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Masyarakat sudah membayar uang tersebut melalui pegawai PT KAI yang datang tiap tahunnya. “Uang itu tidak direken (dicatat) sebagai sewa. Ada aturan baru tentang harga sewa dan masyarakat harus membayar sesuai dengan harga tersebut,” kata Sugeng, Staf Ahli Bupati Bidang Ekonomi, kemarin. Jumlah warga yang menyewa lahan PT KAI tidak sedikit. Untuk di Kecamatan Wirosari mencapai 43 orang sementara di Kecamatan Godong dan Purwodadi lebih dari seratus orang. Bukti Kwitansi Salah satu penyewa yang harus membayar lagi adalah Mashuri (56) yang menyewa lahan seluas 128 meter persegi di wilayah non operasional di Kecamatan Wirosari. Ia ditagih lagi oleh petugas PTKAI untuk membayar biaya sewa 2004-2013. Untuk sewa 2012 dan 2013, diakuinya memang belum membayar lantaran belum ada petugas yang menagih. Dengan demikian, desa tersebut memiliki kesiapsiagaan terhadap potensi bencana. Selama ini, Rejosari termasuk daerah yang rawan bencana, khususnya potensi banjir akibat tanggul Sungai Cabean jebol. Penetapan desa siaga tersebut dilakukan Wakil Bupati Demak Harwanto. Acara yang berlangsung tiga hari mulai 1-3 November tersebut juga dihadiri Plt Sekda Demak Singgih Setyono. Kelola Bencana Kegiatan melibatkan tokoh masyarakat, perangkat Desa, Karangtaruna, Tim penggerak PKK Desa Rejosari. Mereka diharapkan memiliki kepekaan terhadap potensi bencana dan dapat melakukan deteksi dini agar bisa dilakukan antisipasi. Kepala BPBD Kab Demak, Anjar Gunadi mengatakan, pembentukan Desa Siaga Bencana dimaksudkan untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dan keterampilan masyarakat dalam mengelola potensi bencana. Pengelolaan ini meliputi peningkatan pemahaman manajemen penyelamatan, pencarian dan evakuasi korban bencana dan juga menumbuhkan semangat jiwa saling menolong. “Diharapkan masyarakat sadar, tanggap dan selalu siap siaga terhadap segala ancaman bencana, utamanya pada upaya pencegahan,” katanya didampingi Kasi Kesiapsiagaan Asyiqin. Dengan rincian, Rp 2,5 juta untuk tarif sewa Januari 2014-Desember 2014. Biaya sewa Januari 2004-Desember 2013 senilai Rp 10,6 juta.


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The TV producers were unsure if they would ever be able to introduce the large Iron Islands subplot from the fourth novel back when they were making Season 2, so even when Theon meets his family again at Pyke, mention of his uncles was simply omitted, rather than waste time setting up a subplot which might not ultimately get to appear. There was a third uncle in the novels, Victarion - commander of the Iron Fleet - but he appears to have been adapted out and some of his actions condensed with Yara's. Tyrion remarks that he remembers the rebellion nine years before, and watching as the ironborn burned the Lannister fleet at anchor in the Raid on Lannisport. Tyrion says that Theon's uncles were responsible, but didn't mention their names (an intentionally vague line so the writers could keep their options open). It is unknown what is beneath the eyepatch, an empty socket or an eye. In the TV show, Euron has no eyepatch and still has both eyes. Even Theon back in Season 2 criticized Balon for this, because it would gain little, and when the war on the mainland eventually ended, either the Starks or Lannisters would turn their full attention to the Greyjoys. Instead of trying to seize the foodstuffs of the Reach or mines of the Westerlands, they are losing men from attrition trying to hold on to poor, barren lands in the North simply because they were easy to capture at first. Both Theon's capture of Winterfell and Yara's assault on the Dreadfort to try to rescue Theon were lightning raids made with small forces which had only minimal effect on the total losses they have been taking: Theon only took one ship with twenty men (all dead except Theon), and Yara also only took one ship with fifty men (losing many). The losses Balon's children made in these raids only measured in the dozens - when at Balon's order hundreds of ironborn died trying to hold on to Moat Cailin and now Deepwood Motte. As summed up in their exchange, when Balon angrily asks where is Theon now (and the few dozen men she lost trying to rescue him), Yara retorts by asking where the entire kingdom he lost is. She says that she watched from the castle tower during the Siege of Pyke as enemy armies broke in, and she lost two of her brothers that day, and Balon says he lost three sons, because after Theon was taken as a ward he considered the boy dead to him. Of course, given that Balon and Yara are outright shouting at each other about this, it is possible they are just speaking loosely about the fine details in their anger. Balon's words in this episode do not necessary mean Alannys is still alive; had he not been killed, he could have taken a salt wife for the purpose of siring a new heir (according to the fourth novel, he had several salt wives). Yara personally led the assault to capture Deepwood Motte back in Season 2. Nearly all of Yara's troops and ships are destroyed and she is taken captive, but there is one more stronghold still held by the ironborn in the North: Torrhen's Square, which was mentioned as being attacked by the ironborn in Season 2, and in the books was taken by Dagmer. As of the most recent novel, Dagmer still holds Torrhen's Square. Yara offers Stannis to have Dagmer yield, but Stannis has no interest in Torrhen's Square, and decides to march on Winterfell without delay. The TV series apparently just condensed this so Torrhen's Square was liberated off-screen, and officially the ironborn have no more presence in the North.


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8. While i dislike Reek, i like him at the same time, because the actor is fucking amazing. Mass Confusion that's fcked up T Bruce ? 2. I decided not to place much faith in spoilers afterwards, but then Joe Dempsie had the nerve to show up in a Belfast airport and make me hope. Season 6 punched accusations of dropped plots and characters in the gut by bringing back almost everyone it had left behind, so I always assumed a return by Gendry was inevitable. As the only (known) character left with Baratheon blood in his veins, he stands a slim chance of reviving a dead house. My favorite characters are the ones whose futures are hardest to predict, and Gendry’s appeal lies in that unpredictability. He could be a complete nonentity or he could be integral. All we know for sure is that he’ll have arms like Popeye after three straight seasons of rowing. Could he possibly be legitimized by the King in the North. My money, if I had any, is on a reunion with Arya, and not just because George R. . Martin recently confirmed that they’d meet again in the books. Dempsie has cracking chemistry with Maisie Williams, and Arya is at her most enjoyable when she has company to banter with. She has been spiraling, alone, down a dark path for so long that the stabilizing influence of Gendry could help her to shift into a more stable frame of mind. Arya knew him at a time when finding her family meant more to her than killing her enemies, and I’ll bet anything that leads her safely back home to Sansa and Jon. KATIE: I’m on board with Dan that the possibility of Daenerys falling from Drogon has its appeal. On the surface, anyone falling off a dragon and pitching into the depths below paints a funny picture, although I’m sure that’s not the intention.


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Softwareludico di simulazione fotografica dell'Aura con scambio di foto ascopo di intrattenimento, passatempo e divertimento. oftwareinterno Multilanguage con traduzione elettronica nelle seguentilingue: Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo, Greco, Rumeno, Russo, Cinese,Giapponese. hrough a friendly software they are simulated aroundthe person of the Aura colors, with beautiful colors. The displaycan also read the meaning of playful colors. You can send a phototo a friend, process the Aura colorful and reinviargliela, to makehim a fun surprise. Remain meravigliato. uesta exchange function isaccomplished via the standard tools of Android. You can use allyour selfie, upload them and work out the Aura for you to enjoy. ou can also read the points Chakras related to the colorssimulated. Discover augmented reality (AR) experiences, createyour own AR, and share the magic with friends. Aterrific prank for your friends. ake them believe you are a realghost hunter, a true master of parapsychology with your ultimateelectronic voice phenomenon recorder. 1 Free Ghost Studio 1. . APK GhostStudios 1 Free Ghost Studio incorporates different tools to detect ghosts andparanormal presences. t is based on physical sensors of your mobileor tablet to represent the information obtained. t consistsof:-Magnetic field meter. Justas a map with all the mysterious and enchanted places that are inthe world. oin in and beyond your fears chasing ghosts.


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Dua kali malah penonton di bioskop gue terbahak-bahak karena scene kocak yang melibatkan Bondi. Good job! Gue juga suka banget detail adegan lain, yang menunjukkan Joko Anwar adalah seorang sutradara yang sangat meticulous (mungkin karena udah berpengalaman dan punya jam terbang tinggi kali yak), semisal adegan dimana Toni menatap sepeda motornya untuk terakhir kali sebelum dijual ( really got that feel ) atau adegan dimana Tara Basro menggunakan kompor minyak tanah untuk memasak. Atmosfer retro di sini emang related banget ama kehidupan gue pas kanak-kanak. Dulu pas gue masih SD, gue tinggal di rumah tua milik nenek gue yang mirip-mirip lah ama rumah di film ini. The whole house looked like a labyrinth dengan lorong-lorong dan kamar-kamar dengan dinding bersekat-sekat, beda banget ama rumah modern zaman sekarang yang lebih lapang dan bertema studio. Gue juga dulu tidur di ranjang besi yang bunyi “ngik ngik ngik” dan gue juga dulu biasa bantuin nyokap gue nyalain kompor minyak dengan nyelupin tusukan besi ke minyak di sumbu ( what a nostalgia! ). Gue juga ingat banget dinding rumah gue dulu dicat pake cat yang permukaannya mengkilap dan licin kalo dipegang (cat minyak mungkin namanya). Zaman sekarang udah nggak ada mah yang pake begituan. And th e most important thing, rumah gue dulu masih ada sumurnya. Yap, gue tau banget malesnya nimba air kalo sanyo mati. Gue mulai kesel dengan penggunaan musik keras yang berlebihan di film ini. Ada adegan yang gue pikir bakalan horor karena musiknya “jreng jreng jreng” tapi ternyata nggak terjadi apa-apa. Namun gue cukup kaget ketika ada adegan “gory” di film ini. Datangnya bener-bener nggak terduga, tapi cukup memuaskan buat gue dan jadi penebus adegan-adegan “jumpscare” yang kurang menohok sepanjang film ini. Sosok “nyokap” di film ini yang harusnya bisa jadi ikon horor baru (walau agak-agak mirip setannya “Insidious” sih) kayak kurang dimaksimalkan. Beberapa penampakan yang melibatkan sosok ini justru nggak terlalu seram. Tapi kudos buat adegan terakhir saat klimaks yang melihatkan sosok “nyokap” ini menuruni tangga.