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Our goal was to reflect on the way in which different tool affordances impacted the way in which the story was told. Storyspace represents the classical node-link model of hypertext, with hotspots appearing in the text that navigate the reader to another node. The node-link model is only one example of how to create interactive narratives (albeit the dominant one). Inform 7 also uses a world-model and rules to evaluate reader inputs, but is far more dynamic in nature than these other sculptural hypertext tools, producing an experience which is as game-like as it is hypertextual. Although rarely applied to narrative (with a proper spatial parser), spatial hypertext has influenced modern tools, such as StorySpace 3 and Twine, which embrace a graphical authoring paradigm. The impact of different data models and tools on authoring is not well explored in the literature, perhaps because it is so dif? ult to separate the author experience, the requirements of a particular story, and the impact of the tool itself. We are attempting to explore the same idea, and for this reason have chosen two established tools as target platforms for our work. StoryPlaces, our source platform, is locative and sculptural. While our target platforms are Twine, non-locative and calligraphic; and Inform 7, virtual locations and rules-based. 3 Methodology Fallen Branches was ? st published on the StoryPlaces platform in 2017. As a short story of around ten thousand words it is of manageable size and complexity for our purposes. 516 S. Kitromili et al. Figure 1 shows the structure of Fallen Branches.

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The guy needs someone who’s as tough as he is who can call him on his bullshit and gain mutual respect. Sansa needs her fawning prince, or better yet, someone who she can completely walk over. Exceptionally brilliant movie, but so visually rich with multiple layers of images that it’s nearly unwatchable. There, I said it. Yeah, it sucked so hard, but I read every book, watched every movie, and both loved and hated the series. I was disappointed when my twelve year-old obsessively read the series half a dozen times because I realize that the literary value is 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Fortunately, she has moved on to Percy Jackson and other series of more merit. The show has the stupidest name and appears shallow, but there is much cleverness to be found. And there was one reference in the show to GoT where someone was all, whatever you do, never ask Clive what GRRM is doing right now. I can take dark tales, obviously, but I need for there to be hope and a point that we’re shooting toward. I like Sansa with the Hound for exactly the same reason you think she should be alone: he’s exactly the opposite of the handsome, debonair, gentleman prince she envisioned. Now that she painfully realizes that princes and knights don’t always live up to expectations, I see the pairing as well setup, especially given the heroic rescue of the damsel in distress. Tywin and Walder Frey also get a share of the villainy since they get rid of Robb as opposed to Jaime in the outline. And the Tyrells were also involved in the plot to kill Joffrey in the current setting. But Ramsay does get Tyrion’s villainy by burning down WF. Tyrion ends up killing Tywin and escaping, except to Essos.

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Haney said CAIR wouldn’t like it if someone in the media started criticizing imams for sermons preached on Friday. “Before we’ve even heard what the sermons are, we’re just going to assume they are pro jihad. They wouldn’t like that, so why do they feel they can do it? Haney said. “You can’t have it both ways. You either want to be part of the American culture, which recognizes free speech and free expression, or not. Haney believes there is another reason for the double standard. He traces it to a key component of Shariah law, which, in the eyes of Islamists, trumps the U. S. Constitution. It’s the Islamic concept of “Ghiba,” an Arabic word for slander. The concept of slander under Shariah law is very different than the Western concept of slander. In American law, truth is always the best defense for anyone accused of libel or slander. But truth has no bearing on whether someone is slandered under Shariah. All that is necessary is for a Muslim to be offended by a non-Muslim, says Haney, an expert on the Quran and hadiths. “It’s not whether it’s true or not that matters.


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Flu-like symptoms. Rapid heartbeat. Aches and pains. Excessive sweating. Shakiness and tremors. Suboxone is difficult but not impossible to overdose on. Overdosing on the drug manifests in the same way as overdosing on opioids, with the most serious symptoms being depressed or not breathing. As SAMHSA discusses, drugs like Suboxone should not be abused simply because they are safer than opioids like heroin. Its abuse can have deadly consequences if using other drugs while taking it. The Dangers of Snorting Drugs Snorting Suboxone, like snorting any drug, is a dangerous and addictive behavior. While snorting Suboxone is largely ineffective, some people are able to get their hands on pure buprenorphine and snort that. In addition to all the effects of buprenorphine abuse, snorting the drug can result in damage to the nasal cavity, chronic nosebleeds, and a perforated septum. Abusing Suboxone taxes the body, risks overdose and negates the drug’s intended purpose of weaning a user off opioid addiction. If you have been prescribed Suboxone and are attempting to abuse it, seek help as soon as possible. Call us today at (844) 557-8575 or contact us online and let us help you take back your life the right way. Buprenorphine.

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Do you have aany advice to help ffix this problem. So wonderful to find another person with original thoughts on this issue. Really. thanks for starting this up. All automotive shops gain a standing either great or bad it will not just transpire. If, on the other hand, they let buyers or other folks to make the analysis for them, do not suggest the right repairs and solutions, less than or overcharge in an energy to make up for their shortcomings, and never do what they said they would, prospects will quit coming and tell many others to do the similar. What was their experience with the shop they selected. Continue to keep in thoughts that most men and women truly never want to devote anything to deal with a auto. Inquire about their over-all encounter and the degree of professionalism supplied by the staff members. They very first have to diagnose the issue in advance of they can advise the proper fix. When prospects self diagnose or get the term of a effectively which means close friend or relative as to what is wrong they are probably to contact and talk to only for the cost of the repair. If the diagnosis isn’t really exact they may wind up paying out for repairs they don’t need to have which is the worst feasible scenario. For case in point: If you simply call and say, “How much for a transmission for my 1996 Explorer? you are indicating that you know you have to have a transmission, even if you actually don’t. You may need one thing considerably considerably less highly-priced a insignificant repair or servicing provider. The finest outlets, the types that will ultimately save you the most dollars, will not give a value before accomplishing some type of free of charge diagnostic look at because they will not want you to buy unneeded repairs.