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2. Vomit fraud, by Uber drivers. Uber decided no one is that full. 3. Our favorite headlines. That's the Rhode Island version. Then 4. On immigration, and the first stone. 5. On the airline seat comfort question, I think the evil airline CEOs have a point. The default is a relatively roomy, but expensive seat. If you want a DISCOUNT, then you want the smaller seat. But then you can't complain that the seat is smaller. This is NSFW. I t's actually not safe for anything, and you shouldn't watch it. Don't blame me. But it's a guy using the worst pickup lines in history, badly. For context, that's all in response to this sort of thing. 10. The comments will be worth reading, if you like unintentional self-parody by half-wits.

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I think we needed Rickon to be shown dying to bring closure to his plot and to give Jon a reason to bail on his war plan and make us really fear for him. That towards the end the espiode, the burial of Rickon takes place, we see Bran having his JS vision then cue JS and Sansa looking at something in the crypt - cue music and title rolls. So we'd only got to wait till next year for the reveal. ? Ron Walsh 2 anni fa sansa has turned evil. It's in the realm of possibility that the whole world explodes and no one survives. I don't deny that Sansa is definitely steping up on the world. She's seen all the crap that happens in King's Landing. King Cold 2 anni fa damn dude this is a wild ass fucking theory Sarah of House Dayne 2 anni fa What. Sansa isn't trying to wipe out her brothers:s where do you get that idea from. Armoring Regret 2 anni fa Does anybody thing that Yara has a nice ass. And can't wait until Yara and Danny have lesbian sex. Free Bee 2 anni fa Some reason I dont want dany end up to rule westoros (unless jon would be King and she would be queen, but they are probably half brothers and sisters). But im sure that will be the last scene of the last episode of the final season when dany sits her fine ass to that throne Cu Chulainn 2 anni fa Umm. Sarah of House Dayne 2 anni fa Yeah I don't know if Jon would make a good ruler lol Cu Chulainn 2 anni fa Sansa needs a spanking and Jon needs a leadership lesson. Rock Music 2 anni fa noone can protect anybody,,, forshadowing Arya will protect Sansa. Rock Music 2 anni fa Yes, but for me Arya at the same time of rebecoming Arya has actually become noone and now she is going home to protect Sansa, Michael Sullivan 2 anni fa Ah great thought but she isn't noone. Worked wonders for the Stannis Not even some spies that got caught. John still falling for the trick after so much betrail. I assume Stanis did a real number on their army because the seemed to have shrunk in numbers significantly.

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Sebut saja nama Ruby Rose, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Winston Chao, dan Cliff Curtis. Sedangkan penyutradaraan di percayakan kepada Jon Turteltaub. Daripada ngeluh tongpes melulu, mending nonton film aja, deh. Ya cari sugar daddy atau sugar mommy yang mau bayarin, dong, bossku. Berikut daftar film yang sedang tayang di bioskop-bioskop Indonesia weekend ini. BELI 1 GRATIS 1 TIKET NONTON di CGV KHUSUS PENGGUNA GO-PAY. Sabtu ini acara nonton kamu bisa lebih hemat di CGV. Tunggu apa lagi? Yuk buruan datang ke CGV dan nikmati promonya. The Meg is definitely not Jaws it's a Fun Shark Movie with a bit of carnage and science fiction and high advance technology. Jason Statham vs The Megalodon is something you don't want to missed out. As a Shark Movie Fans i not very satisfied with The Meg, compared to Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows, 47 Meters Down, Shark Night, The Meg delivers zero chills lack of intense. The BritMovie site needs funds to keep going and to pay the hosting fees. You can make donations via PayPal at the Powell and Pressburger site. Reminded of this thread when I saw Kate Mara's name in a poster and mistook it as Kate O'Mara. Annie Jednak knows Kota Jay who knows my friend Julian lowenthal Sam Baden also shares his name with the director of Getting In, a webseries with Natan Davids and HBO Vinyl's Ella Steinbeck. A Joe Conte worked on the Frozen ground with NIcolas Cage, Dan FOgler's Marconi Bros, the producer of Canada's Kid's Town, plus various people involved Scott Shaw and Donald G Jackson's Superhero Central, a podcaster and star of Archie Black - the Worst with Jay Mohr, and Joseph Meli's Rotten Luck, a short with wrestler Mario Bokara and one Joe Conte with an empty listing. Meli also worked on short - Checkmate - Keep Your Enemies Closer with Peter Greene, Manny Perez, WIlliam Sadler and Frederico Castellucio. Now both at Warners there was actor Hugh Herbert and writer F. ugh Herbert.

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He or she will support you explain your goals and your visions. Give you assist. They will inform you that you also can triumph and make a very wonderful and valuable income on the web. He trained me on what to do in purchase to triumph on the net. At first I was accomplishing properly but then I transformed program and tried out to do points my way. I went from carrying out perfectly, to losing plenty of revenue. I am not likely to go into far too a great deal aspects but you get the picture. If the methods that they instruct you operate and they really should, then hold executing it. I’m now not positive whether this publish is written via him as nobody else realize such targeted approximately my problem. You know therefore significantly when it comes to this matter, made me in my opinion consider it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated except it is one thing to do with Girl gaga. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. From fresh new Sashimi to savory Soba, you can experience the luscious flavor of Japan and its abundant background suitable listed here inside of the greatest restaurants in Tokyo, Japan. A quantity of dining places can be located inside of the metropolis that serves not just exquisite Japanese dishes but also delivers the most effective in the earth. Because Tokyo is the money city of Japan, a big variety of possibilities are readily available. Ramen, Sushi, Tofu dishes, Seafood, or grilled meat, you identify it. Let’s just take a vacation to downtown Tokyo and look at out what are the very best dining places Tokyo Japan has in retailer for us. Every single slice of this delicately ready dish has a flavor that can by no means be forgotten. Tokyo’s Central Market’s Sushi Dai is also widely known as Daiwa Sushi, the spot to be. The freshest fish that you can question for is right here.

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“I’m lucky I’ve had standup and that if all this fleeting fame goes away, I’ll still have standup, I’ll still be able to do a gig in front of 100 people somewhere if I want to. . Howard was happy to be abroad for his stand-up dates which he suspected sold out due to the Netflix special, Recalibrate, which has been available for over a year on the streaming service. It’s likely gained him fans as his non-stop infectious energy is present while he goes through bits that are juvenile, self-deprecating, feminist, and remains hilarious throughout. “Doing stuff in America is so exciting, being a little English bloke and coming here. You’re at ground level and you’re learning about America or you’re going to Europe and chatting with people afterwards. It makes you a bit more global, but in the best sense. . After spending two months in India last year, he said, “You certainly realize how English you are when you travel. Going to different parts of the world, you see your country and your viewpoint a bit clearer. You can learn from the news and you can also learn from wandering around places. It’s that everyday knowledge alongside book smarts. . As Howard nears his wedding day, he even mused about someday bringing his future family along on world tours down the line. He also credits his own family and upbringing with keeping him grounded when he’s racking up world tour dates and millions of views on YouTube and social media followers. “I find real life a lot harder than this make-believe life that I’ve created. That’s why you have to be surrounded by people that have known you all your life and don’t let you get carried away with all your nonsense. . I have watched it in different phases of my life, through various perspectives. Every time I watch it, I learn a new detail that I had not noticed the before.

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Despite being a pushover, Tommen's behavior does seem naively realistic. I almost forgot that establishing the Faith Militant was Cersie's idea in the first place. The Lord finding out about his girlfriend happened more quickly and cliche than I would have liked, but everyone's behavior is reasonable. Arya's 'betrayal' of the Faceless Men reminds me of Batman Begins. rain with cultish assassins and then betray the request to kill at the last minute. The betrayal does let some steam out of all the buildup but I hope the payoff is great. Betraying them makes sense because who wants to just kill people out BS reasons like career jealousy. I agree with DS that I would rather have maybe 1 or 2 subplots resolved in an episode than just 10 minute scenes. If you take their face do you also get their boobs though. You'd have to, otherwise people could tell it isn't you, because the boobs are memorable. She let it happen. It would be interesting if grandma Tyrell was in on it, but I don't see how that could be. She learned how to get beat by a stick and pour poison into a cup. Can someone give me a recap about Lord Frey, Tully houses. on't feel like watching Season 3 or whatever over again. Freys were sworn to the Tullys (just like the Boltons to the Starks! , and control the only usable bridge over a major river. For allowing Robb and his Northern army to use that bridge, Catelyn negotiated a marriage alliance between Stark and Frey. To make amends, Edmure Tully, the new Lord of Riverrun, was supposed to marry one of Lord Frey's daughters. I've never seen anyone be so consistently negative and critical of so many different topics on here.


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She may very well become a book-end to the Targaryen dynasty, mirroring in many surprising ways its creation. Or maybe she'll institute a federal republic of sorts, and conquer in a way Aegon couldn't have imagined. I mean, it's always winter beyond the Wall, so having a massive zombie army is fine there, but summer is going to roll back around again eventually, right. Unless the White Walkers bring the winter with them, or something. That was such a sour note in what I thought was a lovely scene. Sam is one of my favorite characters; I think the actor has really grown into the role (KH has grown into his role too), and the revelation that Sam wants and needs to be a maester, and Jon's reluctant acknowledgement of it, really paid off a lot of buildup of their characters and history together. A lot of people had problems with the attempted rape of Gilly. But ugh, UGH to throwing into all that the fact that Sam had got some right after the attempted rape. It's not even that I think that part of the conversation was unrealistic; sadly it was probably very realistic. But playing it for laughs was just the worst possible choice and completely tone deaf to the criticisms of how the show treats sexual violence and its aftermath. They can pull off the CGI in Hardhome, yet they can't handle simple dialogue in even a moderately sensible, sensitive way. It's maddening. And saddening, as it shows they are themselves immersed in a gross culture similar to the one their show is ostensibly critiquing. This is one area where the slow pace of the last couple books really did make things more believable. We have not got to Stannis's defeat yet, but if that is what's next in store, it makes sense. This just flies by. So instead of a desperate man making hard choices, we end up with a fool-hardy man that makes stupid choices. He's seen white walkers and whatnot, so magic is definitely real to him. The original domination of Westeros was with two sisters and a brother in an incestuous relationship controlling dragons. Jon being dead or perceived dead frees him from his Watch vow opening paths to power.

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Names include: Jesse Morale, Michael Koiter ( Blizzard Entertainment employees), Anthony Ray Stark (a friend of an employee), and the discontinued Starcraft: Ghost game. The memorial is updated whenever a noted creator passes away. During the event, players were encouraged to kill enemies with Avenger rifles and Inferno Grenades — the Avenger being the model of Zaeed's beloved Jessie and Inferno Grenade being his loyalty power in Mass Effect 2. Jay had been murdered in 2002, months before the game's release. To make the connection clearer, a quest that takes place on the mountain is given by an NPC who greatly resembles him. A strange creature found on Satori Mountain called the Lord of the Mountain is indicated by flavour text to be a reincarnation of Iwata himself. He previously worked on the first Injustice game, as well as Mortal Kombat 2011 and Mortal Kombat X. Blue Season 11 was deicated to David Dreger, an RT Community member who had been found dead after having been missing for half a month. Z has its first ep dedicated to both Satoru Iwata and Monty Oum (The latter of which was inspired to make fan animation by the series's original run). He's implied to have killed them earlier in the episode. He passed away the day after the video was uploaded. The gratitude is purely sarcastic, pointing up the unfortunate tendency of this trope to collide with Sturgeon's Law in terms of the quality of the actual work. Unfortunately, it's grown considerably the past few years. It happened after he jumped in front of a bullet intended for Kevin Keller, newly elected senator and 50 percent of their world's gay population. Archie bled out a hero, but for a comic about well-mannered teens and sock hops, a homophobic political assassin was a pretty insane ending. In it, Kurt sends a rocket to the Mun without any of his usual commentary and instead has wistful music playing. On January 26, 2016, when Vigoda died for real, Fark made their banners black and white in his honor. Additionally, Lovhaug and White have ditched the JewWario hats. However, Mako died shortly after the recording for the second season of Avatar was completed. Oh, did we mention the segment itself was about Iroh going to mourn his dead son on said son's birthday?

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You want probable buyers or clients to relate to your solution. Your occasion could be to not only boost a products or two, but to endorse your company as effectively, so creativity is a should. The firm should really know how to accomplish what you are hunting for. The company should actually listen to what you want and will need, not try to make some sort of brief movie that is so out there, you are embarrassed by the final result of the company video. This is specially real when outlining company films for coaching. Minneapolis dwell event filming as effectively as company party filming should be capable to add three-D consequences to your video clip. You might want your logo in the film so that people today will conveniently try to remember your corporation. Pick a business that will make your live function or corporate occasion stand out amongst the rest in Minneapolis, MN. When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Inteenet Explorer, it hass some overlapping. I’m hoping to provide something again and aid others like you aided me. The journey has already started with a privilege health card. The purpose of the card is to lower the everyday healthcare expedition of the user. I just stumbled upon youir webb site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing tto your feeds annd even I achievement you access consistently rapidly. I wonder if I could ask a few questions? Because. can think of some other lessons that negate this. The ingredients are listed on the package (very small print and very hard to read) but they do include aloe, Vitamin E, shea butter and several natural oils among the items. Take the next pill at the usual time. (This means you may take two pills in one day.

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Especially good news for businesses is that there would be no extra paperwork to fill out. That is because of another one of our priorities reflected in Bill C-4, our commitment to reduce red tape at every opportunity. We understand that when Canadian businesses succeed, all Canadians benefit. That is why we have taken repeated steps to free up Canadian business owners from paperwork so that they can focus on growing their businesses and creating jobs. Now certain essential forms that simply cannot be avoided are easier to process. For instance, the CRA recently launched its new online mail service for Canadian businesses, available through My Business Account, which streamlines their interactions with the agency. We are keeping taxes low, cutting red tape, and going after tax cheats like never before. No wonder Canada leads the G7 with more than one million net new jobs created since the depth of the global recession. With the adoption of Bill C-4, we will be able to carry on this proud tradition of progress. They think they have tabled a budget, but all we see is proof that they have an aptitude—I would even call it a talent—for transforming gold into lead. I talked very openly about reducing red tape, reducing the cost for small business, and getting more people hired in the Canadian economy, never mind the one million net new jobs we have created since the great depression. That shows that the government is paying attention to what small business is saying. It shows that we are creating jobs that benefit ordinary Canadians. Maybe he needs to take a look at the record of this government in assisting with affordable housing across this nation. It is very hard to enforce penalties when it is so easy for these companies to be offshore. An analogy is legislation to combat spam, which was, in fact, passed before I was elected. Obviously, if we are going to penalize businesses, that is one part of the equation. We set that up because some businesses, quite frankly, have this software in place and are not even aware of it. It really would be improper to punish people for using something they are not aware they are using. We are saying that they should recognize that this software is out there and that they should make sure that they are not culpable for using this software.