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The Office Trivia is the absolutely best thing you can do at Stone Creek NYC on Wednesday February 28 starting at 8pm! Take a break from being The World's Best Boss, your classes at art school, or beet farming to prove you know the most about the Dunder Mifflin family. Prizes will be awarded in lieu of Dundees, and you don't want to be left empty handed. This partnership will offer NY wine lovers the opportunity to explore the diversity of South African wine in one location through tastings or just a quick drink at the bar. The month-long event will take place in February, and will feature eight special South African by-the-glass pours and bottles on the menu. And there will be four special events at Pierre Loti Chelsea (258 West 15 St at 8th Ave) celebrating South African Wines. And South African Airlines will be offering a free trip to South Africa to one lucky couple who visits Pierre Loti Chelsea during the month. Specifically, Local Law 31 requires new municipal buildings to use 50% less energy compared to code or the median energy use for buildings of that type in New York-radically more efficient than most buildings currently being built. Through these laws, most new city buildings and major retrofits must achieve LEED Gold status and cut energy use in half. The two-day workshops are limited to 25 participants and open to all architects, designers, engineers, and construction trade professionals. Relaxed performances: April 11 at 2pm and April 18 at 7:30pm.

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Live polls are another fun way to get users involved by allowing them to openly tweet their opinions on a variety of different topics related to the film. After analyzing the film’s Facebook and Twitter page, it is at no surprise that the film’s Instagram account has such an underwhelming amount of posts and followers. Since joining Instagram in August, only ten video clips and one photo have been posted. With a total of only 595 followers, the film’s Instagram account proves to be unsuccessful. There are photos posted of fans cosplaying characters from the film and photos of fans using the film’s Snapchat filter. Perhaps with the underwhelming response to content on the film’s Facebook and Twitter page was enough for curators to essentially give up. If a social media campaign decides to commit to a social media platform, that platform should be given as much attention to from curators as the campaign’s more successful platforms. While the type of content posted is similar to that of the film’s Facebook and Twitter page, the lack of content and inconsistent posting times leaves this campaign extension viewed as another missed opportunity. Instagram has become a very popular and powerful social media platform. When looking into other campaigns similar in nature, one can see Instagram’s potential for engaging fans with exclusive content. On September 13 th, the film’s Facebook curators post a GIF promoting the film’s new Snapchat account.


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This episode, the Battle Bards wade into the fracas of this rather expansive soundtrack to see what audio treasure has been dropped by the zerg of mobs. Yes, it's a tour through Elder Scrolls Online's first expansion soundtrack. The Battle Bards return for another great episode examining MMORPG music, with the focus this time around being on harbor and port music. Does the sight of boats sailing out into the open ocean inspire you. Then this music may be the soundtrack to your next great adventure. So who better to comment on the music to the sadly neglected superhero MMO Champions Online than they. The trio wiggle into their ill-fitting tights and see if they can make sense of this off-kilter soundtrack before they have to dash out and save the day, yet again. It's perhaps the flat-out goofiest and silliest Battle Bards episode to date, so you're going to have to excuse a whole lot of diversions, arguments, and giggles. Find more gaming podcasts at The Gaming and Entertainment Network. Meet Archlord, a Korean title from 2005 that made very little waves in the west. Yet the music is pretty good and worthy of a listen.

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Both of Sweeney’s TV movies had well-established precursors that his productions emulated, especially the Mayberry visitation, which was a tonic for Andy Griffith fans. Bristle Face was the kind of dog show that Disney fans loved, complete with Brian Keith and Slim Pickens. Swerling directed the middle third of The Last Convertible, a pictorially nostalgic epic about five Harvard University graduates and their lives throughout 40 years. DAVID SWIFT b. July 27, 1919, Minneapolis, Minnesota; d. December 31, 2001, Santa Monica, California Playhouse 90: No Time at All (1958), The Dungeon (1958) An occasional animator, producer, and actor, Swift was primarily an esteemed writer who also directed on such shows as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Barney Miller, Eight Is Enough, and others. Initially allied with Disney, Swift’s features as a director include Pollyana (1960), The Parent Trap (1961), and How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying (1967). No Time at All was an adaptation of Charles Einstein’s novel about a Miami-to-New York flight that experiences electrical problems. The big cast in this suspense exercise included Jane Greer, William Lundigan, Sylvia Sidney, Buster Keaton, Chico Marx, Betsy Palmer, Keenan Wynn, James Gleason, and Sheppard Strudwick. The Dungeon was a Swift original starring Paul Douglas, Agnes Moorehead, Patty McCormick, and Dennis Weaver. LELA SWIFT Studio One: Little Women (1950, two parts) ABC Afternoon Playbreak: The Gift of Terror (1973) Wide World of Mystery: Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest (1974, co-directed with Dan Curtis), Alien Lover (1975), The Two Deaths of Sean Doolittle (1975) Swift directed on the soaps Dark Shadows and Ryan’s Hope.

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They may have worked in the past, and it will still operate in a pinch today, but there are new draft stoppers effort much compared to an old blanket. Ladies with wavy hair usually lengthy for smooth, straight locks. If this describes you, the amazing information might be the fact following a number of basic steps can help your search despite the fact that at the exact same time aid to keep the head of hair healthy and powerful. Simply sign up, log in, participate and post actively, and let other people know concerning your website each and every post a person submit. This is a sure approach to attract individuals to your web site. If you follow these ideas. We use significantly of it, and we obtain most from it by burning fossil fuels. The world has a fixed supply of fossil gasoline or diesel. It takes millions of years for oil, coal, and natural gas to form in the depths of the earth. It's finite. Give run out and.