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It was history repeating itself all over for Stannis. Within weeks, their army started running out of food. While the Red Woman barely needed to eat, she focused her energy on looking for guidance in the flames. But all Melisandre could see was Shireen burning, over and over again. So she tried her best to convince Stannis the Lord demanded Shireen's life. And only her blood, King's Blood, could salvage the situation. As expected, Selyse (Stannis's wife) fervently supported Melisandre's proposal to burn Shireen. Even though Shireen was the main focus of her visions, Melisandre saw something else in the flames. From time to time, R'hllor would show her Patchface, his lips turned red from blood: “That creature is dangerous. Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his lips are red with blood. - Melisandre, ADWD. But since Patchface was one of Shireen's closest friends, there was little she could do about it. At one point, the overweight half wit was starving so badly that he even bit Shireen, right into a greyscale scar. Thought it was a regrettable incident, the bite was almost insignificant and nothing came from it. But with each passing day, Stannis was running lower on provisions, now nearing critical levels. So once again, he put all of his faith in the Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth, renowned for his cargos of onions and salted fish, who was sent on a quest to smuggle food past the blockade. Though Davos smuggling skills were remarkable; during Robert's Rebellion, his foes were the Tyrells. Euron Greyjoy on the other hand, was another beast entirely. He had been drinking shade-of-the-evening for years, causing his lips to turn blue. All so it would strengthen his bond to the weirwood net and would allow him to better access the data contained within.

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Called it. kaialion 7. I would love it if Tyrion rides a dragon this season. And the guy with Bran looks suspiciously similar to the Three-Eyed Raven, possibly visiting him from the past. I know the guy is dead, but he looks spot on like Bloodraven. The Hound has been my favorite character from the get go. Cersei pretty sure Jamie have signed on for season 8. Night's King To stop Daenerys' fleet before reaching King's landing Luke Hughes. Sean Feeney ? ? 12:17 The same way lesbians do it probably. If you look closely at 14:18, there are 2 people on that horse. And Daenerys saves Jon from the whites with her dragons - look at the fire. It actually shows us the two of them in a wide shot. Now, it is technically possible that the two of them are going to get to the gate at EXACTLY the same time Jon and co. The Field of Fire 2. battle is either right near Highgarden, or some random place on the way back from Highgarden. At 13:22 kinda looks like Daario Naharis clayton barnett ? ? 2 more days til you get my beak wet.


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However, she’s in charge of Barrowton, because she’s got clout and powerful allies who want her there. It Ryswells are powerful, and she may have played on some sort of sympathy from Ned since her husband died at the Tower of Joy. Wiki of Ice and Fire says it’s unknown whether she’s named an heir. He may have let her hold the fief till her death with the agreement that fief reverts to some Dustin relative afterwards, but it’s gone beyond me at that point. Partly because there’s no great alternative candidate, partly out of guilt for her husband Willam’s death at the Tower of Joy, but also due to the circumstances at the time. Robert’s Rebellion left quite a few northern noblemen dead and it was followed up shortly after by the Greyjoy rebellion. And it seems that Barbrey is a competent ruler, and given that she would have ruled Barrowton during RR, she might have a fair bit of local support. So I could see Ned leaving the succession hang for a bit, especially since he’s probably initially uncertain about being Lord Stark (see his continuing guilt about how Winterfell was “supposed to be Brandon’s”). Once the situation in the North settles and Ned becomes more comfortable in his role, Barbrey’s a fixture in Barrowton, and he probably decides to let her rule there with the understanding that it will go to some distant Dustin relation upon her death. Barbrey’s not exactly subtle about her feelings towards the Starks, and I have to imagine Ned doesn’t want the additional guilt of taking her seat as well as her husband from her. Ned could have removed Barbrey Dustin at any time, but he probably felt guilty enough, and there’s no reason to alienate the Ryswells. Likewise, ultimately it’s up to Winterfell who inherits the Hornwood lands, but marrying the widow Hornwood presents an outward show of continuity that’s useful for stability and it forecloses the option of posthumous heirs. Legally, it’s not clear that succession was restarted from Rhaelle, or if Robert starts a new line, which would produce different answers. They had to so that they couldn’t have a Targ King get on the throne and decide that he wants to take revenge on the commanders of the Rebel Alliance. Robert might bitch in private about how he wants to kill all the Targaryens but Robert Baratheon IS a Targaryen; Aegon V is his great-grandfather. He has the blood of the dragon in him and his right to rule not just the Stormlands, but the rest of Westeros, is predicated on that. As in, is every descendent of Rhaelle in the line of succession. I mostly agree with you, I am just having a bit stronger negative reaction. But, given that Freys will be wiped out in the books (at least what I think), this was quick, dirty, cost-effective, and very TV-showey super-girl empowering moment, good for time, money, and modern ideology. But it is as if his past simply did not exist, he didn’t even see the destruction, and just teleported to Cersei to have a nice chat over afternoon tea.


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Series is showing the strain of the weight of trying now to squeeze everything into what time they have remaining. Cersei’s extending gloating scenes can be trimmed though. Leads me to think that Ellaria Sand will escape (maybe by Arya) and have a continuing role to play. Also the witnessed in bed scene with Jamie will come back to hurt her (like Margaery Tyrell). Lannisters have been losing troops to Rob Stark, at the battle for Blackwater, to the Brotherhood without Banners and Tulley’s. They even required the Tyrell army to save King’s Landing. Now they’ve re-raised enough to take Highgarden with minimal resistance and effort. Remember the Tyrells (and the Dornish) were supposed to be on route to lay siege to Kings Landing. Just more lazy writing in attempts to balance the scales of power. Weaken forces of obvious “good guys” and strengthen forces of “bad guys” whilst reinforcing their evilness. Seemed like an attitude he would have back in season 3 or 4, not now, not after she blew up to Scept, burnt thousands of innocents, killed their Son’s love and in the end their Son. Like they’re swung it back to “bad” Jamie, so to build the fake tension and surprise when “good” Jamie swings back for audience fanfare. I have a feeling dragon lady will use the dragon to burn the Jamie's army and take back the gold. And took like maybe a few minutes for them to be irrelevant again. I thought he seemed like a good guy, he's just letting his heart get the better of him and with Euron on the scene he is obviously scared of losing Cersie. He's shown a few times not to agree with what she does, but he's in love and to be honest he doesn't have anywhere else to turn right now. Not sure if he has contact with LF (those Ravens may come back to bite), but I'm sure he's doing something and not just hanging around for no good reason. Very long-winded dialogue that said that same things over and over again while not being particularly interesting. It's like the writers were writing some kind of young adult fiction romance. Her taking High Garden would likely mean using Tyrell assets to pay them back.


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In other words, if you believe that someone as stupid and ignorant as Ali G is a spokesperson for the youth and is explaining things like the difference between veterinarian and veteran to the youth on a major television show then you believe that the youth are all stupid and ignorant. So in a sense Sasha is exposing these people's belief that all youth are that moronic. His movie is so fucking stupid and hilarious that it makes me cry everytime. I would totally wonder how someone so stupid could get a TV crew. It's clear that Sascha Baran Cohen is definitely getting drunk, but he's doing a great job of maintaining character. However, at one point he starts going off on this ridiculous story about his sister back in Kazakhstan (I think that's the story, it really doesn't matter though) and you can see he comes thiiiiiiiiiis close to losing his shit, and even smiles a few times during the story. It's a shame in a way that so many people caught on and we don't have anymore of his laugh out loud humor. 2 seasons in America was just not enough. I have gone to watch Impractical Jokers now, but soon everyone will catch on to them as well. He said there was a point where Baron Cohen was passed out and they were worried he would break character when he awoke from his stupor. The TV crew all pretended like Ali G was the real deal. It's the fact that people ignore what's actually being asked and then answer without thinking. Sometimes people are trying to be nice to him because they think he's stupid but they normally go on to answering their own questions rather than calling him out on the questions themselves. The drugs episode is amazing, but my favourite is the paedophile episode - they get people to say the most ridiculous shit in support of an imaginary cause. Technically I was doing exactly what the course was based around, which is imitating art I'd been exposed to. Love the one where instead of a 'Reporter' tagline they have 'Ted Maul: In the Distance'. Beanspiller projected on the wall when that prisoner is ratting people out. I had no idea it existed or he had been on TV until a girl I worked with showed me this. The vet I mean. He never found out until long after this aired.