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I wonder if icewave will come back is there a bot list for 2019 yet. Can it also power a certain DeLorean's power needs. Damn, I’m gullible as hell. ? Can confirm I'm running F. . . . aswell Flux. Well doesn’t THAT sound like something made by Aperture Science. Needs more wheels I use flux anytime I solder can confirm so much power I'm an electrical engineering graduate, but you still have me going for a while. LOL. Well it wasn't long ago that we discovered the zillionth state of matter. And LIPOS will be replaced with MNR's, or Micro Nuclear Reactors. Lol too good TFW (That Face When) Copperhead fluxes all over the actuated kinematic engines BattleBots 1 week ago BotFans: The Desperado Flash Tournament will be back for the 2019 season. Me and some friends feel thats what hutson was doing. So exciting!

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But she also believes that she is the rightful heir of Westeros and she has grown up thinking of her family in that position, and thus she wants the throne. I dont think the undead characters are meant to stay alive. I could also see Jon doing a Cregan Stark, taking on a position of power, setting things right and then leaving that position again. If Jon and a Stark (either Sansa or Rickon) are in control of the North again, then they will be in opposition against each other. We will have to see what happens when they eventually meet. Of course it is very interesting that Jon and Sansa will meet up again in the show this season. It could just mean that they have to take on political marriages that they dont necessarily want, and become rulers and take on responsibilities that would not necessarily make them happy. But, he has deliberately put Tyrion in harm’s way many times over the years, hoping Tyrion would be taken out for him, without implicating himself in that ignominious deed. His most unpleasant characteristic is how much enjoyment he derives from planning and executing his vindictive schemes. In contrast, I would not be surprised if Cersei went out in a blaze of glory in a last-ditch attempt to save one of her children, whom I do believe she is devoted to. I agree, it’s difficult to unravel, but studies of twins raised under separate circumstances are quite suggestive. Tyrion is not intelligent because he is a dwarf (although he is learned because he reads). Jon is not kind only because he has had the experience of being a bastard (or Ramsay would be a most considerate honey). Stannis would be interesting to check in on to show his brotehr’s poor attitude towards him and how dutiful he was but being isolated on an island, I don’t think he’s need that much screen time. Jon Arryn would be interesting as the mentor to Ned and Robert plus obviously Rickard and Brandon Stark and Arthur Dayne, Gerard Hightower, etc as well as Elia, Howland, Benjen, The Tulley household, Varys, The Mountain,etc,etc. I think that the ending being kind of known won’t matter if it is executed well. All about the journey and not the destination as they say.

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Conclusion Poor cognitive status appeared to be the strongest mortality predictor. The employment of brief tests for cognitive status evaluation would enable orthopaedists to have good criteria for the choice of treatment for each patient screened. Although information on unemployment following ankle fractures can be important in cases of financial compensation, no studies have investigated rates of short-term disability and employment status among patients who have suffered isolated ankle fractures in the US. We retrospectively reviewed 573 medical charts for patients who were treated for ankle fractures in the last 3 years at a level I trauma center. A total of 83 non-elderly patients that had isolated ankle fractures were contacted and surveyed over the phone. Patients were asked about employment history and current status, disability, type of fracture, and demographic information. Fifty-three (62%) patients contacted were employed at the time of injury. Ankle fracture patients are likely to suffer high rates of unemployment or disability shortly after their injury. Further investigations with a larger-scale, randomized patient population can provide important information on employment status following ankle fractures. It has been recognized that the incidence of primary and secondary osteoporosis differs in women and men. The aim of the present study was to assess the incidence and gender distribution of factors contributing to osteoporosis in older hip fracture patients. In this cross-sectional study 404 patients with hip fractures and controls referred to an acute geriatric care department over a period of 15 months were included. The medical history was recorded and blood samples were analyzed for routine laboratory parameters. A total of 249 patients with hip fractures and 155 matched controls were studied. The Tinetti test and the Barthel index were found to show highly significant differences in both groups mainly because of the postoperative state of patients with fractures. Vitamin D deficiency was found in 94. % of male fracture patients and 94.