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The publication’s aim is to attract and stimulate new readership from those who are already regular readers and those who have never read for recreation before. The quality of editorial, visual impact and strong sense of Samoan ownership is designed to capture the reader’s interest in a sustained manner that generates increasing circulation within the Samoan community. The Samoa Times delivers comprehensive news and visual coverage of events important to the Samoan community. The newspaper is focused on issues that affect and interest Samoan people. Our purpose is to inform, create awareness and positively influence our readers to improve their general welfare and promote better living within our readership. International news, sports, education, entertainment as well as social and economic issues will be some of the regular components of each week’s editorial. Samoa Times brings news from home that is current and anything important to Samoan people is published immediately. The newspaper has a team of bilingual editorial staff who ensure that content is delivered within a Samoan context and in the most appropriate level of the Samoan language. In addition to the advantages of publishing in the indigenous language of your target market, bilingual advertising content is available to the advertiser wishing to reach the emerging generation of New Zealand born Samoans who enjoy significant disposable income levels. The advertising and advertorial content of the publication also strategically targets and meets the increasingly demanding purchase power of the Samoan community. Samoa Times is affiliated with Radio Samoa and is promoted using this partnership link. Events and advertising in the newspaper is promoted on the radio station daily. This maximizes the advertisers opportunity to receive maximum target market coverage. Samoa Times is a weekly publication circulated and sold at over 300 outlets and shops throughout New Zealand and Australia In a 32-page tabloid format the publication has a balanced content mix of news and editorial, illustrative material and corporate advertising. The Samoa Times has a sharp and professional look; this is achieved because a company who possess expertise in print composition produces all aspects of design and layout. Tags Samoan People Purchase Power Create Awareness News Media International News New Zealand Newspaper Journaling File System Baler What others are saying The Samoa Times, is dedicated to encourage and revitalise the joy of reading for the Samoan people. View this Pin The Samoa Times, is dedicated to encourage and revitalise the joy of reading for the Samoan people. The Pulitzer Prizes on Monday honoured several newspapers that President Donald Trump derisively called purveyors of Fake News. The Washington Post got the prize for hard-hitting reporting on Donald Trumps presidential campaign and The New York Times for revealing Vladimir Putins covert power grab. The Pulitzer board praised the two newspapers probing of powerful people despite a hostile climate for the news media.

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It was a devil’s bargain at best, but it was the reason that no one can win this war. The best we could hope for was to slow the opium shipments and keep the Taliban splinter cells underfunded and ill-prepared for a major, coordinated terror offensive of the kind they’ve always promised and we live in fear of. Sixty yards ahead, half-hidden by an outcropping of rock, light spilled from the mouth of a small cave. The overhang would have made the light invisible from aircraft, but not for us on the ground. A shadow seemed to detach itself from the wall and as I watched through narrowed eyes it resolved into the shape of a man. A Marine. He didn’t see the three big men crouched behind boulders in the dark. The sentry went to the mouth of the cave and peered inside. A string of words in Pashto, ending in a screech of pain that was cut off by the sharp crack of a palm on flesh. It held no cheer, no good will. No warmth. It was deep and throaty, strangely wet, and it rose into a mocking screech that turned my guts to gutter water. I signaled Bunny to keep his eyes and gun barrel on the sentry as I circled on cat feet behind a tall slab of rock. That put me on the man’s six, ten feet from his back. Even if this all proved to be a zero-threat situation I was going to fry this guy for his criminal lack of attention to duty. A sentry holds everyone’s life in their hands; this guy was handing me everyone in that cave. Slim was there and he spun the guard and put him down. I didn’t see the blow, but it sounded like a tree being felled. There were chairs, a card table, ammunition cases, cots, and a stove with sterno burners. A Taliban soldier was tied to a folding chair, ankles and wrists bound with plastic cuffs.


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Fitzpatrick added her second touchdown from the final attack of the match, with Stapleton again on target - albeit off a post - to lend the scoreline an unexpected sheen. A Virginia native, Wynn played for the University of Richmond and attended Louisa County High School — located 36. miles away from Charlottesville, the city where three died and dozens were injured during a violent white nationalist rally on Saturday. “It’s just sad, ” a soft-spoken Wynn said after Sunday’s practice. “That people can act with that level of hatred simply because of race. It’s just ignorance. Wynn added he’s heard of similar rallies in his home state before, but never of this magnitude or this violent. 3 dead, 34 injured in violent rally, crashes in Charlottesville The tragic event resonated with others on the team as well. While Wynn did not want to dive too deep into a political discussion, he acknowledged athletes can help by setting good examples and pointed to the Giants as an organization he feels has done just that. Geno Smith, Josh Johnson struggle in Giants’ loss to Steelers “Everybody on this team comes from different backgrounds and groups. The four-year veteran and undrafted free agent impressed in the Giants’ preseason game against the Steelers, finishing with two tackles — including a sack for a five-yard loss. Wynn played in 37% of the defensive snaps in Friday’s preseason loss to the Steelers as he, Romeo Okwara and Devin Taylor (who had an interception in the game) try to prove they can be dependable when rotating in for one of their All-Pro starters. McAdoo already getting restless about Giant mistakes on offense “I want to make sure when I go in there’s not a drop off, ” Wynn said. “Obviously, these guys are great athletes, they do a lot of great things out there and I want to make sure when I go in I’ m doing my job. Head coach Ben McAdoo certainly had plenty of good things to say about the veteran. “Kerry Wynn is a valuable player, ” McAdoo said. “He’s been around. He can play inside, he can play outside. He can play on mixed downs, first, second, third down. He can play on special teams.


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The story will continue but we have to wait until 2020. Because making lists of films and giving fictive awards is always fun. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Hantunya sih jarang muncul, tapi sekalinya muncul bikin syok, lalu buru-buru tutup mata. Mencekam banget. Besaar dan kelabu. Ada adegan anaknya turun ke bawah ke dapur malam-malam nyari makanan karena lapar. Heran, pada betah tinggal di rumah sebesar itu, seram, terkesan dingin, pencahayaan selalu redup. Banyak lorong remang-remang, tangga tua (terinspirasi hostel tempat aku menginap saat di Budapest). My whole soul cramped up at this moment. nd I hate you. nd what a rush! Haha. We yield to it or we fight it, but we cannot meet halfway. Little man will just make you smile in life and in pics. There are certain things, it's hard to explain, certain thoughts and passages in both Eleanor's and Merricat's monologues, dialogues, thoughts that I love so much, love how true, and psychologically accurate they are. When I first read the books I was amazed with this. Only later, I discovered that Shirley Jackson suffered from anxiety and not only, and everything fell into place and made scene. Really want to go take some interesting photos now lol. From the outset there is something a little 'off' about the protagonist and her interactions with the other characters are akin to a performance, but you can't quite put your finger on why.


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When I wrote the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, the first draft was a hundred and fifty thousand words. A few days later I retype the whole thing and my subconscious, as I retype, gives me new words. Maybe it’ll take retyping it many times until it is done. I get up every morning not knowing what I’m going to do. I usually have a perception around dawn when I wake up. I have what I call the theater of morning inside my head, all these voices talking to me. When they come up with a good metaphor, then I jump out of bed and trap them before they’re gone. That’s the whole secret: to do things that excite you. When you plot books you take all the energy and vitality out. There’s no blood. You have to live it from day to day and let your characters do things. I sit there and cry because I feel that I’m not responsible for any of this. It’s from God. And I’m so grateful, so, so grateful. The best description of my career as a writer is “at play in the fields of the Lord. It’s been wonderful fun and I’ll be damned where any of it came from. It’s the exquisite joy and madness of my life, and I don’t understand writers who have to work at it. I like to play. I’m interested in having fun with ideas, throwing them up in the air like confetti and then running under them. I was walking around the house and all of a sudden I felt unstable.


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Inebriated men Half, or torn and bedragnltd canvas covers. Some of these show wagons were who have been up all night at a stood for hours bein good condition, but they were card table or about the only thing visible not old fore a bar, imbibing bad whiskey, and worn out. On cars, on show are, by no means, an ornament to wagons, and everywhere, the name a show. En route to Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, weeks Auci. ; IC and August 20, 1922. Where smaller features are asked they are being turned down. It was decided aUthis meeting to seek to address the session a universally known speaker and writer, who is to tell the secretaries the educational value that outdoor fairs and ex- positions possess. of Ogden. involving one Rt-no, Jump Sacramento, over 630 of miles. Through Southern California, both the Ringling-B. B. and Sells-Floto outfits came on Southern Pacific lines which have been involved in other the shopmen's strike. Dick Collins, formerly of the Wortham Shows, Daredevil Dougherty, who leaps the gap on a bicycle, was Injured at Carlin's Park, Baltimore, late last week'. Is the rendezvous for circus and carnival men when on the coast. Variety has received hundreds of requests for reports on carnivals from civilian and civic bodies, besides local and State ofUcIals. Throughout the country, no doubt, where a layman was not informed as to Variety's standing in theatricals, he asked a theatre manager, as Variety suggested in its circular to the civic bodies and police chiefs. Variety received any number of requests to designate a f'arni\al tu play cities, towns and fair. ; also often to select a circus. That tended to evidence the confidence of the lay public In Variety, and that confidence will not be abused. To assure the lay readers of Variety who may be Interested In the standing and character of carnivals.


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Unfortunately, it seems Timm has become a total fucking pervo weirdo, because this movie is kinda gross. Lots of overt sexual innuendo, fart jokes, bizarrely out-of-place musical numbers, and an extended scene about Dick Grayson fucking Harley Quinn. On top of all that, Swamp Thing is awkwardly introduced into the story in the last ten minutes in a dumbed-down bastardization of the classic story Rite of Spring. Hey Bruce Timm, Rite of Spring was actually a beautiful, nuanced exploration of eroticism in a comic book universe. If you enjoyed the previous four Sharknado movies, then you’ll probably feel the same about this one. Well, I’ll give it this: it’s completely captivating visually, and beautifully showcases a little corner of America that most people never get to see. Honestly, it’s almost worth watching just for the pretty scenery. The story, however, is a complete mess: boring and insulting and completely implausible. Unfortunately I can’t go into many details since doing so would spoil the shitty ending, and maybe some people want to judge for themselves. I’ll tell you the very worst thing about the movie, though, which is the way it treats its female lead. That would be Elizabeth Olsen’s character, an FBI agent who shows up to assist local law enforcement with their murder case. She’s introduced as if she’s a Clarice Starling type, and at first you think her complete incompetence is setting up a character arc that will ultimately be redemptive. But nope, the movie never allows her to be anything more than a bumbling idiot who shadows the male hero, until she eventually needs to be rescued by him. Gross. I watched this along with the How Did This Get Made. Even with source material as weird and paper-thin as the Garbage Pail Kids, it’s still shocking how bizarre and confusing and tonally inconsistent this movie is. Especially this song, which was stuck in my head for days. If you want a horror-comedy starring Adam Scott, skip this and watch Krampus. But if you’re already a member of the Dragon Sound fanclub and want a new take on the film, then go for it. And it’s a pretty good movie, and deserves success so much more than the likes of The Conjuring 2 or whatever.


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The world number 10 from Wales lost 15-9 15-10 15-9 to little-known Englishman Peter Genever, who amazed with his performance then claimed the philosopher-astronomer Galileo’s ideas on trajectories had helped him with his strokes. Evans, who has suffered from an Achilles problem, looked as though his movement was restricted. But Genever took his opportunity well, getting in front of his opponent, taking the ball early, and preventing the former champion from causing havoc with his wrong-footing disguises. Then the world number 35 from Chichester in southern England declined to talk about backhands and forehands and discussed the book Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder instead. Genever was helped by the fact that he got decent leads in all three games, creating doubt in Evans’s mind that he could get into the match. Another seed to go out was former World Open finalist Del Harris, who quit after one game with food poisoning, allowing fellow Englishman Paul Johnson to move into the second round. Top seed, and world champion, Peter Nicol needed five games and an hour and 25 minutes before beating the French qualifier Renan Lavigne 15-12,11-15,15-4,11-5,15-8. Playing later: 1-Peter Nicol (England) v Paul Johnson (England) 8-Chris Walker (England) v Peter Genever (England) 4-Thierry Lincou (France) v Omar Elborolossy (Egypt) 5-Stewart Boswell (Australia) v Martin Heath (Scotland). A timeline of major political and other events in Pakistan’s history. Muhammad Ayub Khan, then army chief becomes administrator. Zia rejects a mercy petition; Bhutto’s daughter, Benazir Bhutto, takes up her father’s legacy. Pervez Musharraf ousts Sharif’s government in a bloodless coup after Sharif fails in his attempt to sack the army chief. Sharif is sent into exile after a court convicts him of conspiracy against Musharraf. I guess that's what you're best, presence old master. It contains a strand of genetic material from the naturally occurring soil micro-organism Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The Bt provides 100 per cent control of sundies, while supplemental foliar insecticide sprays are occasionally required to keep away the sucking pests like jassid, white fly, etc. Therefore, it is wrong to say that the Bt cotton's cultivation of non-approved varieties in Sindh is not providing protection against jassid and leaf curl virus (CLCV) disease which cause huge damages in cotton fields. The safety of plant biotechnology is evident from the fact that there isn't any documented case of illness caused by foods developed with the biotechnology since mid-1990s. It is worth knowing that there is no GMO or the Bt in refined edible oil from any Bt crops and these crops are as safe as the non Bt. That was why the EU in May 2004 lifted the five-year ban on the GM food.