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Apart from the physical consequences, one of the major emotional consequences of rape is the appearance of the Rape Trauma Syndrome, identified by Ann Wolbert Burgess and Lynda Lytle Holmstrom as “a cluster of emotional responses to the extreme stress experienced by the survivor during the sexual assault” (“Emotional and Psychological Impact of Rape” 2008, n. . , specifically caused by the fear of death. Indeed, Marianne felt that Zachary could have strangled her. The first stage of this syndrome is called the “Acute Phase. It is characterized by the disruption of the victim’s normal life, by shock and disbelief. In fact, Marianne feels she has lost herself: she has lost her virginity and her role as the sweet girl, and at the same time, she is not accepted in her present state. The second stage is the “Reorganization phase,” or the time when survivors reshape their life to adjust it to their new conditions. This reshaping works at several levels, the most relevant being the level of personality, in which the victim needs to find out her own mechanisms for coping with the trauma. Marianne basically resorts to religion: “you could make of your pain an offering. You could make of your humiliation a Family Loss in Joyce Carol Oates 103 gift. She understood that Jesus Christ sends us nothing that is not endurable” (Oates 2001, 90). In other words, Marianne understands this process as one of soul purification. Depression, guilt and loss of self-esteem are also frequent psychological reactions. Shame and guilt, especially over having been drinking, are two of the reasons why Marianne refuses to report on her rapist. Eventually, Marianne is sent to live with her mother’s cousin. This marks the beginning of what we have called her runaway life, when she wanders from one place to another, never establishing deep connections with people. Although she is truly hurt by her parents’ abandonment, she still blames herself for what has happened: “I’m immature, and careless, I disappoint people. She also keeps wishing to be forgiven and allowed to return home.

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LOL I’m glad you guys can make out what’s happening, because I can’t at all, ha. Luka, can Jon and Tyrion be seen shaking hands in one of the videos or do you just know that. I can’t see the handshake to save my life, so I appreciate the better eyeballs than mine. Should’ve clarified. Thanks. It saves me watching the videos fifty more times to make it out. ? Jon and Tyrion scenes AND Jon and Theon scenes. But a storm or Euron attacking the fleet could easily explain losses, also I could see this meeting as less an alliance vs Cersei and more Jon wanting dragon glass and agreeing to either support or stay out of Danys way. Tyrion and Jon both left on good terms, Tyrion was the one who made Jon accept the term bastard if I recall. How much i love this scene and always knew that they’ll meet again. Thankyou watchersonthewall for keeping us up-to-date with the recent filming. I’ll speculate what I wrote in the last post: Daenerys arrives on Dragonstone with the Dothraki early next season. I am speculating Ep. 3. I am just amazed that it’s a very Dothraki presence on Dragonstone. Jon and Tyrion parted as friends (a rarity for Tyrion when parting from members of the Stark family) so I think that bodes well for the two of them in forming this alliance. Varys and Tyrion will be able to speak up for Ned and Jon respectively; Varys was present in season one when Ned made it clear to Robert that he was against any acts of violence against Daenerys, and Tyrion can speak of Jon as being decent and honorable. I’m loving all these filming spoilers we’ve been getting these past few days.


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Although tech firms have a bad track record on this front, and last year Facebook and Google both committed to increasing human moderator and content safety headcount to try to improve their overall performance in the face of public pressure following a series of content moderation scandals. The EC’s intent here is also to bolster cooperation between tech firms, trusted flaggers (aka third party specialist organization that help platforms with identifying problem content) and law enforcement authorities. It’s giving companies and Member States a full six months to submit relevant info for (non-terrorist) illegal content for it to monitor the effects of its recommendations. So the threat of any EU-wide legislation being announced to generally rule social media content seems unlikely for at least a year. Although measures on terrorism could be announced sooner if the Commission decides it really needs to act because platforms haven’t been doing enough. EdiMA, the European trade association, whose members include Facebook, Google and Twitter, responded with disappointment and dismay to the Commission’s recommendations, describing it as “a missed opportunity for evidence-based policy making” — and claiming a “one-hour turn-around time in such cases could harm the effectiveness of service providers’ take-down systems rather than help”. EDiMA is dismayed by the European Commission’s decision not to engage in crucial dialogues and fact-finding discussions with stakeholders before issuing the Recommendation on Tackling Illegal Content Online today, and regrets that it is a missed opportunity for valuable evidence-based policy making. EDiMA acknowledges the importance of these issues but feels the need to highlight the fact that the industry has been rising to the challenge. Overall success in tackling terrorism both online and offline is dependent on partnership and collaboration, and our sector has shown leadership in this regard through the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and wishes to highlight that valuable collaboration is underway via the Hash Sharing Database. Whereas a harmonised approach at EU level on notice and action procedures would be welcome, EDiMA fails to see how the arbitrary Recommendation published by the European Commission, without due consideration of the types of content; the context and impact of the obligation on other regulatory issues; and, the feasibility of applying such broad recommendations by different kinds of service providers can be seen as a positive step forward. EDiMA will continue to engage with the stakeholder community at large in the coming months to seek a pragmatic and workable way to tackle illegal content online. The company will hire 1,000 additional new employees to create the platform and team-up with its existing major suppliers, Denso and Aisin Seiki, to help with the development. Toyota will take a 90 per cent stake in the project, while the partners will get five per cent each. It is believed that Toyota wants to develop its own self-driving car technology in order to ensure that it is not dependent on other companies for autonomous vehicle technology if and when it moves from the labs to production. Self-driving vehicle technology risks marginalising traditional car makers. With computer-controlled vehicles, car makers will be little more than providers of a safety cage and seats, while the software takes the lion's share of the car industry's profits. Specialist factors like engine technology, road holding and handling, and how a car drives will become much less relevant to car buyers' decision-making. Although the project will take place in Japan, Toyota said English will function as the main language for the business. The company said that it will form a new company, called Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, to lead the project.


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He started his film career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005. Pattinson at the Photocall for The Twilight Saga: New Moon at the Crillon Hotel in Paris in 2009. Pattinson at the New York premiere of Water for Elephants. Pattinson at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a member of the British royal family. The newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (2011). William and Catherine with their first son the day after his birth (2013). Catherine and William celebrating Canada Day in Ottawa (2011). Catherine and William meet the Obamas at Buckingham Palace two weeks after their wedding (2011). The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award of the British honours system. The obverse of William Johnstone's VC showing the dark blue ribbon for pre-1918 awards to naval personnel. Victoria Cross as it appears on Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. Alice and Paulina are then shocked to discover that Doris, upon using the Ouija board herself, can actually talk to the dead - and in doing so, is able to help her family deal with their money problems (in more ways than one). Doris (Lulu Wilson) in Ouija: Origin of Evil When it comes down to it, the actual tie-in to the Ouija board game in Origin of Evil is pretty flimsy. Moreover, as was indicated before, Ouija: Origin of Evil has fun imitating some of the popular stylistic elements among horror films that were being released around the time of the movie's historical backdrop - including, big '60s-style title font and soft focus visuals. Alice (Elizabeth Reaser) in Ouija: Origin of Evil Although the film succeeds more at conjuring up creepy moments and unnerving individual camera shots than creating equally-unsettling scary sequences (the kind that someone like James Wan excels at), Origin of Evil is buoyed in the scares department by the performance from Lulu Wilson as Doris. Elisabeth Reaser ( The Twilight Saga ), by comparison, does fine work as Alice Zander - thought her character's motivations and actions more than stretch credibility at times, in order to serve the larger plot and bring Origin of Evil to the inevitable end point that it has to reach, in order to set-up the first Ouija movie. Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson and Henry Thomas in Ouija: Origin of Evil Nevertheless, these three leads form a nice family dynamic together and give Origin of Evil an emotional core - to go along with all of its scares and foundation-laying for the first installment in the Ouija franchise. Thanks to the efforts of its talented cast and crew, Ouija: Origin of Evil is more solid horror film than soulless franchise continuation.


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There was a man crawling to the top of it, but he was too far away for me to see what he was doing. And then, one at a time, Ashcroft’s retreating troops started to fall, the only clue as to why were the bright muzzle flashes of the sniper’s rifle. Prescott is the only officer I have left, and he’s coordinating the retreat. . He gripped the railing and stared down at the battlefield. He’ll always have it in the back of his mind that this happened because of me. Ashcroft’s men had taken up defensive positions behind the fountain and the rows of small garden walls leading up to the front doors. Nessel’s men were still moving into position, using the infected as a moving barrier. From his position he was picking off Ashcroft’s men no matter how well-hidden they were, and it was only a matter of time before he got so many of them that there wouldn’t be enough of them left to put up a fight. I figured as long as I stayed inside it I’d be able to make it all the way to the wall of cars. I had no idea what I was going to do from there, though. I was so intent on reaching the wall that I didn’t even notice them until I was right on top of them, and by then it was too late. I jumped over the debris and landed outside the wall-right in front of a military-style Humvee where Nessel and two of his lieutenants were watching the battle unfold. I might have been a civilian, or even one of their own hired goons. With the infected hot on my heels, I drew both Glocks and ran straight for Nessel, firing the whole way. The other lieutenant tried to break and run, but he got caught by the infected and went down screaming. Before he had a chance to get up I shot him three times, once in the neck and twice in the chest. There were eight of them, and using the Humvee for cover, I used up the last of my ammunition on them. That left me with nothing but my machete to fight the sniper.


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You will not receive additional emails from us unless you request them. SEND EMAIL BACK Your friend or loved one will get your message shortly. About this Resource Indivior Inc. (Indivior) is required to disclose the following requirements for participation and use to all participants. This free service provides a list of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants (hereafter collectively and individually referred to as HCP(s) or Healthcare Providers) who are waivered per the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 to treat opioid dependence with FDA-approved medications and who have agreed to be in the Indivior Treatment Locator (Locator). The maximum number of patients that an HCP may treat is limited by law; therefore, some HCPs may not always be able to accept new patients. Participating HCPs do not pay a fee to be listed in the Locator, and their participation does not impose any requirements on the manner in which they treat or provide services to patients. Participating HCPs are chosen for your search based on the geographical search information entered. Some of the participating HCPs may be consultants to Indivior and, receive payment for services. Some may have other financial relationships with Indivior as recipients of research grants, or other similar payments, or they may have an ownership interest in Indivior. Indivior does not recommend or endorse any HCP included in the Locator for any purpose, nor is the Locator a tool to verify a specific HCP's credentials or qualifications. It is your responsibility to select an HCP appropriate for your needs and you assume full responsibility for your interactions with any HCP you contact through the Locator. Indivior is not responsible for the medical care or advice given by any participating HCP you choose to contact. Do you acknowledge that you understand how the Locator works and that you'd like to continue to your results. SUBOXONE Film is manufactured for Indivior Inc. North Chesterfield, VA 23235 by Aquestive Therapeutics, Warren, NJ 07059. This low-potency opioid produces only a mild high compared to drugs like morphine, heroin, Vicodin, and fentanyl. It’s also unusual in the fact that at a certain point, taking more buprenorphine pills will not produce a greater high. This creates a faster and more intense high than taking the drug orally due to the fact that it can bypass the digestive system, instead going straight into the bloodstream to travel to the brain all at once.


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Especially Manos. That episode is one of the best. Though it went through a few different incarnations and networks (KTMA, Comedy Central, SCI FI Channel, etc. during its decade-long run, the series has largely been regulated to tape-trading, scattershot DVD releases and now a smattering of streaming options in the age of Netflix. In a chat with ComicBook. om, Guggenheim noted their use of the character as a trainer for Laurel (Katie Cassidy) presented the perfect opportunity to follow up with Wildcat a few years after his flirtation with vigilantism. It was a nice twist, and Guggenheim said it was really a a? o-brainera. He makes sense within our world, Ted Grant had trained the original Black Canary, we've got Ted Grant training Laurel. There's a lot of low-hanging fruit there as it were, in terms of making Ted and Wildcat part of the show a no-brainer. At the same time, as you might have noticed, we've got a good chunk of costumed heroes running around Starling City. The challenge for us was how to make Ted and the Wildcat character different and the answer for us was revealing that Oliver was not in fact the first vigilante to roam the streets of Starling. . It's actually been something we've been talking about for quite a while. Guggenheim went on to discuss how they map out seasons years in advance with plot points, and the long game they try to play by laying out major story arcs 1-2 seasons in advance. Ita? an approach that has made Arrow one of the best shows on television, and ita? nice to know theya? e still well ahead of the curve.


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- I'll throw in Littlefinger as a potential victim. Sansa may decide to kill him off after using him for the army, which might make LF proud of her (not really happy, obviously. . There's a reason they showed us that shot of him in the trailer and if they just wanted to include him, they could've picked any of the shots in the Vale. That figure dressed in black may be Sansa bringing him the news. Of course the show could also show him emerge as the new power and have him make a move for the Iron Throne, which would be one explanation for a potential conflict with Dany. We'll see. - This sounds like Tormund will survive, which is great news. Wun Wun going down like this kind of sucks, but he's really more of a gimmick than a real character, so if that's the price for everyone else surviving (besides Rickon of course), so be it. - I was hoping for more Sam this season, especially at Oldtown. I wonder if they basically just show him finding whatever it is he needs to find and that's going to be the entire arc or if that's just delayed until next season. Plus Varys is portrayed as a good guy, flat out murder doesn't seem to be his M. . (expect for his revenge on the sorcerer, which is understandable). Maybe one of her new red priestesses will also convince her of the looming threat. That lone should take up three or four episodes, which is probably going to be half the season. She then gets the call from Jon and travels north, where she'll arrive towards the end of the season. Five of the last six episodes are probably going to focus on the war against the WWs exclusively, with the finale just wrapping things up. Considering the show's tendency to square peg, round hole their main characters to end up in roughly the same spot as their book counterparts, maybe the Red Priests supporting Dany is enough to get him to switch his allegiances.


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Thus, these modern techniques also contributed to overturning stereotypes of male and female sexual behavior that had been accepted for more than a century. Given that replication is an essential criterion of science, and that Bateman’s ideas became an unquestioned tenet of behavioral and evolutionary science, it is shocking that more than 50 years passed before an attempt to replicate the study was published. Behavioral ecologist Patricia Gowaty and collaborators had found numerous methodological and statistical problems with Bateman’s experiments; when they reanalyzed his data, they were unable to support his conclusions. Subsequently, they reran Bateman’s critical experiments, using the exact same fly strains and methodology—and couldn’t replicate his results or conclusions. Counterevidence, evolving social attitudes, recognitions of flaws in the studies that started it all—Bateman’s Principle, with its widely accepted preconception about male-female sexual behavior, is currently undergoing serious scientific debate. The scientific study of sexual behavior may be experiencing a paradigm shift. Facile explanations and assertions about male-female sexual behaviors and roles just don’t hold up. We were in Hamilton, at the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley — not exactly ugly country. The snow-crowned brows of the Sapphire Mountains (where you can pan yourself a sapphire in the tailings of the area's numerous mines) peered down at us through the window of the coffee shop where he was pulling my iced mocha. The man himself was heading to the Madison River, near West Yellowstone, a worldwide destination for fly-fishing. But even in a state as naturally blessed as Montana, which has more than 3,000 lakes, Flathead has distinction. Not only because it runs longer than a marathon — it's the largest freshwater natural lake west of the Mississippi — and ripples with water of gemlike translucence but because often it feels like so few people know about it. Of course, if the lake is little more than a drive-by for the swarm of travelers en route to Glacier National Park and Whitefish, the high-end ski town just to the north, that's just fine with the locals. In two months, I had performed in front of dozens of rooms, and I desperately wanted silence — and an infusion of energy — for an even longer book tour in the fall, as well as for edits on my second novel. Montana, which I'd been visiting steadily since 2007, has the best silence I've ever found, and I managed to persuade a writer friend to accompany me. (Few other careers offer spontaneous availability and a professional use for silence. Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, a much-lauded luxury dude ranch on the northeastern edge of the lake, hits a writer's wallet too hard, and the Islander Inn, eight elegant rooms designed in a coastal aesthetic, was still preparing to open. So we tried Airbnb, where we found a farmhouse on Finley Point, at the lake's southeastern tip, with the water sparkling on one side and the Mission Mountains grandstanding on the other. From left: A roadside stand near the town of Polson; Barry and Anita Hansen’s guesthouse in Finley Point, where the writer stayed through Airbnb.