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Not half bad. 23) Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (2002) - Made for CBC film version of the Royal Winnepeg Ballet's Dracula. Surprisingly entertaining. 24) The Horde (2009) - Cops and crooks have to team up to battle zombies. What a steaming pile of shit this was. 27) Night of the Living Dead Reanimated (2009) - Animated version of NotLD featuring just about every style of animation you can think of (hand drawn, CG, stop motion, puppets, etc. . Some of it was great. A lot of it sucked. 28) The Burning (1980) - Kids on a summer camp canoe trip are killed by the camp caretaker who was burned during a prank years earlier. I've seen it a few times before on cable, but hadn't watched the DVD. Zombies ) (2008) - A lab accident causes an experimental anti-cancer drug to contaminate a scientist's synthetic crack substitute. Nothing special. 34) The Wizard of Gore (2007) - A magician called Montag cuts people up on stage.

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None of these are likely to net Indonesia its first-ever Oscar nomination, but I think the costumes and sets of “Sultan Agung” will beat out the controversial girl power of “Marlina the Murderer”. Unlikely but possible: Borneo tale “Terbang” and romantic drama “Dilan 1990”. 9. JAPAN- “Shoplifters” Japan announced their Oscar pick early this year, choosing Hirokazu Koreeda’s Palme d’Or winner “Shoplifters” before I had a chance to make a prediction. This was surprising only because Japan never goes for the obvious choice. Despite making some of the world’s greatest films, they usually select a rather obscure and forgettable film. They ignored their past two Palme d’Or winners (“Ballad of Narayama” and “The Eel”, both by Shohei Imamura who was picked twice by Japan for more obscure efforts). In the past seven years, I’ve seen six of their nominees. They selected four “good but not great” movies I barely remember seeing (“100-Yen Love”, “The Great Passage”, “Her Love Boils Bathwater” and “Postcard”), one mediocre one (“The Light Shines Only There”) and one that was downright bad (“Nagasaki: Memories of My Son”). So, I’m excited that they chose “Shoplifters”, by one of my favorite Japanese directors. Other films that got ignored in a relatively slow year: mystery-thriller “The Crimes That Bind”, anime-drama “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms”, comedy “Oh Lucy! (co-starring Josh Hartnett) and Naomi Kawase’s “Vision” (co-starring Juliette Binoche). 10. KAZAKHSTAN- “Talan” Kazakhstan has one of the more confusing races in Asia.


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There is lots of interesting things they can do for season 6 without having to do too much into TWOW. Obviously the show isn't going to be around for ADOS. Unless the hold is that Martin is writing both concurrently and just tying up plot points. There is certainly enough content to start splitting the books. Oh yeah. They could incorporate some of the lesser plotlines that they have cut, maybe even do some flashback scenes. Might provide some interesting background about dragons and dragon-riding. Sam going to Oldtown to study at the Citadel has great framed-narrative potential. They could show him buried in a book about the history of the 7 Kingdoms, maybe the Blackfyre rebellion or the Dance with Dragons, and then jump to showing us some aspect of those wars that sheds light on some aspect of the current events. They could incorporate some of the lesser plotlines that they have cut, maybe even do some flashback scenes. They could go all the way back to the Night's King and Queen, which I would love to see as well. Why would I waste all of that time if I am not even going to get an ending from the guy. I'll just keep watching the show and will pick up the books if he publishes TWoW and is writing ADoS. If that is true, then i'm not even going to pick up the books.


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