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Below you will get a breakdown of the top-notch villains on the Warriors roster and the villain they most closely resemble. One of the most powerful mutants in the comic universe, Magneto originally began as a member of the X-Men. However, after a disagreement with the American populous, he defected and went on to lead his own group of mutants that would battle against the X-Men. Curry, one of the most popular players in the basketball world, rose to stardom as the white knight of the game. However, after blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, he's bore the brunt of Basketball Twitter's jokes ever since. Before becoming Two-Face, Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham and worked hand-in-hand with Batman and Commissioner Gordon to help stop the rampant crime of Gotham City. Ultimately, he became part of that crime himself and his obsession with chance led to him to using a double-headed coin to make his choices. Before joining the super villains, Kevin Durant was the beloved nice guy of Oklahoma City and worked hand-in-hand with Russell Westbrook to help a small market franchise chase glory. The Clown Prince of Crime is at his best when chaos is at its highest. How he became the villain he is has never been revealed and most times he doesn't seem to have a reason for doing what he does. His maniacal behavior and ear-to-ear grin are calling cards true to him only. The Mouth of Saginaw is at his best when creating chaos for opposing teams. How he became the ultimate swiss army knife player is anyone's guess and at times it seems like he doesn't have a reason for the plays he makes. His unhinged mentality and arm-to-arm flex are calling cards true to him only. Doctor Octopus was a scientist who was well on his way to achieving great things until his own experiment changed him forever. Ashamed at his failure, the robotic-limbed Doc Ock sought out different ways to assert his superior intelligence over the rest of the world.

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Moon Godess I would love to see Arya reunite with Nymeria and return to Winterfell with the entire pack. Bryan H that kid is little Varys with his pee pee intact. Chesco Your hair looks great sweetie, be confident and rock it! K. Fuji' I was thinkin the red head girl is Sansa's stunt double or something. Vaibhavkumar Patil I think that boy is son of Lord Amber. Been patiently waiting for new videos! Or Vlogs. r ANYTHING! Game Of Theories Please Don't say this channel is dead how long wil this video take RalphEatsYou we miss you Val, upload sooooonnnn. haha. ? Giorgi Gutsaevi Val come back to us, we need your sexy accent and your insightful videos to carry them days:) 89Illen val, your vids are great, but since you became a full time youtouber you re actually posting so much less - almost 1 video per month ? shouldn t it be the opposite. Just saying it's the 29th. ?

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Cersei’s secret weapon to deal with Dany is, Qyburn; with assistance from Euron. I think she will realize in all her time he was the only one who treated her with respect. Perhaps after disposing of LittleFinger in a clever way. And were are talking about an invasion causing Marge to be a hostage, correct. Is it only different and diminishing because Daenerys is a woman. Dragons went extinct for a long while in Kings Landing because they can also be killed. Pacts and deals based on nothing but vengeance can shift and turn and with them armies go too. Daenerys looks unstoppable but she’s only as good as the support she gets around her. Marrying someone is simply a way to secure more support. Pretty much every injustice she’s suffered has been because she was supposedly “the key to Winterfell. If we can just up and proclaim anyone king, what was the point of Ramsey being legitimized (a huge matter of importance to him) or whether Cerisei’s are actually Roberts. I like the idea of KitN, but I’m not crazy about just throwing away the world building and succession rights. Because clearly women don’t have the same importance in succession as men (par with historical accuracy), but Lyanna Mormont claimed that he had Ned’s blood. If he’s a Stark because of Lyanna Stark, will that matter. Whichever direction the writers go, it’s likely going to need to be really condensed. She has everything at the moment and considering that this is GoT, something has to go wrong for her.

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