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I just know it'll be another great Will Smith movie. Jaden seemed a bit hyper, overly enthusiastic, trying desperately to pimp the movie at every moment. He also lacks his father's easy delivery of lines both on and off-screen. It's a shame. The clams will pack the theaters this weekend, trying to salvage this turkey. They make their members go over and over and over again so that ticket sales look better. So - Smith's out - who will play President Obama now. Will Smith may be one of Hollywood’s most bankable action stars, but his new film, “After Earth,” in which he stars with his 14-year-old son Jaden, opened to horrid reviews from critics and faced stiff competition in a busy box office weekend. He plays the same bland character in every fucking movie. How Cruise and Smith have had such long-lasting careers is beyond me. As far as Scienos, at least Travolta can act when he tries. So embarrassing the degrees this family will go to make the whole family famous. The teachings of Scientology are 100% believable to anyone with more than half a brain. Mr. Smith has said he is not affiliated with Scientology. Who cares if the movie is based on the teachings of Mr. Hubbard? Indiana Jones and many other movies rely on Christianity to tell their stories. Many movies have hidden references (and some not so hidden) about Judaism. Why are Scientologists not entitled to share their teachings as well.

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The problem that you will have if you do not do the right thing and return the money, is that you will feel guilt and deceit every time you enter the store. Hope you do the right thing since I have stock in Costco. I hope you will reply with your results and let everyone know what you decided to do. Karma, have u ever thought that might be your reward for doing something good in the past dude. Unfortunately, you left all of the other information. Don’t be surprised if there is a block on your card in the future. Too bad you did not have the same decency to white out the cashiers name as well. On a daily basis we receive so many items that members leave out in shopping carts in the parking lot and other members take the time to come back and hand it to us. We keep a log of it, so that when members comeback and ask they can get whatever is they forgot. It can be from school books, wallets, cases of water, paper towel or a bottle of allergy medicine. Just imagine if everyone steals something everytime, Costco would have to raise its prices. THEY are the ones who made a mistake and THEY have to live with it. Once you walk out of that store, no one cares about the items that were missed. People like you made it up so that you can feel better about yourself when someone does something bad to you. He should keep that money and put it into something useful in his life. The sad part is you knowingly walked out with unpaid merchandise and failed to make it right. To make matters worse we know who you are Every time you shop your card will be flagged (beware of possible theft). Yet, we will be watching you from this point forward no matter which Costco you shop. Perhaps it’s not going where it 100% belongs but I think I’ll consider this moral dilemma closed. Not to whom you should donate the money to atone for your misdeed.

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While the book focuses on a family’s trajectory through history, the questions it raises regarding memory, human rights and justice are universal and timely. One of the best examples of analytical thinking and research combined with fine storytelling. Robert Macfarlane Two remarkable books by two extraordinary North American writers appeared in the past few months. Anne Michaels, the author of one of the most important modern novels, Fugitive Pieces (1996), published her first volume of non-fiction, Infinite Gradation (House Sparrow Press). It is a meditation on death, love and the limits of utterance that extends Michaels’s lifelong preoccupation with the ethics of art. Rebecca Solnit’s The Mother of All Questions (Granta) is a brilliantly sharp-edged, quick-tongued set of essays about feminism and the conspiracies of silence that enable harassment and abuse, which has proved eerily premonitory of the Harvey Weinstein scandal (and all the other scandals). Solnit is both a stylist and a fighter, distinguished by her rare combination of grit and grace. Mukherjee’s deep knowledge of India and the West, allied to his never-failing curiosity about the ties that both bind us and separate us, makes him an outstanding chronicler of Bengali life, seen from within and without. His evocation of the world of servants, trapped in slave-like submission to the whims of the rich, is particularly moving. In an age when so many fiction writers flimflam around in a cloud of unknowing, Mukherjee has an eagle’s eye for the truth. John Gray I’ve been gripped by a topical book of 20th-century history. Fresh, vivid and revealing, Sean McMeekin’s The Russian Revolution: A New History (Profile Books) records how Rasputin, hearing that Russian troops were being mobilised to enter the First World War, telegraphed the tsar warning that it meant “the end of Russia and yourselves”. In the two months following an assassination attempt on Lenin in August 1918, the Bolshevik secret police executed nearly 15,000 people, more than twice the total number of prisoners of all kinds executed during the last century of tsarist rule. I’ve also enjoyed the thrillers of the Swiss author Friedrich Durrenmatt, republished by Pushkin Press, especially The Judge and His Hangman, in which a dying detective defies conventional ideas of proof, responsibility and justice. David Hare Women born in the mid-20th century are now producing fascinating accounts of how the rise of feminism affected their lives. In the past couple of years, there were great memoirs by Carly Simon and Tracy Tynan. I loved surfers’ slang best, especially their word for colleagues who hang out in shallow water. Andrew Marr For me, it’s been a year of poetry immersion because I chaired the Forward Prizes. Maria Apichella didn’t win, but her Psalmody (Eyewear Publishing) is a collection I’ve been rereading with increasing delight. These are poems set in Wales about the relationship between an atheist ex-soldier and a Christian girl, and they feel both timeless and bang up to the minute: they read with the page-turning urgency of a thriller.

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Then when things pick up, it is never because of an increase in demand elsewhere; it is always because of the government's policies. It never mentions that if we have a good debt ratio, it might be because of the seven years of continuous surpluses that the previous government built up. Some economists are saying that the increase in employment is being driven by an increase in population. Immigration is bringing in more people and creating more jobs and so on, so how can the government always take credit for everything. We have people who want to work hard, who have worked hard, who need a hand up. I know all the professors down at the far end in the third party have no comprehension about that because they learned it in a classroom, but here, where we have actually done the jobs that are in the economy, we understand that sometimes people need to be retrained. The professor party down there at the far end needs to clue in. In fact, the first time I encountered that was at all-candidates debate in the 2008 election. The Conservative candidate referred, very derisively, to Professor Dion. I feel I have to point this out, because the member opposite clearly intended to insult Liberal Party members by calling us the professor party; well, I am proud to be part of a party that thinks about facts and evidence and is occasionally humbled by facts and evidence. Canadians need to know what kind of party this Conservative Party is. Lawrence College. I know that all of the professors and their students would be insulted by the remark of my colleague across the way. I am referring to the changes that will be made to members of the National Research Council, the council members who serve in an advisory capacity to the management of the National Research Council. What I would like to do today is simply ask the question “Why? That question has not been answered in the legislation. The change appears in the legislation, but there has really been no supporting argument from the government for making this change. Some members, as I checked the record, thought scientist employees were being cut from NRC, but these are experts who are meant to guide the management of NRC in planning for its future. This is a very strange thing, given the enormous changes happening at NRC. For example, we might want to have three sets of criteria: first, knowledge of research, innovation, and commercialization; second, the personal experience, accomplishments, and integrity of the person; and third, diversity in the composition of the National Research Council members.

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Call me crazy. I need my GOT of thrones fix SmokeScreen 2 tahun yang lalu 1998champions Thanks. Dizzy Iguana 2 tahun yang lalu awesome Jennifer Wolter 2 tahun yang lalu Just a quick question am I still on the patreon list or did something go wrong. I was on it I just want to make sure my money is reaching you. Judy Titus 2 tahun yang lalu thank you so much for these updates. Edyson Rajanayagam 2 tahun yang lalu I almost got a heartattack in a certain part of the video - Hilarious dude. Wendy Lou 2 tahun yang lalu Seeing these pics are a treat, but I really have to weight out the risks on watching any more. And I don't mean you Chris. ust in general. The Walking Dead and the UNAVOIDED spoilers really altered my experience. With that said. oT is only giving us HALF of what we are used to. Paul Davis 2 tahun yang lalu cersi and jaime are gonna high tail it back to casterly rock with their paltry ass army of westside bitches as soon as they hear of the dragons. CLOROX BLEACH 2 tahun yang lalu The entire script was leaked today. But some guy might have reposted it somewhere, look and you might find it Michael Gagliardi 2 tahun yang lalu Where can i find this. Nymerias fury 2 tahun yang lalu I'm screaming and dancing like a 14 year old girl. He’d rip out your tongue because he needs a moment of silence. He’d happily murder his niece and nephew, Theon and Yara, just as he murdered their father, Balon. Danish actor Pilou Asb? (whom you might recognize from the Nordic TV import Borgen, or such films as A Hijacking and Lucy ) took a break from shooting “a big action sequence” in his next film, Ghost in the Shell, to call Vulture from the set in New Zealand, so we could chat about campaign season, drowning, and Euron’s penchant for dick jokes.

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And so I try every once in a while, in the same spirit that I eat half a banana once or twice a year. But I have yet to finish either a banana or an Arthur C. Clarke book. It's me. It must be. So I'm giving myself the one star as a reader, not this book. But so help me,every time I get to page nine or so of Athur C. Clarke I feel myself reverting into exactly the same mindset as when my (much more intelligent snotty twenty-year-old) brother sat me down in front of 2001. I just sort of go right into crisis mode and let it all wash over me without trying to string together events, identify characters, or extort meaning from any of it. That's a neat space ship. Poor Hal. Ah, Dave is apprently in a Best Western in Flint, Michigan. I did exactly the same thing up until page 41 of Childhood's End, which was when I closed it because all I could think of was, predictably, the book's end. There's a speed and economy of words, of action progressing so quickly that I feel like I'm on a roller-coaster ride and it's all downhill. It's hard not to write about this book without giving away spoilers, so I'll just warn you now and get right down to business. It starts out with damn old tropes and bit of spunky adventure, but it quickly becomes obvious that all that was a lark. T. It starts out with damn old tropes and bit of spunky adventure, but it quickly becomes obvious that all that was a lark. The real story wasn't glamorous in the traditional sense. It was certainly glamorous in a few instances, but it did manage to do was pull off both tragedy and glory.

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xuan hay nh? m? th? d? Nh? xuan 2019 Mua xuan c? m. Theories and analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire using text evidence and quotes from George RR Martin. Get Official ASOIAF Coins licensed by George RR Martin here: (15% off). Only Grumkins n Snarks give thumbs down. Roberta Trasp 3 months ago As a parent, I explained about promising to my children and then told them I would never promise anything. SHARKVADERS 3 months ago OOTGH. Sorry I missed it live, but I'm catching up on all the Green Hand goodness now. That shudder of distaste from Lady Green Hand is my fave part so far, haha, still got almost 2 full hours of stream to get into though. JoniukasVader 3 months ago I am Green with envy. Sophie M O'Connell 2 months ago (edited) Aw, nuts. Sorry I missed you guys, I was 100% in the land of nod when you streamed. X? Lycan645 2 months ago Anyone else here hear of Crucible Steel. A form of making weapons that was lost from our own timeline.


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Next year with GoT could be a real breakout year for her, that’s why they’re not sidelining her (assuming she makes it out of S5). If you catch some interviews where the author talks about medieval violence (I think the one he did in London a few years back is a good example) he salivates talking about historic battles where blood and gore churned the ground to mud and whatnot. It’s actually why I loved the appropriately named a feast for crows. Everyone was dead but the carrion feeders were happy. I’ve argued with my friends on the Brienne chapters. She may be boring as all hell and there were too many but the way Septon Marobold and the Elder brother described the effects of war was very powerful. I hope the most likely combined character pounds those facts home. The northerners who you’re supposed to root for burn rape and pillage. The lannisters who you’re supposed to hate did the same. Some people have noted how Euron is going to become the antagonist instead of Ramsay. I find that interesting because it could very well mean. It would be interesting if we end up having a “Bolton” victim of a psychopath for the next two seasons. S5 is for the unsullied, but maybe S6 is for us book wankers. You can’t convince me. —————— WOW WEEEEEE! Awesome casting news. I’m glad that we’re not losing the Ironborn completely (otherwise, why did I have to slog through those chapters) but severely cutting back on them. Euron has a connection to the elements being introduced in Oldtown, so I never expected him to be out completely, nor did I think Oldtown would be cut, so this casting (and location news) is great. Anyone but Mads Mikkelson, tho. ?