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She asks if everything is ready and he replies that no one has ever more ready. As Qyburn approaches Cersei, Jamie enters the throne room. There is a long silence before Jamie walks over to the throne. Jamie asks her how could she have done this with tears in his eyes. He says he knows it was her who sent an assassin for Brienne. They hear a rumble as they talk. -Drogon surveys the Dragonpit looking for Cersei. He is perched on top of the ruins and starting to take flight when the Dragonpit blows up from within. The battle stops as living and dead alike stare at the wildfire explosion, and Drogon flying on top of it glowing green. He screeches in agony as his wings rain green fire on Kings Landing, then his dead body falls slowly to the city killing more people. Danerys is devastated. The outline describes it as five times bigger than the Sept explosion). -Jamie and Cersei feel the explosion from the Red keep. This is a long dialogue scene as Jamie becomes mad with fury and comes face to face with Cersei. Neither realize that Arya (disguised as Qyburn) has left the room.

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We are also training a few younger designers to talk to their target users. I might draw a big circle around the quote that is interesting and then write my own thoughts, “Why does she do this” or “they don’t have alignment between their goals and their choices” etc. I think it’s like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Spoiler: there are two new war stories, told live by their authors, at the end of the talk. Enjoy. Over the past few months of work, I had already breast pumped on an airplane and in dirty airport bathrooms. I had already begged flight attendants and fast food workers for ice to put in the cooler carrying pouches of my “liquid gold. Did I mention it was my birthday. As we got out of the car, they were showing me some specific details about the vehicle. I was paying close, close attention to the parents and I had no idea that the little kid was right near me. His parents rushed to his side and looked him over, examining his hands. All I could do was yell impulsively, “I didn’t do it! I was horrified. What am I going to tell Melinda (my boss)? To this day I don’t know if his finger got caught in the door, or if me closing the door just scared him.

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Kickoff between the Bears and Vikings comes at 7:30 CT from Soldier Field. Pro Bowl guards Kyle Long, Josh Sitton out for Bears vs. The 139-page plan is a how-to guide that follows Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s five-page secretarial order in early 2015 calling for a “science-based” approach to safeguard the greater sage grouse bird while contending with fires that have been especially destructive in the Great Basin. The Interior Department plan also identifies knowledge gaps as scientists try to find the best approach to restore and protect some 500,000 square miles of sagebrush steppe. Sage grouse numbers have plummeted in recent decades and the federal government has been working to protect key habitat to avoid an Endangered Species Act listing. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service will review the bird’s status within five years. It directed federal resources for the first time to fight massive blazes in open sagebrush steppe habitat that supports cattle ranching, recreation and some 350 species of wildlife, including sage grouse. The ground-dwelling, chicken-sized birds are found in 11 Western states, where between 200,000 to 500,000 remain, down from a peak population of about 16 million. The males are known for their strutting courtship ritual on breeding grounds called leks, and produce a bubble-type sound from a pair of inflated air sacks on their necks. The plan, called The Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy Actionable Science Plan, has what it calls 37 priority science needs to fill knowledge gaps. Those are put in five groups that include fire, invasive plants, restoration, sagebrush and greater sage-grouse, and climate and weather. Plan Unveiled to Protect Vast Swath of Western US Sagebrush abcnews. o.


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wont talk about the main theme of good vs evil. It was predictable but this is a childrens movie so dont expect anything too deep. I was a huge fan of the original Incredibles, and its quite sad to see this new film reduced to nothing more than a means to push radical neo feminist ideologies. o summarize the plot, its basically about how Elastigirl is a more competent superhero than Mr Incredible, and so she gets chosen to be the face of the new superhero resurgence, while Mr incredible stays at home and looks after the kids. Not surprisingly, the movie emphasizes how poorly Mr incredible is at handling his new duties at home. The main message of this movie is that Elastigirl is just as good or better than Mr Incredible at superhero work, while Mr Incredible is vastly inferior at taking care of the kids and home life in general. So basically, he is just all around inferior to her. Or lets just say it out loud, Men are inferior to women. Ironically, it was actually released right before FATHERS DAY! ow if so many other movies were not packed with the same sort of blatant propaganda recently, I could probably just right it off as part of the plot, or just originality or whatever, but since almost every big budget movie recently is so full of similar plot lines, its quite clear what it really is. PROPAGANDA. n the original Incredibles movie, Elastigirl and Mr Incredible were equals. They both had strengths and weaknesses, and in the end she ended up saving him. I loved that movie. It was about a loving family and about equal partnership.

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