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While I saw a bit of both, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie still retained all of it's fun factor. I'm gonna give you a quick rundown regardless of what the schmuck below says: Glen(a very young Stephen Dorff), and his teenage sister are left alone to mind the house while mommy and daddy are gone. After a storm, they discover a big hole in the backyard that we quickly find out is a gateway for demons to come through and take over the world. We find this out coz Glen's buddy Terry, who lives next door, just happens to have an LP by a metal band called Sacrifyx(only available as an import by the way). Sacrifyx's album sleeve and lyrics tell the whole tale. Thank God for 80s metal albums and their spookish shenanigans, you never know when they'll come in handy(this film was obviously made in the period where listening to a heavy metal band was seen as only one step away from blood orgies and human sacrifice. Soon Glen, his sister, and Terry(not to mention two annoying friends of the sister) deal with various spooks and beasties in an effort to close the gate. The most memorable creatures being the mini-demons that scuttle around and bite you if they get close enough. While obviously silly(I won't give it away in case you forgot, but the way the demons are defeated and the gate gets closed is rather dumb and makes no real sense), and not terribly frightening, this movie is actually very entertaining. This was back when a PG-13 rated horror film could still have balls and a decent amount of gore. The whole mythology of the demons is pure Lovecraft. Those familiar with Lovecraft will notice this immediately with the whole concept of older gods who once ruled the earth that want to return and reclaim it. Considering the low budget and nonexistence of CGI, most of the miniature effects for the small demons look quite impressive today. The large demon, while obviously stop motion animation, looks kinda creepy. At one point Glen discovers he has a living eyeball in the palm of his hand, and it makes you wonder if Faith No More stole something from this movie. Of course the acting isn't all fantastic, not all the fx are perfect, and some of the plot points are ridiculous, but who cares. Add to all that, a Masters of the Universe shirt, Iron Maiden and Slayer posters, and you've got a great trip down memory lane. If it's been a while, I'd make it a point to see this one again soon. A true 80's cult horror fave that deserves it's DVD edition! S and Canada, this movie marked the debut of Blade actor Stephen Dorff as a young boy.

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He also asked for setting up of “Help Centre” for the disbursement of related information to the respective families. He asked the committee members to take the review meetings for progress of the work done in the matter at regular intervals, so that any issue relating to the matter could be timely discussed and sorted out. at Sharma further added that, while the amount of monetary benefit being provided to the families is discussed in detail, the difficulty being faced by the persons of the community to get the benefit within the set timeframe must also be examined. It was also discussed that the accounts of the families must be authenticated properly to make sure that no loophole remains for the reach of the benefit to the affected families. He said that the monetary help extended by the present dispensation at the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi must reach to the targeted population in time. BJP always stands by the side of members of Displaced families from Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in all the times, he added. She said that they are very thankful for the timely help rendered to them by the BJP and its leaders. They particularly expressed their gratitude to Sat Sharma, who took personal interest in the case from the day first. They said that it is due to the efforts of BJP, that his mortal remains were procured and they were able to take up the rites of the deceased according to the customary rituals. They alleged that the then Congress Government at the Centre as well as the Congress-NC government in the State did nothing in the matter. They also requested Sat Sharma to recommend the status of Martyr for Chamel Singh. at Sharma, while speaking on the occasion, said that BJP is committed to the welfare of the people and it will never compromise on any issue related to the integrity of the Humanism and Nationalism. He claimed that, what he or other party leaders did, was just human duty always dedicatedly followed by the cadre of BJP working on the principle of “Nation First, Self Last”. He said that the delay in providing relief and job to the member of the family was due to the non-cooperative attitude of the previous Governments but the present BJP-PDP coalition government came forward to understand the need to provide monetary benefit and job to the family member. Rajesh Gupta toured the Bus Stand along with the Vice Chairman J. . . Sh. Rajesh Sarwan and also with distt. On his arrival the MLA was welcomed by Bus Stand Shopkeepers Association leaders Ramesh Tak and Rajan Gupta and their executive members.


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I watched Mulholland Drive and spent 90 minutes after the movie, reading essays on the movie, just so I could understand just what I had watched. I now understand, at least I understand someone else's interpretation of the film. Good enough for me. 99 Homes reminded me how great Andrew Garfield can be. I'm a long time fan of Michael Shannon, so it was a treat having to watch him, but Garfield stole the movie for me. I finally managed to watch Gone With The Wind. 4 hours. Good movie. Probably never watch it again, but I'm glad I finally watched it. Sandler's monologue about his family is truly heartbreaking. I went on a Charlton Heston-a-thon with Soylent Green, Omega Man, and Ten Commandments. Ten Commandments is about as epic as an epic can be, I think. Omega Man was my favourite out of the three, though. The first half was great, second half ruined the movie for me. Zoolander 2. The Family Fang. Special Correspondents. Man Up. These movies really soured May. Though, movies like Alive, Zootopia, Captain America, Flight, and Capote are reason enough to not totally hate May.

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