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This article is for the latter — only those who want to know everything that’s come out about Season 8 so far are welcome to proceed. The rest of the episodes will be directed by either David Nutter, who among other episodes directed the Red Wedding in Season 2, or Miguel Sapochnik, who also among other episodes directed the “holy shit, Cersei just blew up the Sept of Baelor and waterboarded a nun” finale of Season 6. None of the show’s female directors will have an episode in the final season. Fans will recall that this isn’t the first time Winterfell has burned on the show — Ramsay Bolton put the castle to the torch when he took it from Theon Greyjoy — but judging on the size of the flames in the set video, this is no human-level fire. The images show a chattered gate and parapets destroyed by fire — the gates of King’s Landing have never been breached before on the show, not even during Stannis Baratheon’s attack at the Battle of Blackwater. Will someone’s dragons pay Cersei a visit as well. Interestingly, both of those characters bear Valyrian steel swords made from the melted remains of Ned Stark’s greatsword, Ice. Having the two of them fight side by side is almost, almost like having ol’ dead Ned there in spirit. Almost. Weibliche Brust Verkleinern Freeware 21 Tutenspender mit integriertem Mulleimer sind es derzeit in Meckenbeuren. Here are the crazy things we think might close down Season 7 and set up the climactic Season 8. Daenerys, Jon Snow, Euron and their respective entourages will show up to make their pitch about how everyone should team up to deal with the White Walker apocalypse that's on the way. But Cersei is going to try to pull a gambit similar to when she blew up the Sept of Baelor in the season 6 finale and take out all her enemies at once. Fans have been waiting for a real showdown between the two Celgane brothers, Sandor “The Hound” and Gregor “The Mountain,” basically for the entire run of the show, and there seems to be a very good chance they'll be in the same place at the same time for the first time in a while. The two have some pretty horrific baggage between them: When they were kids, Gregor shoved Sandor into a fire for playing with his toys, which is why the Hound sports vicious scars and a fear of flame.


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I do hope Jon, danaerys and any possible kids live though. Or if not, more dragon babies hahaha Regina R 10 bulan yang lalu bronn getting his castle twice the size. Ashanti Shurat 10 bulan yang lalu super interesting theories here. Mike Warren 10 bulan yang lalu Dear Emergency Awesome. My wife and I love your channel and would love to see your theories. The Hound should be by Arya's side in times of danger, and revenge. Thoughts? Larper Dixon 10 bulan yang lalu charlie, love the video, you should do outlander mate. Curtis W 10 bulan yang lalu Cersei will be forced or tricked to drink wildfire. We start with Sansa who, whilst sewing, receives a letter. How this letter has come to be delivered directly to her (the wax seal is not broken) is a mystery; she has no power at The Wall. How can the writers be expected to force storylines without the ability to send Littlefinger anywhere, anytime. Anyway, this scene is basically Sansa saying what we were all screaming on a weekly basis last season: in what universe was it a good idea to make her marry Ramsay. We don't get an answer though, just some awkward af dialogue. Before he leaves, he manages to heavy-handedly crowbar in a few plot points - like the Vale knights being at Moat Caitlin for some reason (their jet packs must be more powerful than Littlefinger's) and the fact that Blackfish has only just taken Riverrun.

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To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to. So one time after I started playing again I was done waiting for the next episode,I tapped to continue but then I had to wait another 24 minutes so I decided to read different story. I tapped to read that story but it would not work I was confused and annoyed I thought it was my phone so I powered it off and after awhile i powered it back on went back to the app to see if it worked,it did not that’s how I knew there was something going on. I tried to call the people who run the app they said that the app was fine and to check my phone I said ok before i could cause any trouble. Get this app if you aren't interested in reading but want to read. Only thing I don't like is the money you have to pay. I can’t seem to find a way to make my own story, which is disappointing because, in my personal opinion I’m a very good story writer, and I would like to share that with others. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find it. Please fix this because, the fact that I can’t find a way to make my own story, takes all the fun out of the app. I don’t just wanna read other people’s story’s, and not have enough others read mine as well. That’s the entire reason why I downloaded this app, to write a story. Yea, reading others is fun and all, but I’d rather read mine. If you would rather make your own story and not read someone else’s. hen don’t download the app. Now I remember yarn when it just chose a random story for you when you were not subscribed, but I didn’t mind that ( or the wait between chapters) Then I downloaded it a while back.


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The plot isn’t exactly going anywhere and just because he is one of the strongest actors on the show doesn’t mean he needs to be there for the sake of it. It kinda feels like Season 2 Dany again which is a shame because she’s grown since then. Her getting angry at the women kinda gave me Cersei vibes in prison last year. I was hoping the HS was gonna tell Tommen why his mother was sinner but alas not yet anyway. Very surprised Pycelle is still around, and that the Tyrells haven’t even tried to infiltrate the prison yet. Good that the SS were mentioned and that Cersei wants to do something about them. I do think KL will feature very little in TWoW so the writers are needing to give them something to do in the meantime. Gilly is very sweet but will hopefully learn to stand up for herself a wee bit more. Hoping that Ramsay doesn’t get his mitts on either Osha or Rickon (and the far off hope that it wasn’t Shaggydog). Liked the mention of her brothers to set up Rickon’s return and her list which will no doubt crop back up the future. The Waif has as much chance of surviving the Season as the Shame septa I reckon. I found quite unbelievable the way this story played out in the books. We never see too much of Howland during the fight because they mostly focus on Arthur Dayne and Ned. When Howland comes up from behind and stabs Arthur, he was clearly injured and very well might have been hurt in the knees. I do feel that his twice mentioning his knees might be a connection to that day, though.