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Life’s breath and guttural sounds are sharply contrasted with the entire corseted world of propriety. I could spend an entire article unpacking this film, there are so many potential layers of interpretation. You just have to surrender to the labyrinthine nature and rhythm of this film, entering a suspended reality, bordering on a traumatic state between life and death. This obsessive, cathartic processing of collective memory is what Sunset and Son of Saul are essentially about in terms of creative process. The female central protagonist is such an interesting figure, intensely vulnerable in a male dominated environment, strangely distant from the action and yet wilfully stepping into situations that might change the outcome for individuals, Iris is like an angel testing the character and resolve of those around her. She courts danger to gain understanding, side stepping the violence around her, dons her brother’s clothes and moves through a chaotic world, somehow surviving unscathed. Like the exquisitely crafted hats Iris makes as part of her inheritance, this is a beautiful film, punctuated by violence and a seething undercurrent of corruption. Festival shorts selections are a great place for exposure to different stories, realities and for spotting emerging filmmakers. In Scotland there is a significant gap between short film production and transitioning to features, which hopefully the proposed building of production facilities outside Edinburgh will help address. The relationship between Fife based motorcycle racer Jodie Chalk and her Dad Garfield is inspirational, based on unconditional love and support that transcends the race track. Breaking down barriers in what is predominantly a male sport, Chalk’s talent and unwavering commitment deserves sponsorship and I hope that this film will raise the profile for equality and future investment. The need to care for something, or someone, and have a stable place to call home is highlighted by a film where the well-being of man and bull are completely dependent on each other. Funny and tender, Tony and the Bull refreshingly strips life back to essential relationships, what we need to overcome difficulty and gain contentment. As a form of portraiture using split widescreen, the viewer enters the world of Edinburgh resident Graham Croan Bee. Unlike many of the SDI films heavy on telling documentary through dialogue and voiceover, this is artist film meets documentary, with the storytelling evenly split between dialogue and visuals.

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Which he was. “Ashley, go help your Mom in the kitchen, Sweety,” Jack turned to his daughter. “Yes, Daddy. Alex could tell she was happy to be out of the room. But he was hungry. He didn’t care about how hungry he was; until now. At that very point he felt the hunger as unbearable. It’s past your curfew and past our dinner time. “I’m sorry. “Go take a shower and change your clothes, please. The sheriff passed by today and we’re going to have a little talk about it tonight. Agony was painted on Alex’s face. Jack turned his gaze to Clara, who had finished emptying the dish washer and was setting the table for Alex. “After I talk to him,” Jack told her. “But he’s hungry, Jack.


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I still think it’s weird that Jon arrives and Dany leaves the next episode but there you have it. I think Grey Worm might arrive in Casterly Rock episode 4 or 5. The sea battle could also be episode 3, so they show Dany’s enemies getting the upper hand before she fights back. So that means Jon arrives at Dragonstone pretty early, maybe as early as episode 2 since he has filmed many scenes with Emilia and the Targaryen crew and I don’t think they’ll clutter them all in one episode. I agree. He’s still the best man in the 7Ks and he always will be, regardless of his title. Also what I really want to know is why would he dismiss his resurrection in front of Dany. It won’t be at the same time, Benioff and Weiss are too smart for that. Plus, the NK and newly upgraded zombie Viserion need their moment tearing down the Wall. Yes, I guess he could arrive at the end of episode 2. I like the idea of Sam and Jorah meeting, what with all their various connections. I hope the writers made the effort to come up with some good dialogue between the two of them. I want to hear Sam’s thoughts on Jon and both of their thoughts on Jeor Mormont. None of them lied. When we get to the point in the story when Jon supposedly kneels to Daenerys, the season finale, I don’t think it really truly makes a difference.

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In the books, I fiercely hope for Tyrion-Sansa reunion to happen in the Vale. The Alayne chapter from Winds has introduced us to more characters from the Vale. It looks like a set-up for something eventful to happen to Sansa, but it could also be a set-up for a Targaryen resurgence in the Vale. Would like Meereen to have one off too but that seems to be a long shot. He might even blame the gods for giving the fighting skills to a woman like Brienne but none to his son. I felt angry at his treatment of Brienne, but I also felt a tinge of pity for him. Maergery will surely only be released when she repents for her sin after Loras confesses (which he’s pretty close to doing). The parallel editing makes it appear as if the Waif reacted to the Frey name. Plus, other than the BwoB or maybe Jaim, no one in the RL can I. . Arya. Both (as well as Meera and Bran themselves) should know that passing the wall would compromise the ward though. I know that the wights at the cave tried to hurt Bran. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that the NK doesn’t want to harm Bran as much as use him (join the dark side, luke? .


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xt. Copy and paste that log as a reply to this topic. Step 3. Security Check Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here. Double click SecurityCheck. xe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup. xt; please post the contents of that document. Step 4. Please post: mbam log eset log security check log Please give me an update on how your computer is doing. This malware has been repeatedly downloading and I have been manually removing it and clearing the FF cache and back it came again and again. Not intended this so no idea how long that has been the case. Sorted that out and then I went back through my browser history until I found the site that was causing the problem (I have contacted the owner). Examples from two different pages: Forum Index Page: Forum Lobby Page: Now what is puzzling me is: 1. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how, if possible, I can stop Firefox from allowing this virus to download and wonder if anyone can explain why Opera seems to be able to block it.