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What if it’s just his body that makes it back to Pyke. I mean, I do want him to get back alive, but I’m forcing myself to come up with these alternatives so that stuff doesn’t feel spoiled by social media beforehand. If he remarried, then it would’ve been possible even at a more advanced age. The way the show likes to make yomen who wasn’t abused on the books being abused on the show, makes me think that it is possible that they make Euron and Yara have a history of abuse, maybe this could be the reason Euron was exiled, so to make a better interaction for them and to make Euron looks a mean psycho like they did with Meryn Trant, for example. So what exactly is the problem with Euron being in his late 30’s. Dude is as smooth as fuck and his voice like sweet, sweet booze. Oh, and yes, in the immortal Michel K’s words: “He looks like he came out of his mom’s vagina while wearing a tuxedo. . You can find 100 reasons why Euron left, but sure let’s say the show likes too abuse women. The way the show likes to make yomen who wasn’t abused on the books being abused on the show. Posters there do make some sound points but I have seen somebody refer to GRRM as “Fatz”. I know he isn’t skinny but I didn’t think “Fatz” was necessary.

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It was WAY better and SO much precise and accurate I decided to keep it and pay for it. You know a digital scale is trustworthy when you test the same weight over and over, and the scale consistently gives you the very same number over and over. Unlike a scale supposedly FDA sponsored and independently manually calibrated, I would be 0. lbs heavier than 5 seconds ago, and then 1. lbs heavier 10 seconds after. Should you have any further questions, please let us know. Best Regards, Aileen -Vive FAQ Does the Vive Precision body fat scale have auto recognition. The scale includes an auto-recognition feature, however, if two users have a similar weight, you will be prompted to choose which profile you would like to use. Is the body fat scale actually measuring BMI or just use a formula. Yes, it provides measurements in pounds, kilograms and stone, in 0. increments. Carpeted or soft flooring will produce inaccurate results.

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His travels have also taken him to far-flung places such as Alaska and Vietnam, and the show includes those foreign landscapes. Lindley's exhibited worldwide; his last exhibition was at The Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Va. The artist will give a gallery talk about the work at 2 p. . Saturday, Sept. 8. The show runs through Oct. 27. LNP. Bobby Bones, the Wayfarer-wearing Henderson State University grad who identifies as too pop for country radio and too country for pop radio but has hosted shows on both formats, has made a career with a silver tongue, a penchant for hyperbole and an ear for discovering up-and-coming artists. Lucas Strack makes distinctive, imaginative furniture and housewares. Kent Bryant harkens to country life with his new Adirondack chair and cutting boards.

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(show me your warface. Sgt Hartman ( Full Metal Jacket ) would be proud) I love the camp action shots and over the top antics, then the transition into the real world. The trio of hardened killers end up as squabbling children. Amadeus (1984) is based on the 1979 stage production of the same name. Recounting a fictional story of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce ) through the eyes of a jealous rival Antonio Salieri, ( F. Murray Abraham ) the destructive saga is recounted as a confession to a priest by the aged Salieri who is currently in an asylum after an attempted suicide. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce who each play composers who are in competition for Emperor Joseph II’s ( Jeffrey Jones ) attention. Salieri being the present court, favourite, feels admiration and threat from the untameable raw talent of the young and oblivious Mozart. Salieri then tries everything to dispose of his giggling party animal rival, through deceit, seduction and greed. In contrast we learn about the pitiful Salieri in languid flashbacks detailing him as a constant mediocre wanna be who brown noses himself to the top. His perceptions getting more contorted as his actions become more desperate. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but what is charming is the stunning costumes, and exceptional attention to detail.

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In this intriguing illustrated guide, you ll learn about their roles and jobs, daily ex pe ri ences, and interactions with men and gain new understanding into God s Word. In cludes timelines and indexes of named and unnamed women in the Bible. 288 pages, softcover from Barbour. Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 maps in this handy guide are accurate to the most precise geographical detail and cover all of biblical history. QW297445Retail CBD Price The New Interpreter s Dic tion ary of the Bible, 5 Volumes Edited by Katharine Doob Sakenfeld Now complete. Anybody who prepares a sermon, leads a small group, or has questions about Scripture will find illumination in these accessible volumes. Featuring 7,100 authoritative articles from 900 contributors across the ecclesiastical, theological, ethnic, racial, and gender spectrum, the NRSV-based NIDB includes pronunciation guides, Hebrew and Greek transliterations, detailed cross-references, summaries, outlines, bibliographies, maps, charts, and illustrations. Tenney One of the most reliable Bible encyclopedias has been thoroughly revised. Backed by current archaeological research, this comprehensive edition features over 7,500 quality articles from than 230 international scholars; plus hundreds of color and black-and-white illustrations, charts, graphs, and maps. Diverse viewpoints provide wellrounded perspectives of theological and biblical topics. Hooker p QW Ezra Esther, Johanna W. .