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For Ms. Kim, North Korea had always been a scary, distant place. But on Saturday, when her to favorite K-pop boy band, BTOB, dedicated its ballad “Someday” to the hope for unification, Ms. Kim said that it made her think differently. In between acts, a huge screen behind the stage showed K-pop stars in scenarios envisaging a peaceful society after unification of the peninsula, in which South Koreans would be able vacation in the north and young people from both sides would be able to date and make friends. The screen behind them showed enormous South Korean flags waving. “At first, I felt scared about coming here so close to the border with North Korea, ” said Kim Na-young, 14, from Geojedo Island, “but I am glad I came. I can see now that we can enjoy ourselves anywhere even if North Korea threatens us. Ms. Kim added, “I hope people in North Korea got to hear the K-pop songs and our message of peace, too. . Twenty-eight teams will compete at the Clem Kelley Softball Complex Friday through Sunday.

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gone, the last member of that quartet. What Elvis was to rock 'n' roll music — D. . was the first guy. The archetypical rock 'n' roll drummer. Big Band drumming became rock drumming, and D. . was the personification of everything that had gone on in drumming before. As Levon Helm has said, D. . added some architecture. D.


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Dikatakan Gouw, industri elektronika belum siap menghadapi MEA. Sebab, ketergantungan terhadap bahan baku impor masih tinggi. Hampir sekitar 80% komponen produk elektronik adalah impor. Selama ini produsen elektronika cenderung hanya melakukan proses perakitan di Indonesia. Komponen yang dirakitpun bukan buatan industri domestik melainkan impor khususnya untuk produk berteknologi tinggi. Tim tari tersebut mempersembahkan penampilan selama dua jam tanpa henti. ”Duta besar Indonesia untuk Belgia Kristanyo Hardoyo menyempatkan hadir dari Brussels ke Liege. Dubes menyatakan apresiasinya juga atas penampilan mahasiswa dari Semarang membawa misi seni dan perdamaian hingga Eropa,” tutur dosen Polines yang juga bagian dari rombongan muhibah, Lusia M Silitonga dalam siaran persnya, kemarin. Acara itu dihadiri kurang lebih 400 penonton yang terdiri atas mahasiswa berbagai fakultas dan dosen HEPL yang telah menjadi mitra Polines sejak tahun 2012. Penampilan tari ini diikuti dengan kegiatan workshop batik yang dihadiri lebih 100 peserta. Mahasiswa sangat antusias untuk mengikuti dan menyelesaikan proses pembuatan batik. Workshop batik memperkenalkan contoh-contoh batik dari berbagai wilayah di Indonesia.


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Torquay, of course, was the inspiration for, and where much of, Fawlty Towers - another John. As featured in the Flying Circus TV Show - Episode 35. First Pilot: This is Captain MacPherson welcoming you aboard East Scottish Airways. Badger: There's bomb onboard this plane, and I'll tell you where it is for a thousand pounds. Badger: Ay, you'd better have your pound back. Oh. (rubs it) fingerprints. Badger: Ah, wait a tic, wait a tic. (closes eyes and thinks) Er, my first is in Glasgow but not in. Spain, my second is in steamer but not in train, my whole is in the luggage compartment on the. Headphones: This character giving you any trouble. Badger: 'Wait a tic, wait a tic.


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I think the Long Night is probably connected to the Night King's ability to cover the land with ice wherever he goes. If he's defeated right now, it stands to reason the worst of the Long Night will have been averted, and spring will immediately follow. Because not only does he reanimate the dead to be his Zombie Army, but he can also CREATE White Walkers. Every time Craster delivered another male child to The Night King, a White Walker picked the baby up and the baby was not turned into a zombie. Until the White Walker handed him to the Night King who touched his cheek and turned him into a blue eyed, frozen babysicle. So. That means the babies grew up to be White Walkers. So that means they were also White Walker Teen agers or toddlers or WTF ever. Are we ever going to be given any kinds of explanations. Is there information at the Citadel or does the Citadel still operate on the myth that this is legend and they no longer exist and haven't existed for the last 10,000 years. Because it seems like to me, that there is an entire social order and a hierarchy to the damned phenomenon. Dany can get rid of the zombies easily.


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team in the memory of pt. Prem nath dogra ji A cricket match organized by BJP R. . ura Distt. team in the memory of pt. Bana singh stadium R. . ura. BJP Cooperative cell District RS Pura remembers Pt. Prem Nath Dogra BJP Cooperative Cell organized a programe wherein Shere- Duggar Pandit Prem Nath Dogra was remembered on his Birth Anniversary. Prem Nath Dogra Ji at BALGRAN - a Charitable Home for Destitute Children at Channi Rama. Dogra Ji by garlanding flowers, followed by cultural activities like singing, poetry by children and after that distribution of eatables among children.


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We’ve got a bunch of stuff that we’re working on but generally television will always be filmmaker first. We’ve announced shows with people like Robert Zemeckis. What’s going to be new in the next season of House of Cards. I don’t want to give away plot but I think we can assume that Francis continues to be up to no good on his path to power. You also had a big success with Ted and you’re working on Seth MacFarlane’s new movie. It’s set in the 1880s and it’s about a guy who is totally out of place in the Old West. In order to win the love of a woman he has to fight the meanest guns in the territory. Charlize Theron is in it, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman. We’ve seen lately that Westerns can struggle at the box office. We always go through phases when conventional wisdom says certain genres aren’t going to work. I would argue that if it’s really great work, it has a chance to find an audience. We believe in Seth 180% and we have since we backed him in digital.


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LIFE MATTERSGerry Lewis Azle resident Dr. Gerry Lewis is director of mis-sions for the Harvest Baptist Association, which is headquartered in Decatur. In 1989, I was a teenager when the Montreal Protocol was signed by the nations of the world. At that time the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays was being destroyed by harm-ful chlorofluorocarbons which were found in air-conditioning, aerosols, etc. Scientists had discovered the im-pacts of these chemicals on our atmo-sphere, published their findings, and the world listened and took action. We recently celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol when the world came together in-cluding politicians, industry, and na-tions to address a harmful environ-mental problem. Due to their actions, the ozone layer has returned to pre-1980s levels and continues to heal. Hundreds of world renowned scien-tists on climate change contributed to this peer-reviewed scientific publica-tion. It contained dire predictions for the planet and was immediately disputed by climate change deniers. Climate change to date is not one of the major issues being discussed by the media, politicians, or the American public except for a small determined group who are greatly concerned and the other side that is completely deny-ing climate change is occurring. Other issues (ISIS, economy, Ukraine) are being discussed, and they need to be addressed; there is still room in the national agenda to discuss climate change. But before a national discussion can occur, people need to take the time to educate themselves on this important topic and not rely solely on the opin-ions (and agenda) of conservative talk radio, politicians, and the media.