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The ensemble featured Victor Wong, David Lee, Ida F. O. Chung, and Rose Lee. GARY NADEAU Movies: Angels in the Endzone (1997), The Jennie Project (2001) Nadeau co-wrote the Francis Ford Coppola film, Jack (1996), starring Robin Williams and Diane Lane. Both of Nadeau’s TV movies were Disney features, one a football movie that adopts the semi-storyline of the baseball film Angels in the Outfield, the other a feel-good movie starring a chimpanzee. Jean Harris (1980), starring Ellen Burstyn, who has a supporting part in this film, which also stars Ben Kingsley and features Bill Smitrovich, Cloris Leachman, Frank Whaley, Michael Gross, Frances Fisher, Brett Butler, and Lee Garlington. Mrs. Harris was nominated for 12 Emmys, including for Nagy’s script and direction as well as the performances of Bening, Kingsley, Burstyn, and Leachman. My Own Country is the adaptation of Abraham Verghese’s autobiography. An Indian physician who settled in Johnson City, Tennessee, Verghese fought to treat AIDS patients in the mid-1980s and soon found his office to be a magnet for patients coming from many surrounding states when the South wasn’t particularly progressive about the disease. Nair’s superb cast included Naveen Andrews as Verghese, Hal Holbrook, Glenne Headly, Marisa Tomei, and Swoosie Kurtz. Hysterical Blindness, based on Laura Cahill’s play about young women searching for suitable boyfriends in New Jersey, also drew an uncommonly good cast, led by Uma Thurman. Ben Gazzara and Gena Rowlands won Emmy Awards for their supporting work in it, and Juliette Lewis was nominated. BHARAT NALLURI b. 1965, Guntur, India Movies: The Hunters (2006), Tsunami: The Aftermath (2006) Nalluri directed the features Downtime (1997), Killing Time (1998), The Crow: Salvation (2000) with Kirsten Dunst, and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) starring Frances McDormand. Nalluri also directed episodes of Spooks, Hustle, and Life on Mars. Tsunami: The Aftermath concerned the international efforts and individual heroics that went into the 2004 responses to the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit Thailand. Tom Conti starred. JOE NAPOLITANO b.

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It's just a brave move on LSFF's part — and one that's paying dividends, at least in my book. Looking at the festival schedule, here's eight films we think you should make it a point to check out. — Chase Whale. Free doesn't necessarily mean easily attainable, though: You're going to have to endure a few hardships if you want to catch the performance that'll mark the opening of the mall's new Microsoft Store. To wit: People are expected to begin lining up at 10 p. . on Friday, November 7, in order to snag some 2,500 pairs of tickets that'll begin getting distributed at 10 a. . the next morning. Then the hour-long show will take place just a couple hours later, at around 1 p. . — CG. Fans of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. s Oak Cliff Coffee Ale can look out for cans of the brew at retail locations throughout Dallas this week. In the meantime, you can join the guys at DEBC as they celebrate their brewery's third anniversary this Saturday, November 8. The cost of admission will get you a logo pint glass with three beers, special brews and tappings all day, plus live music and more. The event takes place from noon to 10 p. . — Porttia Portis.

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We'll also see Lady Olenna admit to Jaime that she is the one who killed Joffrey. Lady Olenna will be forced to snuff out her own existence with some powerful poison. Later on, Dany will ambush part of the Lannister army, and she will be the victor, despite their heavy possession of anti-dragon artillery designed by Qyburn. Exhausted yet? Well, we haven't even gotten to Tyrion. She has instructed Drogon to burn various Westeros lords, including Sam's father Randyll. Euron is said to come across and destroy Yara's fleet, thus taking her prisoner as Theon narrowly escapes the madness. This is said to take place after he forges an alliance with the untrustworthy Cersei. His request is denied, and he eventually returns to Pyke. To wrap this all up, Theon will eventually meet with Jon Snow. He only allows him to live, because he saved Sansa. It is reported that these events may not play out in this exact order. And some of these spoilers may come on as a little confusing. Because Winter has arrived in Westeros, shooting the new episodes for Game of Thrones Season 7 had been pushed back. This means that the all-new season will debut later than usual, with it set to arrive summer 2017. Perhaps you will forget everything you've read here in that time. Unlike the previous ten episode seasons, Game of Thrones Season 7 will only run seven episodes. Smallville Actress Allison Mack Pleads Guilty in NXIVM Sex Cult Case Ahead of Trial Third Walking Dead Series Is Officially Coming to AMC in 2020 Monsters, Inc. The construction of a ship has led to speculation that the Greyjoy storyline may be featured in the show next year, but the report also notes that it is still unclear which actors will be seen filming at this location at the moment.

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A part of me suspects that they’re just trying to get their payroll down at this point. Your odds of at least one payout are nearly a lock. But that’s a whole other storyline, one we’ll cover if we ever make it that far. Next week will finally be Sansa week, and after that, the endgame. The campaign is still there, in the bottom-most strata of the archives. Good Robot Dev Blog An ongoing series where I work on making a 2D action game from scratch. A Star is Born Remember the superhero MMO from 2009. It was dumb. So dumb I was compelled to write this. Hardware Review So what happens when a SOFTWARE engineer tries to review hardware? This. Movies it’s a bit less important because with so much less screen time you don’t miss out on as much character development and you can wrap stories up faster, and even have it add to the drama of the ending better because they’re that much closer together. But with TV shows and books, kill too few and everyone feels invulnerable, no tension or suspense. But a lot of shows fall off the horse on the other side trying to correct for this and end up killing so many characters that there’s no one interesting left. Walking Dead is starting to fall into that pattern too I feel. The capital of Westeros, the focal point of all the politicking, is going to be nothing but sibling squabbles unless they get some more major characters in there. A few really good character deaths will cement a show’s reputation for killing lots of characters in a way that a dozen poorly handled ones won’t. It’s not something you throw in to spice up an otherwise dull plotline- it has to arise from and contribute to the narrative flow. I has to be a point where the character’s personal arc and the overall story align to make it the right thing to happen at the moment.

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ore 21 125 73 In the Name of the Father Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Tom Wilkinson In the Name of the Father is a 1993 Irish-British-American biographical courtroom drama film co-written and directed by Jim Sheridan. It is based on the true life story of the Guildford Four,. ore 22 161 112 The Queen Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen, James Cromwell The Queen is a 2006 British historical drama film depicting the British Royal Family's response to Diana, Princess of Wales on 31 August 1997. The film was directed by Stephen Frears, written by. ore 23 244 142 Braveheart Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Brendan Gleeson Braveheart is a 1995 epic historical medieval war drama film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. He continued to draw attention with appearances in TV teen dramas and variety shows. She has become a regular fixture in showbiz talk shows as controversies surfaced on alleged altercations with a fellow actress, some revealing Internet photos and hate blog entries. Jake’s 2006 transfer to the Kapamilya network proved to be a good decision. Not only did he bag 14 juicy TV roles, he also got a sizeable movie deal with Star Cinema for several projects. Robi has been aspiring to make it big in the biz without abandoning his studies. Now 27, Karylle is enjoying her time as a new talent of ABS-CBN and artist of EMI Music. A shift in image as well, as showbiz talks speculate on a possible cover for a popular men’s magazine. Reports have it that this singer is being cast in three major ABS-CBN movie projects. 9. Lovi Poe Her famous family name may have helped a bit, but definitely, Lovi Poe, 19, is a class on her own. Initially billed as a singer, Lovi proved that striking good looks are always an asset that television show producers can’t just ignore. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to catch Under the Shadow and The Handmaiden, so those titles have been regrettably omitted. The acting was a little strange, the lighting was a dark and there were quite a few slow patches. I did love the dark, grungy atmosphere though and there were some fantastic moments of shocking violence and intensity.

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Another of the documentary’s stars, John “Artly” Fox, said at Austin’s South by Southwest Film Festival in March that the rescuers figured they had a 75 percent chance of survival since the tower’s observation deck was four-sided. While Whitman was firing from all four, he couldn’t be more than one place at once. On the 50th anniversary of the Texas clock tower shooting, a look at the worst mass killings in the U. S. in recent memory James spent seven weeks in intensive care. She resumed classes the following January and said she never felt “horror or trauma” returning to campus - but eventually left school anyway. “It seems like you’re with the love of your life and I’m going to have a baby in another month or so, and then, all of a sudden, everything’s gone,” Jones, who now lives in Texarkana, Texas, said in a phone interview. “I just felt a lot of loneliness. Maitland said many mass killings prior to Whitman’s had clearer motives. What occurred at the University of Texas was targeting people with no connection to the sniper. “These random public acts are the most terrifying because there’s nothing you can do to prevent them. That was the question after a winery in a Hammonton, New Jersey posted a brief video appearing to show a puma strolling through the vineyard. In an October 9th post on a Hammonton winery’s Facebook page, a five-second video shows a light tan animal that they say was a cougar, recorded two weeks before, reports CBS Philadelphia. A trail cam photo taken about that time also sparked questions. On Monday, DEP spokesman Larry Hajna says he got an answer. “Larry Herrighty, our assistant director for operations in the division of fish and wildlife, reviewed the video and the trail-cam photo, and concluded the animal in both is, in fact, a house cat. We’d much rather that it be a house cat than a mountain lion, to be honest with you,” said Hajna. Hajna says although cougars haven’t lived in New Jersey for more than a century, some other big critters are residents of the Garden State. “You may run into a coyote, or even a bear.

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This was accomplished late last week, the congressman said. He stated that the DOJ has notified these jurisdictions that unless they become 100 percent compliant with the law, they will not be eligible to receive these grants for the next fiscal year. The grant process begins in January 2017, Culberson explained. “The applications are taken in February and March and the awards are announced early in the summer months,” he stated. The new administration can go right to work to force these jurisdictions to comply or simply choose to stop receiving federal money. Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. DOJ OIG Sanctuary Cities Memo by Bob Price on Scribd Cities that prevent deportations should lose their federal funding latimes. om. Darren Walp, 36, of Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania faces felony criminal mischief and a related misdemeanor. Walp was driving the load of corn from Reynolds, Nebraska to Hanover, Kansas when he exchanged texts with his boss. After learning he'd been fired, Walp stopped the truck on Nebraska Highway 8 near Odell and opened the grain trailer's bottom hatch doors. He then drove down the highway spilling the load of corn. Driver dumped corn on highway after firing, authorities say washingtontimes. om. And it’s going to be difficult for them to be anything but predictable moving forward, as they are losing the battle of attrition. Every football player at every level needs to see what he hits. 6. Tracy Porter understands that availability is as important than ability. You have to admire the way he plays through injuries and refuses to sit out.

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How could an ongoing situation with fewer farm workers affect food prices, agricultural incomes, the mix of crops grown. If so, since the tourist season runs longer than the typical summer vacation for schools, how easily could workers be found willing to move north for six months. And if the international workers who have come, in some cases for decades, suddenly cannot come north to work, what effect could that have on the economies of their home countries. What effect would all this have on Michigan’s economic growth and stability. On fixing roads, improving schools, providing security. Najaf and his family came back to Michigan 30 years before this was a concern. Were he seeking asylum now, being from Iran, he’d have to wait another few months at a minimum. Najaf played a role in Michigan and the world’s economic development. He did research, he mapped and inventoried the soils of a number of Michigan counties, he was hired by the United Nations to do soil assessments in third-world nations. As a child his family had to flee from their village when the Soviet Union invaded Iran during World War II. He was jailed briefly while in college because he supported controversial Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh (whom the U. . and Britain deposed because he wanted to nationalize the oil industry). Were he still with us, I know he would probably be concerned now. But he trusted people implicitly, and with a booming laugh he would say we will all be fine, and finish by saying, as he always did, “Thanks be to God. . Would former Governor Jennifer Granholm shoulder arms and march to the front to defend our state from the infamous threat from, say, Ohio. Would former Governor Jim Blanchard stare down the Buckeye enemy from the trenches. Now former Governor William Milliken, an Army Air Corps gunner shot out of the skies during World War II, we know would head our victorious valiant forces as they marched in triumph.

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There's now a definite established market on video for these films. These films that are screened on cable aren't necessarily shown as pink films, so perhaps many people don't have an idea what they are watching, because they appear like a normal movie. According to the rules in Japan, if you show a man and a woman, stark naked and having intercourse in a full body shot, then it becomes an R-18. They're a lot more memorable than the ones they were actually released under. If you have a very sleazy title, thinking about the finished film when you are sitting on the train or wherever is very difficult, so I try to give the film a working title that I like first. This poem by Miyazawa says that there is no such thing as a personal identity within yourself - it's more a reflection of what other people think you are. These two feature the same actress in the role of a widow. I always liked Kenji Miyazawa's writing, but at the time I was thinking how I can construct his world within pink cinema. In the 60s there was the Anpo movement, and in the 1970s there were similar student movements, but in the 80s there was no equivalent, so this nothingness was my era. In the 90s there was Aum, and mysticism, and various other cults, and these all combine together to form a more spiritual movement, so I thought it was a movement that came together ten years too late for our generation. So in my mind, the reason I was attracted to Miyazawa was connected to the time. It was about a village that goes dry from lack of rain, and if you make a volcano explode the village can be saved, but someone has to sacrifice their life to do so. As for Bosan ga Ho Koita (The Monk Farted), this is from a playground poem that kids use to count and remember hiragana. There's a horror film, gangster film, romantic comedy with Dog Star, and now the sci-fi comedy. If I explained the synopsis of Dog Star, for example, to someone who didn't know your work, it almost sounds like a Disney movie or the script of an anime. Is this a conscious attempt to broaden your appeal. Like I said, because the types of films I used to make are not easily accepted any more. So I'm trying to make films within the framework of entertainment, something a little more accessible. I used to construct an image of this imaginary enemy in my own mind and make films aimed against this enemy.