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Semi-finals: Ronit Bhanja bt Siddesh Pande (MHR) 11-3,11-7,11-7,11-5; Manav Thakkar bt Jeet Chandra (WB) 11-3,10-12,11-3,11-7,11-7. Youth Girls Singles: Final: Ayhika Mukherjee (RBI) bt Kaushani Nath (WB) 13-11,11-4,11-6,16-18,11-6. The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has authorized the city to release up to 30 million gallons of nitrogen-contaminated water over the next few months. It is part of a plan to clean up the former Farmland Industries fertilizer plant in eastern Lawrence. Windowpanes of the office were broken and other property damaged in the stone-throwing incident. While two youth wing activists were attacked near the airport, a local party leader was attacked at Iritty in Kannur. The has called for a protest in the district on Monday. It was a planned attack and the Mayor was lucky to escape. Sivankutty said the attack was planned by the to create unrest. If he were injured, how could he walk away from the spot where he fell. Police has registered a case against 20 persons for the ruckus at the council hall on Saturday.

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American Horror Story: Mark Consuelos joins season 2. Universal Pictures has hired Juliet Snowden and Stiles White to rewrite the script for Ouija. A Guide To The Characters of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Hellboy 3 Might Be Underway Thanks To One Boy’s Wish. A New Sleeping Beauty Adaptation Will Feature A Stalker Take On The Classic Tale. Benedict Cumberbatch to give Sherlock Masterclass at Edinburgh Television Festival. Image of the Day: Captain Mal Meets The Doctor For Comic Con Squee. G4 Interview: Joss Whedon Talks Firefly, The Avengers, And Comic Book From Comic Con 2012. Bryan Fuller previews Mockingbird Lane and Hannibal at Comic Con. A filk song about the John Scalzi novel Redshirts, sung by Jonathan Coulton. What does a favorite character do to escape the summer heat.

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So, if you haven't seen Cannibal Holocaust, I encourage you to dive in. Offend your senses. you'll end up stronger for it, as a fan of genre filmmaking. Don't read ahead, because this won't be much of a review. It will be more along the lines of a reflection, of a traveler on a return journey. The first time I saw Cannibal Holocaust was in high-school. Cannibal Holocaust really changed the game and pushed some boundaries that I didn't believe could be pushed. And yeah, I've watched it multiple times, and it never fails to effectively twist my stomach and challenge my eyes. It's hard to watch people abuse others. it just is. I don't do it for fun.

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Only more plastic soda bottles and old spray cans left by taggers. She scrunched herself further underneath the lip of the platform and waited quietly. The concrete felt cold on her back where her flesh touched it. The bottom of one of the cars must have sliced her coat and blouse. That put Petar right over her head. “Nikki? he said tentatively. She had never hated the sound of her name so much as in his mouth just then. He screamed and put his hand to his face, dropping his flashlight but not the Sig. Nikki tossed the spray can and reached up for him with both hands. Clawing him by the shirtfront, she hauled him over the side, letting go of him midair.

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Technology, moreover, offers many opportunities to cater to the whims and caprice of the individual villain. The vandal hordes of antiquity were proverbially destructive, but they were hordes: they lacked the personal touch. Gold? ger’s thermonuclear attack on international markets, achieved that personal touch only by commanding vast stockpiles of capital. Previous technological approaches to villainy depended on doomsday machines, zombie apocalypses, thermonuclear devices and the like, as these were the only available technologies that supported large-magnitude calamities. New media permit the modern villain to deploy traditional cruelties at unprecedented scale. We admit that small cruelties and local harms can be just as satisfying as global conquest, mass destruction, or summoning the elder gods. Still, there is satisfaction in numbers, and only by specifying a victim pool of adequate size can we ensure the statistical signi? ance of our results. We are not concerned here with merely criminal uses of social media and the interactive storytelling, such as money laundering, theft, or embezzlement. They have sound reason: there is only one truth, and that truth may be obscure and misunderstood.