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As in: Expect the tree to fall, and don’t loiter in the forest to hear it. Or, pithily said and oft paraphrased: “What others think of me is none of my business. Dear Carolyn: My daughter-in-law does not “believe” in vaccinations. Thus my 2-year-old grandson has had no immunizations. I want to be effective, not intrusive, about what I consider a serious health decision. I also do NOT want to be judgmental and shut down our conversation. My son, the toddler’s father, knows my opinion but has not (as far as I know) decided to vaccinate. They live abroad and travel extensively. — American Grandmom Dear Grandmom: You already have expressed your “(unasked for) opinion. And you expressed it to exactly the right person. Your son. All the rest — that this is serious, that you want to be effective versus intrusive, that being judgmental would shut down the conversation and it’s important not to do that, that you’re worried sick (yes? — is all excellent and right and completely academic. Their kid, their choices, wise ones and blinkered alike, except where law dictates otherwise. One quibble. You refer to your opinion twice in your letter, but this is a topic already with far more belief and opinion than is good for it. So please: If your opinion is that responsible decisions on vaccination take root in facts from multiple, accredited sources — and only if — then, OK, re-express it. On second look you see someone’s having fun with the 1896 house — said to be the oldest standing in Grosse Pointe Farms. It has been stripped down to its basic silhouette and given a 21st-Century, postmodern makeover.

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We know they didn't leave since they had to pull the dragon up. Jon and the gang wouldn't have considered the possibility of the dragon coming back. Basically, this episode did everything that most shows and movies do, which is exactly what GoT is known NOT to do. nd I've loved it to this point. Long enough for someone to freeze to death and the ice around the island to freeze over again. The wights didn't leave because they swarmed Jon as soon as he was sighted. Danaerys and Jon didn't exactly have a lot of time to contemplate the dragon's potential revival. Danaerys arrived at the right time because it's a 66 minute episode. Shorthand. Ditto for the Uncle. Non-essential cast basically played GOT's version of the redshirts on Star Trek. To stop it coming back you'd need to burn the body and even if a dragon could maybe use its firebreath to burn the body (doubtful) you still had the Night King with his spears to worry about. That's not why I liked the show in the first place. I'm more disappointed that the possibility won't even be considered by anyone involved. In past seasons, characters seemed to always follow their own logic and events seemed to flow naturally from those actions. Everything is rushed and there's no time to let events play out in a way that makes sense. This season has done wonders for GRR Martin's reputation. In the case of Jon Snowcean's 7, this was not the case. When all hope seemed lost, all I kept waiting for was the dragon(s) to swoop in and found myself wanting it to hurry up.


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That’s an all time fav film but man oh man that’s odd. I’m suppose to be meeting with someone but I don’t know if it’s today or tomorrow. It’s a weeknight, they’re the opening act for a band I don’t give a shit about, the club is not my favorite, the club also revoked all press passes. So I hope they’ll release a new album and come back around as a headliner in the near future. I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success,” he had said. I don’t really expect any better from this one but that’s what makes these fun. This husband and wife team goes where the spooks are, but they’ve really got their work cut out for them this time. I’m impressed. The cat, who is on my legs, was not as impressed. I’m not sure if it’s because I have, or because it follows a formula. Side note: what mom did really get was night terrors. But if I did I think I would be entitled to a pirated version. Generally films I know I will watch over and over again will be purchased on Blueray. Hubby’s school is having a pancake breakfast and sports day today. I’ve decided that this in itself is a form of receiving a fortune. You obviously start an entirely separate, not really connected branch of movies related to Batman’s most infamous foe! . If something is acting up, I can at least know which radio my device is trying to talk to. It’s just not my area of expertise and so when I started looking into it I realized I needed to do a lot of research.

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Reviews: One moment you were at a party, the next you were transported to another world. Reviews: Use the clues to beat the clock and get out within the hour. Reviews: When you see the blood, you can either run or try to be heroes. Reviews: Start up the reactor and either free an innocent man or run for your life. Reviews: Follow the ancient map to find the secret tomb and untold wealth. Reviews: Are you brave enough to answer the call of adventure. Reviews: Will you shrink with fear or rise to the challenge. Reviews: Can you light the flame of the gods and escape. Reviews: Find out who murdered Mr E before you meet the same fate. Reviews: Unravel the tale of Mr Moon and claim his home as your own. Reviews: Win Lady Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine. Reviews: Discover the secrets of a haunted film studio. Reviews: Access the strategic ops room and mobilise the full force of the RAF to save Britain. Reviews: Escape out the back of the speakeasy before the cops break down the front door. Reviews: Carry out the biggest heist in modern history. Reviews: Past games: 765, The Safecrackers: Blue Eyed Cats. Reviews: Find the serum and prevent a global biological disaster. Reviews: Join Rainbow Galactic’s team of astronauts under Project Delta. Reviews: Unlocks the secrets of a notorious serial killer’s jail cell.

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s there a pattern there. I’d like to know why she dislikes Arya so intensely. And a few times I’d like to seen her stick her with the pointy end. Especially given the time that had passed, and the interpretation of the Maesters who wrote the book (both Maesters even have different standpoints on some issues in the books which illustrates just how much these “facts” get interpreted and distorted). Most people there would have some vague knowledge of Joffrey and Cersei. They’d know about them about as well as the typical American knows about, say, the political situation in Europe or Asia. Less, actually, since the internet and 24-hours news channels don’t even exist. And in the play, Joffrey is being portrayed as a good-hearted (albeit somewhat naive) king. Remember fake-Joffrey was going to pardon fake-Ned, but fake-Tyrion paid off fake-Payne to chop off fake-Ned’s head. Tyrion is being portrayed as the bad guy in this play. Arya, however, knows otherwise and would be delighting in Joffrey’s death while everybody around her is reacting in shock and aghast. He was also barely in episode 5 (there was more Sansa and Brienne). In episode 4 he met up with Sansa and they shared a couple talks, that’s it. I did notice that when the soldiers halted and pointed the spears. They are boxed in. But I don’t think anything will take place because Marg will not be naked or doing any walk. Usually the recent memories go before the older ones. That’s why some people with Alzheimer’s are able to remember childhood events and not what they ate for breakfast. It’s not like anyone else is giving irrefutable details about the past.

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Statham is what I term - 'an under-the-radar movie star'. Statham, and his production partner, Steve Chasman bought the rights to Connolly's novel and are now in the process of Director selection. Jason has completed 37 major movies, the latest, 'Homefront' co-starring James Franco will be released this month. In an interview with Esquire Magazine, George Clooney broke the unwritten Hollywood code of silence and blasted fellow A-list actors Russell Crowe and Leo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, came into criticism by Clooney because of his entourage - known as the Pussy Posse. Clooney referred to a basketball game between George and Leo and their mutual set of friends. But than again, what else have these 'pussies' got to bitch about. The movie rented was 'This Is The End' (figures) and right after, the store closed - for good. The movie rental service ceased on Saturday night for all of The Dish owned stores. Good or bad, technology change, in the digital domain, is relentless and unforgiving. Blockbuster couldn't make the transition to streaming fast enough and lost out to the likes of TiVo, Ruku, Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon Prime to name several. Scorsese's Favorite Horror Noted film director, Marty Scorsese was recently asked to list his favorite horror films - turns out Scorsese is a big horror fan. Following is a list of his favorites (in no particular order): The Haunting - 1963 The Changeling - 1980 Isle of the Dead - 1945 The Exorcist - 1973 The Uninvited - 1944 Night of the Demon - 1957 The Entity - 1982 The Innocents - 1961 Dead of Night - 1945 Psycho - 1960. The image was Photoshopped from original images of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) protectively hugging Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and a picture of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) standing with eyes closed. Why the image was Photoshopped is weird but even stranger is why it was used by a movie chain to advertise the film. My take: People just have way too much time on their hands and besides Thor is a revengeful God and I wouldn't want his wrath visited upon me. 'HUNGER' THEME PARKS IN THE WORKS. Given this success, Lionsgate Entertainment, the owner of Hunger Games, wants to build theme parks based upon the HG's premise (a society where people watch children fight to the death for fun). Variety Magazine, reported last week that Lionsgate is considering setting up at least two theme parks following the very successful launch of merchandising and clothing lines.

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Her father (Emile Hirsch) forbids it, telling her bad people want to kill them and they must stay hidden. This vision was GENERAL MAGIC, one of the most important and influential companies almost nobody has ever heard of. While the numbers are staggering, these victims are anything but statistics. Like many girls her age, she fantasizes about exploring her sexuality with the local boys, but instead finds herself the victim of cruel jokes by her peers. When Jill’s other child turns into a dog after falling into their pool, she wants the baby back, but Lisa refuses. In the wake of tragedy, she is forced to contact a father she’s never known, but receives no reply. Her name is Sommai, a former sex worker from Thailand. They also are capable of crafting tools to commit atrocities and to destroy. And these same hands create the means of documenting these acts. She hits the January sales at a prestigious department store (with the most sinister sales staff ever) and buys a beautiful red dress. For stoic former construction worker, Christian, a new job at a massive supermarket functions as all three. Did insiders anticipate its arrival and, if so, why didn’t they do more to stop it. Now, after being denied visitation, she helps Denis escape from the institution. Not long after, she began to experiment with more unconventional songs, exploring artistic norms and boundaries. Her film company, which produces gay porn, is devastated after several of its young actors are brutally murdered. In Kabul there is an infamous bridge where the multitudes of addicts go to get their fix. Fifteen-year-old Magnea, an otherwise good student with a supportive, stable homelife, dabbles in temptation and finds herself enamored of older, mischievous Stella. In high school she became the highest scorer in Massachusetts history. Thirty-six years after its founding in 1982, ripples from West Hollywood Aquatics are still being felt across the social pond.