southwest panel on online harassment at which Mitchell was scheduled to speak. It received thousands of “down-votes” when audiences were encouraged to vote on proposed panels at the festival. But that rationale was taken seriously by both media outlets, which wrote up the controversy as if it were a genuine conflict between two sides of equal legitimacy, and by advertisers, which pulled support for media organizations targeted by “Operation Disrespectful Nod”—a GamerGate brigading campaign. GamerGate was essentially a public test of weapons online trolls would use to inflict hell on anyone who they perceived as enemies, with a central focus on journalists. Its tactics have only grown in sophistication in the intervening years. In particular, it was notable for the way it used a consistent, specious narrative—ethics in games journalism—to cover for its ugliest actions. The basis was that only white male gamers are actually good at games. But as with “ethics in games journalism,” the narrative was just a means to deflect attention from the ultimate goal of adding distress to a terrible week for journalists. Multiple right-wing media figures consciously took the bait. One Twitter user posing as a Jew named “Moshey Goldberg” sent me a photo of a pizza with a crude caricature of a Jew on it. It was an experience of being mugged by gaslight.

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Media text is Verbatim DataLifePlus Photo Printable DVD-R. Giving almost better quality than factory made DVD-video discs. Media text is Verbatim Datalife Plus DVD-R 16X Certified, Advanced AZO. I updated firmware to BSOS and no I can nurn it at 8X not 16X. Drive slows down when reading these discs burned with it. I think this media is not really combatible with my DVD-drive. Climbed to 13. x there at the end. 3 burnswith super low pif's. I have played back the dvd videos on my pc and my panasonic f-85 DVD changer. I have burned 30 of these discs so far and not even a stutter in the video. After flashing to BS0S, these DVD-R now burn at 8X. Data verification was successful on the one disc I've burnt so far. This was one of the same disc that aborted as illegal disc with the old firmware. Media text is Verbatin DVD Recordable 4. GB 120min 16X Certified.


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Launching in September and telecast from Washington D. . the show will focus on how policy actions, political decisions and national events impact local communities across the country. Lori Loughlin and her husband Massimo Giannulli have yet to enter a plea. She originally pled not guilty to racketeering charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. The game show is slated to air this summer on ABC. Nominate your colleague for the Cynopsis Top Women in Media Awards and tell us how she is leading and inspiring others. Honorees will be celebrated August 7 at an Awards Breakfast in NYC. Begin (and finish) the quick nomination process today. The network greenlit the original game show from Banijay Studios North America and Executive Producer Ryan Reynolds. The show follows a family of four who must work together throughout five mental and physical challenges with one rule - for example, Don’t slip; Don’t Forget or Don’t Laugh. Ellen DeGeneres is Executive Producer of special Wildlife Warriors (wt), which examines the 27,000 species threated with extinction and the people working to save them; Alastair Fothergill is Executive Producer of Perfect Planet (wt), a series that takes a fresh look at life on Earth; and Andrew Murray is Series Producer of Mysterious Planet (wt), exploring mysteries behind incredible species. Series is produced by Broadway Video, created by Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers and Rhys Thomas, and executive produced by Lorne Michaels. “This has been, and always will be, a cash grab,” said Meyers. “There’s money in hyper-specific, fake documentaries, which is why we keep making them. .

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The application sends drawing commands to the OS, which in turn producesthe PDF spool file. When the application sends untagged RGB, the OS embeds the GenericRGB profile. When the application sends untagged gray, the OS embeds the Generic Gray profile. When the application sends untagged CMYK, it remains untagged, forthe moment. The behavior of the print driver becomes important at this time, be-cause its settings determine the destination profile ColorSync will use. PostScript drivers are fairly straightforward, and are discussed later inthis chapter. Raster drivers are the main concern because ColorSync affects themno matter what. Ifyou select a proprietary color management option (i. . anything but ColorSync), then ColorSync assumes Generic RGB for thedestination profile. The result is a null transform when applications sub-mit untagged RGB data. 314 Real World Color Manasement, Second Edition Ifyou select ColorSync, then theoretically the profile set for the printerin the ColorSync Utility will be used as destination. More about this can be found in the section on Raster Drivers later in this chapter. The key pointis that ColorSync invites itself at print time even if neither the applicationnor the print driver has explicitly asked for it. The scary part is that the handling of prematched data from a color- managed application such as Photoshop, set to convert your image toSP2200 Premium Luster. cc, only works because of a sequence of eventsthat causes Generic RGB to be the source profile and the destination pro-file, and hence a null transform.