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Mass violence and death, startling cruelty, hunger, disease, homelessness: all these accompanied India’s liberation from British rule. Was it the inevitable outcome of the imperial policy identified by its opponents as divide-and-rule. Did it flow from the politicisation of religious identity. How much of it can be put down to British haste, weakness and incompetence. How much did the characters of the last viceroy and his wife, Lord Louis and Edwina, Lady Mountbatten, play a part. The year is 1947. Mountbatten has been dispatched to Delhi by Clement Attlee’s Labour government to get Britain out of India as speedily as possible, and soon decides that he needs to bring forward the date from June 1948 to August 1947, otherwise the country faces a civil war which dwindling British forces can do nothing to prevent. Nehru and Jinnah accept, India and Pakistan celebrate their independence, carnage erupts. There are some opulent scenes and a few nice performances, particularly Gillian Anderson as Edwina and David Hayman as the house’s Scottish major-domo. (Less successfully, Hugh Bonneville plays Mountbatten as Lord Grantham. . Notices by historians, or indeed anyone who cares about the events portrayed, have been damning.

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There was noisy protests and slogans whenever the home minister stood up to answer questions on issues like human trafficking and the present status of setting up of National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) and the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC). Though barely audible, the home minister appeared unfazed and continued with his reply. Demanding Chidambaram's resignation for his alleged role in irregularities in allotment of the 2G telecom spectrum when he was the finance minister, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) members had decided to boycott the home minister at the start of the winter session that began Nov 22. The BJP also briefly disrupted proceedings in Rajya Sabha. Soon after the House mourned the deaths in southern Philippines due to cyclone, Chandan Mitra (BJP) raised the issue of Chidambaram allegedly helping his former client, a charge that has been vehemently denied by the home minister. BJP members also expressed anguish over the move in Siberia to ban Bhagavad Gita. Chairman Hamid Ansari said a notice for zero hour mention has been accepted and the issue can be raised them. An agitated NC Pany (BJP) demanded resignation of Chidambaram for his alleged role in the 2G scam. He also said that the home minister was allegedly behind the midnight crackdown by the Delhi Police at the venue of yoga guru Ramdev's agitation at Ramlila grounds here. Ansari disallowed Mitra, who was supported by AIADMK, and took up the first listed question of the day. The day before, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council had listed 662 dead and 82 missing while the Philippine Red Cross gave a tally of 713 dead and 563 missing. Storm Washi brought heavy rains that spawned overflowing rivers, flash floods and landslides that struck coastal slum areas in the dead of night, taking residents by surprise.

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In the eighth edition of the Evraziya newspaper, Trubetskoy published a letter in which he formally resigned. Karsavin and Suvchinsky took this as a personal insult. The newspaper collapsed soon after, and the break-up was complete. The Eurasianists, fragmented and defeated, went their separate ways. Trubetskoy’s attack on the late Shakhmatov, while never published, had driven him and Jakobson to some of the greatest linguistic breakthroughs of the twentieth century. Rules could often be deduced that could create the fundamentals of a system out of what would otherwise be a jumble of data. However the utopian enthusiasm of Russia’s Silver Age to search for the universal geometry of our human natures, channelled by Trubetskoy and Jakobson into linguistics, is still present in that field: it has been the precursor to other projects (almost) as utopian as it was, for instance Noam Chomsky’s generative grammar and the cognitive revolution in psychology. The excitement of his discoveries failed to rescue Trubetskoy from the deep depression that enveloped him following the collapse of the Eurasianist movement (which, for many of its members, had been less a political organization than a form of self-help). For Trubetskoy, the end of the movement and the consolidation of Bolshevik rule cemented the permanence of his exile. We predicted the emergence of a new Eurasian culture. Now that culture actually exists, but is completely a nightmare and we recoil from it in horror. 6 COALS TO NEWCASTLE 69 Trubetskoy’s life and scientific endeavours would end in tragedy.

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However, there is no specific quality of life (QOL) questionnaire for patients with hip fractures. The purpose of this study is to analyze the epidemiological and etiological factors of these fractures in relation to osteo-arthropathy of the dialyzed patient, as well as the results of various treatments, both curative and preventive. 26 pathological fractures of the femoral neck appeared in 19 chronic haemodialysis patients, 11 men and 8 women, 6 patients presented bilateral fractures. The patient 's average age at the time of the fracture was 61 years (27 to 82). The average duration of dialysis was 11 years with a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 21 years. Hyper parathyroidism was found in 14 patients, aluminic intoxication in 6 and amyloidosis at the level of the coxo-femoral joint 18 times. Surgical treatment consisted of 6 osteosynthesis, 2 cephalic arthroplasties, 13 modular arthroplasties and 5 total hip arthroplasties. For each case, we studied the presence of necrosis of the femoral neck due to aluminic intoxication, osteoporosis due to hyperparathyroidism and also the presence of amyloidosis without aluminic intoxication. Cortisonic necrosis and porosis was found 4 times out of 26 cases, hyperparathyroidism once, aluminic osteomalacy 3 times and beta-2-microglobulin amyloid 18 times. Amyloidosis remains the most frequent etiological factor. All patients had been operated for median nerve compression in the carpal tunnel, usually 2. years before appearance of the pathological fracture.

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The company is still only selling three speakers - the tiny Echo Dot, the mid-sized Echo, and the Echo Plus which comes with a smart-home hub built in - priced at Rs. 4,499, Rs. 9,999, and Rs. 14,999 respectively. In all cases, the smart-speaker is powered by Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa, and the Amazon executives who spoke to Gadgets 360 about the devices resolutely kept referring to Alexa as 'her’. Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo Plus: Which One, if Any, Should You Buy. This means that Alexa India doesn't just have to sound Indian - it also has to understand context and give you relevant information. Baadshah has the same song in Hindi and Punjabi, so how do you figure out which one? 'Alexa play Baahubali' is great, but I wanted the Tamil one not the Hindi one, and these are questions that weren't there in the other places. As a result, Alexa was given a crash course on Rajinikanth jokes (with a bit of oversight, since he's not just a person with an incredibly devoted following but also someone who's now involved with politics in India). Kumar excitedly demonstrated by asking Alexa to tell us a joke - one so groan inducing that we'll omit it here. Safe to say Alexa would fit right in with an Indian family's WhatsApp group when it comes to trading bad jokes.

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Instead, grab a JETech Clear Case for Apple iPhone X. People absolutely love this case — just check out the 4. -star rating from more than 380 reviews on Amazon. According to a recent report from the Seattle Times, the popular online real estate database somehow managed to overvalue a Seattle home by a whopping 700 percent. The case of the Carlson’s home, however, is particularly outlandish. Zillow has since fixed the actual sale price, and the Zestimate should soon be corrected as well. “Overall, the Zestimate is incredibly accurate — with a median error rate of 4. percent — but occasionally human error does occur,” Zillow spokesman Viet Shelton said in a statement. “Since the Zestimate is calculated using thousands of data points, it’s only as good as the data provided. . I’ve explained my view conceptually, tried to illustrate the mechanics of how excess capital kills promising companies, and shared data from 71 IPOs that demonstrates that even in success, more capital raised is not correlated with better outcomes. Just in case all of that was too conceptual, this blog post is designed to appeal to another emotion—greed.

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The Yellow Dot emergency program is already in place in several states, including Illinois, New York, Georgia, and Alabama. Drivers will put a yellow sticker in the lower left of their front windshield. And more than half of all Americans experienced some form of harassment, according to the ADL study. This is because the fake messages are being sent by cybercriminals who are attempting to trick their potential victims into visiting a fake Facebook website where they will be asked to sign-in. But, any attempts to sign-in will result in the potential victims' username and password being sent to the cybercriminals. Its been a busy couple of days since Mandy Morbid accused Zak Smith of some fairly disturbing actions. You can read Mandy's post at the following link: Since that post went live a number of folks in the gaming industry have distanced themselves from interacting with Zak, professionally and personally, moving forward. Then this got posted today on the DriveThruRPG Blog: Tuesday, 12 February 2019 DriveThruRPG Responds to Current Industry News Thanks to everyone for your patience as we deliberated on the situation that has unfolded regarding Zak Smith (aka Zak Sabbath). At DriveThruRPG, we want to do our part to keep bad actors out of the roleplaying community, and we don’t want business relationships with such people. As such, you’d think there wouldn’t be much deliberation needed on our part. However, the situation posed a number of challenges for us to consider in terms of precedent and collateral impact on other parties. I have decided that we will not accept future titles for sale on DriveThruRPG (or our other marketplaces) if Zak is a contributor on the title.

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3 4 5 The series is still available and can be watched on the website frammenti. v. The previous year Log607 had created the Whai Whai city guides, unconventional city guides which had users walk around the city to solve a series of puzzle and unlock the episodes of a story. They were the ? st step of the path leading to “Frammenti”. Both startups were “growing” in H-Farm, an innovative hub located in Roncade, Italy. Frammenti: The ARG About Erasing Memories, That Was Forgotten 261 Fig. 1. First page of the internal dossier of the team at Log607. It speci? s: enigma, “fragments” or clues (main and secondary ones), story’s elements cited in the episode, places cited in the episode. During its run, a total of 1199 people connected to take part in the solving of the puzzles (Fig.

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Made by: SsobGib. Song used: Only Time (Original Version) - Enya My. Only Time song by Enya mixed with Sweet November movie. Mix - Sweet November Soundtrack - Enya - Only TimeYouTube. Sweet November soundtrack lyrics: 'Enya - Only Time', 'Celeste Prince - Wherever You Are', 'Amanda Ghost - Cellophane' etc. Buy Sweet November (Music From The Motion Picture): Read 43 Digital Music Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to 8 songs from this album plus. I Love This Movie And I Had The Soundtrack But It Got Ruined So I Was Glad To. Soundtrack for movie, Complete OST song list, videos, music, description. Both “Sweet November” and last fall's “Julia” are available for free download with all iTunes pre-orders. Z Tracklist: Sweet November (produced by Marvin Gaye) Shattered Film Reviews Chicago garage rockers continue their Sweet '17 Singles 7-inch subscription series with pair of new songs. Sweet November Soundtrack songs Product Information The film SWEET NOVEMBER has something for everyone: the photogenic appeal of Charlize Theron. Sweet november full movie greek subtitles Album only songs Dungeons and dragons full movie in hindi free download.

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There has also been a subtle and intuitive shift toward a subdued palette of varying brown and gold tonalities, offset by lighter passages in the sky above or bodies of water below. The gentle and atmospheric space Leaver produces in these new paintings is deep, mysterious, and seemingly endless. Leaver cites as influences Chinese landscape painting, which is suggestive rather than literal, and Japanese enso painting, comprised of lone circular forms, often with no defined starting point. He notes that his own paintings always indicate a passage, also without a clear beginning or ending. Turner's later works, with their unresolved quality (but not their strong color) are also influential. However, Leaver's spiritual practice informs his work most fully, in the way the paintings are an expression of being present-minded in the action of creation. When I began practicing yoga I was told to just practice, all was coming. I started sitting zazen several years ago and my instruction was to just sit and watch my breath. The three practices have become one daily ritual, feeding into and off of each other. Presenting original works by some of the world’s most renowned creators and thinkers, it offers fun, unique, mind-expanding opportunities for the whole family. Befriend a monster. Uncover a mystery.